Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Day 7 ~ A picture of someone/thing that has had the biggest impact on you.

(warning: I'm bored, and thereby only loosely following blogging directions . . . )

Well, I don't know about the BIGGEST impact, but . . .

If I hadn't been working for these guys . . .

. . . I would never have met this guy . . . and I imagine things might be a little different for both of us these days. :-)

Moving on.

From the "so large an impact in my childhood that I spent way more time than should have been necessary hunting him down later on (and shall have to tell that story sometime) file:"

From the "larger impact on my childhood and even now than I should admit file:"

(note: totally friends with the guy in the suit. we let people pass us in line waiting for the other guy to switch off with him. it was worth it, we all had fun when he came out and we could play around a little and nobody else got it.)

And last but certainly not least - from the "soooooooooooo freaking glad we're related because otherwise I would probably STILL be job hunting file:"

Also, she's awesome.

P. ost S. cript
How cool is this? I'm sure there's some sort of camera trickery going on, but I am an Escher junkie, and I? Do. Not. Care.


  1. What? Where am I? GEEZ.

    (and yes...I'm COMPLETELY kidding, here, people!)

  2. Awwwwwww!!!!! I've never been a response on someone's meme before!!

  3. Darth Princess!

    (and besides Mickey and Minnie, I think you also need pictures of Backlot Bob, Christi, John Wilson, and probably Terry and Toomey, just because)