Thursday, June 16, 2011


Day 14 ~ A picture of yourself and your family.

Easy. Here's a good chunk of them in one picture.

Okay, so it's actually less than half if we're talking extended family . . . but I'm pretty sure it's the largest gathering of extended family that's happened for quite some time, especially for my mom's side. There's kind of a lot of us.

P. ost S. cript
Not having a smart phone, I totally have not gotten the whole craze over Angry Birds. Then I saw this. Cartoonish violence and explosions? That is something I can get behind. (But why exactly are the birds so angry?)


  1. There's a movie that explains it. Feel free to borrow my itouch at the next book club. You'll see...

  2. Wait, wait, WAIT. There's an angry birds MOVIE?!

    Excuse while my head explodes.


  3. Well. Actually, yes. But that isn't what I was talking about. Before the game, there's a short (like 1 min) movie that shows why the birds are angry. And then there's another short after each level.

  4. I was wondering how I missed that.