Sunday, November 25, 2012

Once Upon a Sort of Dream

Previously:  Ruby rocks and there has not been near enough Charming this season.  And we won't even get into all the characters from last season we haven't heard a word from but whom I'm dying to see. (Abigail . . . Cinderella . . . Sydney . . . )

~ And down comes the Hook.

~ I imagine Emma is going to regret leaving Hook behind.

~ Just how many worlds has Cora been to?

~ I like Cora's umbrella.  Is that allowed? :-)

~ I love the way he plays Hook as a twisted Jack Sparrow.

~ Another heart collection . . . here we go again.

~ Just gonna go on record now as not liking the zombie thing, m'kay?

~ So is Aurora just supposed to sleep all the time in the hopes that Henry will take a nap?

~ Aurora called her grandma.  Close enough.  My day is made.

~ You know, I think that "your mother" line is close enough to a Rule #2.  DRINK!  (especially since Henry was referring to his step-great-great-grandmother.)

~ Awww, Rumplilocks is taking Belle out for that burger he promised!

~ "Condiments are this world's most powerful magic."  I'm going to be hearing Adventurer's Club lines in my head for the rest of the night now.

~ So how does Cora tell that story?

~ Yay, Aurora's getting some personality!

~ CALL HIM GRANDPA HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ I both love and hate how they're setting up Henry and Aurora as foils for each other - both the weak ones on the team.  I think they're both more than that.

~ Hey, Henry brought up Cinderella.  That's something.  Now where is she?

~ Is Rumplilocks's jail cell even still there?

~ You know, Snow is not getting nearly as much love as all the movie archers out there this year.

~ Well that doesn't bode well.

~ So much for the amulet preventing burns, eh?

~ Was there a point to taking Aurora?  I mean, it's not like they knew she was important, and they were apparently after the compass.  Stroke of luck or does Cora have a way of tracking Team Princesses?

~ Oh, yeah, by the way they're Team Princesses now.  I don't think I'll be abbreviating that further though.

~ I still maintain that Phillip isn't permanently dead.

~ Told ya so.

~ Now this is the Aurora I've been waiting to see.

~ Oooh . . . a raven . . . nice tie in.  Too bad we won't be seeing Maleficent this week.

~ Wait, Snow talks to ravens too?  I thought princesses only talked to nice woodland creatures.

~ Poppies?  Oz?  Hmmmm . . .

~ How did Regina manage to forget that Snow was under a sleeping curse.

~ Awww, Charming is so cute.  "When I see her she'll kiss me."  Made all sorts of no sense, and yet you know exactly what he meant.  Line of the night . . . ?

~ Also - DRINK! (#1)

~ Good move Aurora.  Don't trust him.

~ You know, I'm starting to think Regina doesn't quite deserve all the blame.  But Emma has a point in picking her.

~ It totally sounded like Regina just called him Prince Daniel instead of saying "with Daniel" and I was totally confused for a second.

~ Magic is a lot more boring when it looks like science.

~ The way Regina keeps calling him David I really think that's his real name.

~ Rule #1 AND #2 from Regina - TWO DRINKS!  :-)

~ Using the spinning wheel . . . nice touch.

~ CALL HIM GRANDPA HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Wait, Charming won't go to the flame room?  That complicates things.  And now there's a time crunch too. (both in Snow's nap and in how much episode is left.  Gah!)

~ Can I just take this moment during the commercials to celebrate the generous amount of drinks this episode has involved?  The last few have been entirely too dry, lol.

~ I thought Extreme Makeover Home Edition got canceled?  Why is it back?

~ Ten points if you get the Phantom reference with the mirrors! :-)

~ (I wonder if that was a deliberate phantom reference?)

~ Oooooo . . . amulet as homing device . . . I like!

~ That's gotta be, like, 777 years of bad luck right there.

~ Awwww, crap.  Go back to sleep Snow!

~ Yay, there she is!

~ Rule #1 - TWO DRINKS!

~ Dude, don't forget to kiss him before you go, Snow.

~ Awwwwwww, sweet.

~ Dude.  That leap was hot.

~ Okay, that part sucks.  If that means Charming is asleep for the rest of the season I am going on strike.

~ Wow, #1 drinks again.

~ Charming's going to have some major burns when he finally wakes up.

~ It might be a little awkward, but could Henry kiss David and wake him up?  I mean, Emma woke Henry so obviously it doesn't have to be a romantic true love's kiss.  So would any sort of familial kiss work?

~ Ummm, where's Mulan?  And the compass?

~ Gonna be awkward when she gets there and sees Aurora is already gone.

~ I know that wasn't his hand, but it sure looked like it hurt.

~ WHAT IS IN THAT BAG?????????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

~ Great.  Merciful.  Crap.

