Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once Upon No Progress Whatsoever

Previously . . . things got more and more predictable.  And now we're almost to the point that we can see every last thing coming.

~ And how the crap do two normal people know how to kill magical creatures?  Seriously?  Just how thin are supposed to stretch our disbelief?

~ At least we get some sweet Evil Queen Regina clothes.

~ So is that why Regina is ruling?  She told people that Snow killed the king?

~ Wait . . . did we actually get a question answered?

~ Except for the part where apparently no one in the kingom believes Regina . . . so we're still left wondering how she has any power.

~ Snow and Charming both have good points.  It's really a no-win situation.

~ Of course the random fisher-dude was Regina.

~ Ummmmmmm . . . you're evil, Regina.  Sorry to break it to you.

~ Yes, when they see you kill Snow they will see just how kind you are Regina.  Perfect logic, that.

~ King George . . . is that Abigail's father or Charming's not-father?

~ Oh, who are we kidding.  Like they'd mention anything about Abigail.

~ I really hate the way they won't let Regina have any character development.  I mean, seriously.  How many times has she tried the same thing and had the same result and she just keeps trying it again?  I really want to root for her and see her redeem herself, but they're not only keeping her evil, they're making her look like an idiot.

~ I can't imagine her disguise lasting very long if she keeps acting like the queen in those rags.

~ That was shorter lived than even I expected.

~ And now it's time to play the "who exactly is Hook double-crossing" game.

~ What do you want to bet Tamara set up that crash too?

~ Okay, name one movie or tv show in which the phrase "you can trust me" is NOT a massive red flag.

~ At least someone is acknowledging that August is dead.

~ Operation Cobra?  Holy back-from-the-dead plotline!

~ Man, too bad Snow jumped in.  Just how many times is it going to turn out that she spared Regina in FTL?  This is getting ridiculous.

~ Thank you for finally stating the obvious, Hook.

~ Yeah, destroying Storybrooke will totally put Henry in your camp forever Regina.  See what I mean about the looking like an idiot?

~ Yeah, gonna go ahead and guess that that bracelet thing is a sign that Hook's double-crossing Regina.

~ I thought Emma killed Maleficent?  So is that her . . . reincarnated?  Or someone else?  Regina implied that it was Maleficent, but again, didn't she die about a year ago?  Gah!

~ Also, now I'm curious as to just how much random crap Regina's hiding down there.

~ Wilma?  Seriously?  Holy dumb name, Batman.

~ (apologies to anyone named Wilma.  But it's a really dumb choice.)

~ Okay, I do like how Snow's telling the horse story, especially without mentioning that it was Regina.  Talk about a potential turning point in Regina's story arc.

~ My vote is for Operation Walking Stick.  Or Operation Purloined Letter.

~ Let's just take this moment to acknowledge that now that the stupid writers have killed off August, this show is going to end with Emma and Neal back together.  It's one of those things that's been really obvious.  And really sucky.

~ Okay, I do like the "I taught her that trick" bit.  That was fun.  It's nice to finally have a fun moment again.

~ Too bad it'll never occur to them to look in Greg's room.

~ It's so frustrating not knowing where these flashbacks are in relation to each other in the timeline.

~ See?  See?  There it looks like she's having a change of heart.

~ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand busted.

~ Dude, just end it already Snow.  People only get so many chances.

~ Called it.

~ Really getting sick of calling it.  Remember how last season we never called anything?  And then this season everyone's calling, like, everything?  And how just now they just confirmed that I called, like three different things?  Dude, what is this, Dora the freaking Explorer?  The hidden details should be, you know, hidden.  Not excruciatingly obvious.

~ What happened here?  Who would do this?  They're making Snow look like a real idiot too.  Come on, who else is there in the town that would take the beans except Regina?

~ Seriously, how the crap did they find a scientific way to block magic?  That is the stupidest, most unbelievable thing yet.

~ I imagine the finale is not going to be nearly as devastating as they want us to believe.

~ You know what's really sad?  I'm not even excited about finally seeing Neverland.  That's how disappointed I've gotten since January.

~ Sooooooooooooooo to sum up - Snow spared Regina about a million times in FTL, which was pretty stupid of her; Regina kept trying to make every like her by killing them, which was incredubly stupid of her; the evil characters all double crossed each other (or attempted to do so) and the good characters are still pretty clueless as to what's going on.  Or even more clueless than it should be possible to be in the case of Snow.  Seriously, WHO ELSE IS THERE TO SUSPECT EXCEPT REGINA?  In other words, nothing really happened.

