Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Day 8 ~ Short term goals for this month and why.

Short term goals, short list. This one shall be quick.

1 - Get back into the whole Wii Fitting thing. I kinda gave it up during the school year because, really, who wants to come home from work and get all sweaty and gross and have to take a second shower in one day and if you're going out again having to do the whole makeup/get ready to go thing a second time and . . . yeah, not interested. I told myself I had a fairly active job (while not nearly as active as working at Disney, it is compared to most jobs) and just let it go. But now I'm ready to get going again. One hour a day last week, two hours this week, and we'll just keep going from there. Hopefully this summer is as self-esteem boosting as last summer.

2 - Sort of on that note - not forgetting my New Year's not-Resolution. (admit it: all'a y'all have totally forgotten yours, lol) I haven't really . . . but I think I could be doing better.

3 - Keep on track/get ahead with my 150 book goal. Yeah, that one. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I'm sure I've read that many books in a year before . . . but now I will know it for sure. The moment when I finish that 150th book? Will. Be. Epic.

4 - No sunburns. I should hope that's self-explanatory. We now live right next to the zoo and the pool, so there will be ample opportunity to put this one to the test this summer.

(5) - Come up with more specific goals. In parenthesis because it's probably not going to happen per se. I'm more of a deadline setter than a goal setter. As in "I will finish the hippo baby bib by this day because the next day is Leza's baby shower is the next day." (for the record they were done well in advance . . . mostly because I was paranoid they wouldn't be!) Do those count as goals? I'm totally counting them.

And that is all.

P. ost S. cript
No particular reason. Except this song cracks me up. Every time. Sometimes I listen to the entire soundtrack (which is awesome) just because this song is so much better in context. Also: after watching this clip I want to see this number done with everyone wearing hats once worn by Princess Beatrice.

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