Once Upon a Drinking Game Rules

Juice, smoothie, milkshake, or stronger - grab it and let's go! :-)

Rule #1: If anyone in the Charming family says any variation on "I will always find them," DRINK!

Rule #2: If there's an "I'm my own grandpa" moment, DRINK!

Rule #3: If anyone says any variation on "all magic comes with a price," DRINK!

Rule #4: If someone powderizes a heart, DRINK!

Rule #5: When Granny rocks, we TOAST TO GRANNY!

Rule #6: When there's a shout out to the Disney movies, DRINK!
(examples: Belle wearing blue and gold dresses, Snow wearing a red ribbon and humming "With a Smile and a Song")

Rule #7: When people are all like, "so I guess we're related," DRINK!

RULE #8: If anyone says anything about a happy ending, DRINK!

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