P. ost  S. cript
So here's a trick I've long wondered about.  I knew Ariel was standing on a platform, but I was never quite sure how the tail disappeared - apparently it's velcro'd on and  supposed to get sucked into a hole . . . but sometimes doesn't, lol.  I love the part where you can see Max stuffing it down instead.  :-)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Once Upon a ME!!!!!

So I think we've all noticed that the writing of this show has taken quite the plummet downhill since Emma and Snow got back to Storybrooke from their little jaunt in FTL. (side note: MULAN AND AURORA BETTER NOT GO THE WAY OF CINDERELLA AND ABIGAIL, DANGIT!!)

(side note to the side note: all caps before the show even starts can't be a good sign)


You know what I love?  Shows like Stargate SG-1 who put the title up on the screen at the beginning.  It's awesome because then you have such an easy way to reference different episodes . . . mostly amongst other fans nerdy enough to know the names . . . but still.


Point being, all the cool kids know that tonight's episode is titled "Lacey."  I also know why (because among other stupid things the writers do, they don't even try to prevent little details and even spoilers from getting out) but we're going to pretend it was named after me.  Just like the town in Washington.  Which totally was.  Named after me.

~ Previously Tamara sucked.

~ And so did accident boy . . . probably.

~ AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Still wondering how you freaking taze wood.

~ It must be so nice for Henry to finally have a birthday acknowledged.

~ Not sure I would've picked a wand.

~ Didn't see that coming.

~ Or the dream part.  Not bad.

~ Oh yeah, Regina didn't know who Henry's father was yet . . .

~ Rule #7, DRINK!

~ Who are you to lecture Rumplilocks about always choosing darkness, REGINA?

~ I thought Emma was the one who could read people?  Lame!  Come up with something new, writers!

~ Calling Rumplilocks a beast counts as Rule #6?  Drink!

~ Ominous glass breaking is ominous . . .

~ Oh look, another potentially awesome character who's probably going to be dead by the end of the episode.

~ Rule #3, DRINK!

~ And now I'm singing Les Mis . . . thanks Regina.

~ (I'll look to you to sort this out, and be as patient as you can . . . )

~ Yeah, what was that about choosing darkness, REGINA?!?!




~ What's in the package, plutonium?

~ Oh look, now that he's dead they acknowledge August's existence.  YOU SUCK, WRITERS!


~ I can't imagine why Emma would want to stay in our world anyway.  I can see being hesitant about going to FTL, but she's really gotten the crappy ending of the stick in this one every time.

~ Gonna have to add a happy ending rule.

~ Apparently we're in the Wonderland quarter of Storybrooke . . .

~ Wait . . . is that what's-his-butt from Alias?  Also played the pilot(character) on the plane in the pilot(episode) of Lost?

~ They named Belle after me too.

~ They even spelled it right!!!!

~ Is this a persona Regina just created or is this the girl who was in the asylum for 28 years?

~ Hello soon to be dead new character.  Sorry about your lack of story arc.

~ Where do the casting people find all these hot guys?

~ Look at that, an actual answer to my recent question?  Enjoy it kids, that's the last time that's going to happen for a season or five.

~ Yeah, get used to me, RUMPLILOCKS!

~ Props on the sarcasm, but I was beginning to like you Regina and now I hate you more than I ever did.  Get over yourself.

~ Heh.  Grumpy rocks.

~ Rumplilocks has a point about Cora killing all y'all, Charming.

~ Begs the question of whether there's even a sliver of Belle left after crossing the line and all.

~ If Rumplilocks had vanished one of my books I never would have seen any good in him.

~ Ever.


~ EV. ER.

~ You're right Shay . . . the gold Rumpelstiltskin makeup is really funky this time around.

~ How does Charming know Rumplilocks needs a wingman?  What does he know about dating in our world?

~ (sort of) On that note, has anyone noticed that the entire town seems to just be going on with their Storybrooke lives except for the Charmings?  Not quite sure what to think . . .

~ I love the fact that Don Juan made a deal with Rumplilocks.

~ Take that, Regina.  Maybe people would keep you more informed if you'd quit trying to kill them once in a while.

~ She looks rather fabulous, thank you very much, Granny.  *raspberry*

~ Besides, I have yet to see Ruby wearing anything blue.


~ Question for you people who have characters with your name on tv all the time: is it always this trippy to hear people on tv talking to you?

~ That's a very solid glittery makeup line . . . makeup artist fail.

