Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bucket List: Places Edition

I love visiting new places. I've always wanted to travel the world. Seriously, I would just about kill for job with the Travel Channel. Anyway, while "everywhere" is accurate, it's also more than a little bit vague, so I've decided to make a list of all the places I want to visit. I'm trying to be as specific as possible, but in some cases I'll probably just list the country . . . I know, how vague is that? :-) And here it is, in no particular order, and likely to be edited/updated/added to often:

1. Paris. It's been top of the list, literally ever since I can remember. We're talking junior high or earlier.

2. London

3. Japan

4. Sweden

5. Venice

6. Vienna

7. Rome
7A. Vatican City

8. Forks, Washington. Seriously. :-)

9. Gettysburg

10. Washington DC

11. NYC

12. upstate New York

13. Kirtland

14. Johannesburg, South Africa

15. Cairo

16. Giza

17. Jerusalem

18. Casablanca

19. Ankor Wat (I can never remember what country that's in . . . my Asian geography knowledge is sadly lacking. Is it Cambodia?)

20. China
20A. Beijing
20B. Hong Kong

21. Prince Edward Island. I've wanted to be Anne Shirley since I was 8.

22. the rest of Canada

23. Glacier National Park. I've never figured out how we didn't manage to hit that one growing up.

24. The Everglades

25. St. Augustine, Florida. Two years living there, and the only time I left Orlando was one afternoon at Kennedy Space Center. The first year no one else wanted to go, and the second year I had no money to go anywhere. Blargh.

26. Atlanta. Actually, Jonesboro, Georgia, which isn't far from Atlanta. And is where Scarlett O'Hara "lived." And yes, there are several places that I want to visit solely or partly because books I love are set there. Speaking of which . . .

27. Volterra, Italy

28. India
28A. Mumbai
28B. New Delhi

29. Sri Lanka. Probably a lot safer now that the Tamil Tigers have called it quits. (Is it sad that I if I had never read Lynne Gardner's gem series I would probably have never even noticed that story becuase I would have never heard of the Tigers before? Probably.)

30. Denmark

31. Finland

32. Norway

33. Scotland

34. Ireland

35. Wales

36. Moscow (Russia, not Idaho, lol)

37. Nepal (no mountain climbing for me . . . I'll just admire them from the bottom!)

38. Easter Island

39. Tahiti

40. Samoa

41. Tonga

42. Brazil

43. Peru

44. Argentina

45. Costa Rica

46. the Bahamas

47. Spain
47A. Madrid
47B. Barcelona
47C. Seville

48. Portugal

49. Monaco

50. Athens

51. Byzantium (a much prettier and more romantic name than either Istanbul or Constantinople)

52. Prague

53. Transylvania

54. Cyprus

55. Mt. Kilimanjaro

56. Mt. Ruhmore

57. Denali National Park

58. Indonesia

59. the Phillipines

60. Mexico. One of those Book of Mormon tours would be awesome.

61. Antartica

62. the North Pole

63. Greenland

64. Iceland

65. Milan

66. Berlin

67. Frankfurt

68. Hamburg

69. Budapest

70. Nice, France

71. Marseille

72. Alexandria, Egypt

73. Nairobi

74. Madagascar

75. Cape Town

76. Thailand

77. Taiwan

78. Barbados

79. the Galapagos Islands

80. the Panama Canal

81. Jamaica

82. Tasmania

83. Fiji

84. every state in the union

85. Derbyshire - Mr. Darcy country!!

86. Guatemala

So there we go. I'll probably be adding to this list as I think of other places I'd like to see. And hopefully someday soon . . . ish . . . I'll be able to cross a few off. And as I was making the list I thought of all the places we can go where we already know people there . . . and therefore already potentially have a place to stay and a native tour guide - yay! It's a longer list than I realized:
(one asterisk for every person I know in that country)

Costa Rica*
Dominican Republic*
Hong Kong**
mainland China*****

And of course I definitely want to go back and see more of Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand, but since I've already been to all three I decided to leave them off this list. At least I've seen a few places. :-)

P. ost S. cript
Keeping with the international flavor, here's a Qubecoise children's TV show my middle and high school French teachers showed occasionally. We loved it because it was right at our level, especially first and second year. And it's fun to make fun of. :-)


  1. Costa Rica is AMAZING. I've wanted to go back for the past 10 years. I think last week I linked to a resort I want to try next time I'm there...

    And, that's quite a list!

  2. Glacier National Park is so beautiful, and somewhere you could easily go soon!

  3. Guatamala, I hear, is a great place for Book of Mormon tours.

  4. True, Sandra. I was so bummed the day I was in Guatamala that I had twisted my ankle and couldn't go hike the ruins!

  5. Actually, the Costa Rica resort link was part of the inspiration for finally making an "official" list. :-) It looks amazing!!!!! Staying with my friend Adri would definitely be more feasible though . . .

    And I've officially added Guatemala. Thanks muchly. :-)

  6. Oh, yay! I love, love, love Costa Rica and can't say enough good about it. I just thought it was the MOST...magical place I've ever been.

  7. Yes, Ankor Wat is in Cambodia. It's on my list of places to go.