~ How did Hook get Aurora's heart?


~ WINTER FINALE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


In other news, is it January yet?  Also - there was a disturbing lack of Charming in that preview for next week.

P. ost  S. cript
Have you seen this?  If this is all basketball was I would totally watch it.

Friday, November 23, 2012


So who's been shopping in the last twelve hours?  Yeah, not me.

I've gone Black Friday shopping exactly once, and while it's not something I would do again, I did not have a terrible time.  I did find myself getting up at 5:00 in the morning when I didn't get home from work until after midnight . . . what can I say, people do crazy things when they're in crush.  (I myspace blogged all about it . . . I may have to post it sometime, it's one of the more amusing ones.)

Anyway.  My little excursion was back when Black Friday was just insane. not indecent.  Yeah, have you heard about that?  About the part where Black Friday starts Thursday morning now?  In a nutshell, I agree with everything everyone has been saying.  Greedy, thoughtless, inappropriate and really not fair to the minimum wage peons who have no choice but to skip Thanksgiving and show up in order to make sure there's still something to eat on Saturday.

But on the other hand . . . I don't really have a lot of patience for the people saying it's not right.  If the whole "biting my tongue" thing were literal I'm pretty sure I would have bitten it off by now because I've watched at least half a dozen conversations happen on facebook where friends posted a status about wanting to have a low key Thanksgiving and what should they do - and the answers poured in.  Go out to eat.  Go to a movie.  Go out and eat pizza or at Taco Bell or whatever and at the end, yay for you, no cooking and no big clean up job!

I'm sorry, where is the outrage for the people at the restaurant who don't get to spend Thanksgiving with their family because you're too lazy to cook?  What about the anger for the employees of the movie theater who have to leave their turkey early so you can go to your movie?  Why am I apprently the only one who thinks that's just as wrong?

It's just so amazing how good humanity is at dehumanizing people when we don't want to be considerate of others.  I mean, how's this for an actual thing to overhear - "I would never go out to eat on Thanksgiving.  Those poor people deserve to have the day off and be with their families too."

Said whilst the speaker was at Walt Disney World.  On Thanksgiving.  Where I was working.  On Thanksgiving.  Apparently her level of consideration went beyond retail workers to include waitresses and cooks . . . but I was still just a robot.  Because apparently any job that involves something you aren't doing on a holiday is a travesty, but if it involves the way you want to celebrate then forget your right to celebrate a holiday you minimum wage peon, get over here and get me my churro!

Not to mention it goes without saying that the fact that all these restaurants and theaters and stores are open is the whole reason why Luke has had to work almost every holiday for the last four years.  Where's the indignation about the fact that with all these places open the tech support places have to be open because heaven forbid something happens to those places internet or cable.

Obviously a line in the sand has been drawn, but I can't say that it's the right place in the sand, or even an effective place.  If people working at Walmart want to strike, all power to them.  But as long as there's a double standard where it's okay for some people not to get to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas or whatever at home the way they want to but not for others, I don't see anything changing.  Give it a few more years and stores will be open for normal hours all day on Thanksgiving.  And the only people who will have holidays off will be the people with the cushy corner office jobs, or the paper pushing cubicle drones who work at places that don't sell anything so it doesn't make a difference whether there open on any one particular day.

Because seriously, how hypocritical is that people will protest stores being open on Thanksgiving, but there's nothing wrong with people who work at hotels having to go to work?  Why is it okay that pilots and flight attendants spend the day taking others to be with their families, but not getting to be with their own?  I mean, obviously emergency personnel need to be on call just in case . . . but why do news anchors have to show up?  Either the holiday is for everyone or it's not.  And I'm thinking anymore they're just . . . not.

P. ost  S. cript
So apparently this is what English sounds like to people who don't speak it.  It's nothing but gibberish, but your brain keeps trying to make sense of it - I keep hearing actual words . . . pizza, cold, ice, my eyes . . . it's kinda crazy awesome.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Top Ten. Again. Already.

So it's, like, the end of November again.  When did that happen?  Anyway.  Here ya go.  Ten random thankful things.

1. Nepotism.  Which will be on the list until I have a job that wasn't acquired through it.

2. The fact that as Primary Secretary I never have to teach.

3. A year of interesting meals instead of lots of mac&cheese.  Yay Pinterest!

4. Cheap artificial Christmas trees.  Because ours broke last year.  :-(  I'd rather have a real one . . . but then again, we have nowhere to put one that big.  Yet.

5. The fact that the whole nanowrimo thing has not driven me insane.

6. And the part where it's looking like I'll actually pull it off.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. And the part where I never have to teach Primary even if one of the other presidency people will be gone.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Recipes for homemade Starbucks caramel apple cider in the crock pot.  Assuming it tastes as good once I actually try it.  Because if it does I will be making it, like, everyday this winter.

