Glossary of Lacey-ese

Because it's easier to just explain it all once than every time . . .
(if I need to add something, let me know)

Florida Based

WDW ~ Walt Disney World

MK ~ Magic Kingdom

Studios ~ the Disney-MGM Studios . . . now technically known as Disney's Hollywood Studios . . . which is a really dumb name.

DAK/AK ~ (Disney's) Animal Kingdom

LMA ~ Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show (I worked here)

BLT/Backlot ~ the Studio Backlot Tour (I worked here too)
         Shuttles/Tank ~ the two halves of the tour, generally operated by two completely separate casts,   I was trained at both

Honey/HISK/the playground ~ Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure (I worked here three)

CM ~ cast member, aka employee

SSW ~ Super Soap Weekend

SWW ~ Star Wars Weekends

SoL/Spectacle ~ the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

dead height ~ too tall to be a duck, too short to be anything else when playing a character

USF ~ Universal Studios Florida

IoA ~ Islands of Adventure

HHN ~ Halloween Horror Nights, Universal's Halloween special event that requires a separate admission ticket

Utah Based

LDS ~ Mormon

ward ~ LDS congregation

RS/Relief Society ~ the LDS church's womens organization

YW/Young Women's ~ officially The Young Women's Program, basically a pre-RS for girls 12-17

SUU ~ Southern Utah University

Berver ~ Bear River High School

Ellis ~ Ellis Elementary (where I work, not where I went as a student)

Conference ~ General Conference 

MTC ~ Missionary Training Center

LYS ~ Lincoln Youth Symphony

blessing (in reference to babies) ~ the Mormon equivalent to a christening, more or less

Primary ~ kids' Sunday School (ages 3-11)

Nursery ~ pre-Primary for toddlers 18 months and up

Sunbeams ~ name of the Primary class for 3/4-year-olds

Primary Program ~ a presentation by the Primary some Sunday in the mid-to-late fall about what they've learned in Primary that year

Just Plain Lacey-ese

Team Jayla ~ my sister (Shayla) and her husband (Jason)

the craptop ~ the laptop I had my first two years of college . . . it was a piece of crap . . .

IF - Idaho Falls

the niece-phew ~ Team Jayla's baby due in December 2012 (and by extension any other unborn baby born to a sibling before I know whether it's a niece or a nephew)

Rogan ~ the niece-phew, who is a nephew, and whom my phone has a tendency to autocorrect to Rogaine