Thursday, June 2, 2011


Day 3 ~ A picture of you as a child.

This may sound a bit conceited, but I was a cute kid. Now if I could just figure out what happened . . .

Anyway. I. Was. Cute. And right now I'm bored . . . so you get more than one. Yay!

What did I tell you? :-)

I was also a bit of a daddy's girl . . . well, more like an everybody's girl, being the only grandchild for nearly two years. I'm told I had a pretty good gig going . . . until those meddling other kids spoiled it, lol.

Exhibit A as to why I wish we still wore hats on fancy occasions. We always wore hats to church on Easter Sunday - some years we even got gloves! It felt so elegant and grown-up-ish . . . seriously - why don't people wear hats anymore, dangit?!?!?!

Anyway . . . that's me. And if you just can't get enough of my adorability, there are plenty more pictures from back in the day on my facebook page. (you may also spot some other familiar faces. good times, heehee)

P. ost S. cript
K, so heaven knows I'm no trekkie, but this is kind of awesome. And to quote an even more awesome former Hamilton Hamilton roommate, "Patrick Stewart is, like, the ultimate man."
Also: while Luke and I have had our disagreement over it, I still maintain that toward the end he is saying "I am as cute as a boar. You are bored."
Also also: Wesley Crusher may have been my first character crush waaaay back in the day.


  1. very cute baby pictures, Lacey, and for the record, I just think your name is AWESOME! :)

  2. I think I may have had a similar red dress with white polka dots at roughly the same age- maybe I'll get around to finding a picture of it someday.

    Hats and gloves on Easter- soulmates. No really- Sean can attest to the fact that I complain about it going out of style EVERY YEAR. When I was in college I even went through the effort of buying elbow length gloves at a bridal store and cutting the length off so I could have wrist gloves for easter. I also wore a lovely hat my roommate gave me. I think you and I should bring it back. Every year. Easter. We'll be the crazy hat ladies in the ward. I love it.