~ You know, that one twist I really can't get behind is the one where everyone in FTL knows Rumplilocks' name.  That was the whole crux of the story, not a minor detail.

~ The writers are certainly making good use of that back exit at Granny's.  It's actually getting rather ridiculous.  And why did she leave anyway?

~ Of course Marian's dying.  It's not like we can have a potentially interesting character around for more than one episode without them being related to the Charmings, can we?

~ And Belle just found the magic words.

~ Yeah, she might be hugging him but I'd still be holding a grudge about the book.

~ Wait . . . is that Sheriff Scumbag?  I am so not okay with that.

~ That wink was almost as hot as that leap, Charming.

~ And now Regina's found the beans.  The question is, does she destroy them now or string everyone along for a while.  (get it? beans? string?)

~ Yeah, should have kept that tongue the first time.

~ Oh BABY . . . now that might get me to forgive the disappearing book thing.

~ Also: Rule #6, drink!

~ Yes, you should have, but this "watching Gold cane the crap out of someone" is getting really old.

~ And you're glad?  What?  Evil Rumplilocks is turning not-Belle on?  That might be the creepiest thing I've heard of.

~ And the most twisted thing these writers have come up with.  And it's not like I need to remind anyone that they've come up with some twisted things.

~ I don't really see a problem with him carrying Henry like that Kayla.  Probably easier than using both arms.


~ Of course it's Hook.  Things appear not to have been very silly-hijinks-ical in New York.

You know, that ending would have had me shrieking a few months ago.  But after August and Cora and Belle and everything . . . yeah, no.  Kind of saw it coming, kind of finding myself not caring.  I hesitate to say the show has been ruined by the writing in the last handful of episodes, but I'm coming to hope it gets canceled after this season.  What about the rest of you?

P. ost  S. cript
Came across this a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me laugh.  I'd kind of love to see this version.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seasons of Joy

So I recently read this book and I may be a bit of a word nerd, but it was pretty fascinating.  Among all the other bits if trivia about how English is the biggest hodgepodge of borrowings from every other language known to man was the part where English has lots more synonyms than most other languages.  And the great part about that is the part where you literally have a specific word for almost every possibility.

For instance, sometimes "happy" just doesn't cover it.  Sometimes the only word for what you're feeling is JOY.

And that definitely applies today because WE JUST PAID OFF MY STUDENT LOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, in this case there AREN'T enough words to describe how excited Luke and I are feeling today.  So I'll have to express myself this way:  (in no particular order . . . well, alphabetical order because I just went down the list of gifs I've been saving up just for this blog post)

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . I'm assuming your computer is now running like you're using dial-up circa 1992. And I probably should apologize for that, but I'm going to be honest instead.

Because seriously.  I could go on.

But honestly, today is by far the happiest day of MY LIFE.  Better than getting married, getting engaged, even the day I graduated from college.  Because on every single one of those days I had this stupid student loan hanging over my head.  Even if it wasn't something I consciously thought about, it was always there in the background.

In fact, to go back to the last time I felt so uninhibitedly happy would have to be high school graduation . . . and we all know how long ago that was.  Because that was one of the last days when I still believed I'd get a grant instead of a loan.  Well, actually the last day for that was when Ashli applied for her financial aid.  I mean, let's be real here - in what world is it logical for a family to add a college student to their roster and then the original college student not only doesn't finally get a grant then but gets their loan amount cut?!?!?!  I suppose I shouldn't complain too much, at least my loan was still subsidized - Ashli's wasn't - but seriously.  I have yet to meet anyone to whom that makes sense.

But I shan't get into my financial aid rant today because I am just too happy.  There is such a weight off our shoulders . . . it feels like we might actually be able to make a living someday.  Assuming I ever get a full time job, which I'm thinking is not going to happen as long as we're living in this town.  But in the meantime where we can take a few things off the back burner and start actually moving forward.  And it.  Feels.  Awesome.  This is seriously exciting and the only thing keeping me from celebrating in Vegas or something is the part where I don't get paid time off.  :-)

The best part is this time a year ago we thought we still had two or three years left before we finally kicked this thing to the curb.  But along about five or six months ago the numbers started looking do-ably small.  So we crunched some numbers and it turned out that with a few financial changes and ramping up the bare bones-ness from Def-con 4 to Def-con 3 we managed to pull it off.  And now it's over.  And that still feels a little surreal.  In fact, I almost don't know what to do . . . maybe we should go buy a house . . . on the moon.

In a word -


P. ost  S. cript
There are not many things that could make today even better.  Underwater kitty mews are one of them.  :-)