9. Have I mentioned that I NEVER have to teach in Primary??  Because just the thought of it still makes me do a happy dance.  (especially since I'm still a little lost as to what I am supposed to do . . . )

10. Team Jayla taking one for the team and having a baby.  With any luck they just bought us at least two years of peace.  Or at least less harassment.  Woot. :-)

Addendum/bonus #11: being able to write blog posts days in advance and save them in case you're not feeling quite so thankful on the actual holiday.  Worst timing for having a cold/hacking up a lung ever . . . on at least a dozen levels.

P. ost  S. cript
You know, Thanksgiving is sadly lacking TV specials.  But you've gotta give props to Garfield's for acknowledging the reality that anymore it's less about the "Thanksgiving" and more about the "Turkey Day."  (see point 2:30)  And it's just cute.  Make sure you watch the second half.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Once Upon a Howl

Previously: Hurley held on to Hook for a little extra time.  And Red Riding Hood and the wolf were the same person.  Oh, and the dude in the car was evil King What's-His-But.

~ Just because it's happ hour doesn't mean

~ So they're mining for fairy dust.  Glad to finally find that out.

~ Oh Charming, how I missed you last week.

~ For a second I thought the dwarves all accidentally crossed the town boundary.


~ Ruby looks awfully glum . . .

~ Gus Gus is not nearly as fat as I would have expected.

~ Won't he turn in to a mouse if they get back?  This strikes me as a doomed relationship.  (and why would Regina want Gus Gus?)

~ I love Belle.  Just throwing that out there.


~ Speaking of cocoa, I tried some with cinammon last year because Henry and Emma like it.  I highly recommend it.

~ I already wish Charming had killed evil King W's-H-B.  Why didn't they?

~ Nice crack about the lasgna, Granny. :-)

~ How does Rumplilocks not have Red's cape?  He has literaly everything else anyone ever owned.  Literally.

~ If Red has her cape on but not the hood up, does her body stay human while her head turns wolf?

~ So this scene with Snow and Red is sweet and all, but a little corny.

~ And now I'm singing High School Musical . . . (still know most of that dance too . . . )

~ Holy Goa'uld eyes . . .

~ Well that's a bad sign.

~ That is quite the intense dream.

~ Whoa, is that Aurora over there?  Crazy.

~ Okay, Regina knows something.

~ Good thing Ruby gets her close back when she changes back.  You know, as opposed to Hulk-style.

~ Gotta admit, I"m not sure I would ever take the cape off if I was alone.  For precisely that reason.

~ Do we know this guy?  Should he be familiar?

~ Okay, this dude is shooting off some decidedly UNTRUSTWORTHY! vibes.

~ I'm not sure I like the idea of bunches of werewolves.  A little to Twilight-y.

~ Saw the mother bit coming.

~ Who does one call to tow a tow-truck?

~ No!  Not Gus Gus! :-(

~ Love this lecture on how curses work.  I love learning the rules of fantasy worlds.

~ So how's Aurora supposed to get a necklace?

~ Good catch Regina.  That one is so not "on me."

~ Awesome earrings, Ruby.

~ A jail cell?  Really Ruby?  You think that will hold you?

~ That's a pretty good general philosophy.  The wolf thing, I mean.

~ I would say this explains why Ruby can't find the cape . . . but wouldn't she remember getting rid of it?

~ Really hoping we see why they didn't kill evil King W's-H-B sometime soon.

~ I suppose putting a Twilight trailer with the episode about werewolves is fitting.

~ Interesting source for the blackouts, no?  Corny message about accepting yourself though.

~ I'm intrigued as to who all these mobs of people are.

~ Told ya the jail cell wasn't going to work.

~ Or not.

~ Ha!  Love the line about wolf hearing in hotels!  Granny's kind of hilarious!

~ What's up with all the red hangings all over the place?  If they're not afraid to embrace the wolf?

~ Belle is seriously awesome.  Love the bit about rehabilitation.

~ Does she remember anything about the flashback we've been seeing?  Because she's not exactly acting like it.

~ Wait, where did the cape come from?

~ Dude, evil King W's-H-B totally stole the cape.  Calling it now.

~ George!  That's his name!

~ Also: nailed it!

~ Are we about to watch a wolf cat-fight?

~ Apparently we are.  Well, a short one anyway.

~ The wolf appears to be pretty in control . . .

~ I'm totally going to have to look up the name Spencer to see if it has any kingly/George-ly connection.

~ How does a mob that big let the guy get away?  Seriously.  Did Regina just bring the people she had a grudge against and then pull a bunch of the stupidest people in FTL just for the heck of it?

~ Holy crap, he's burning the hat!!

~ Dude, do it.  Still wondering why you didn't kill him back in FTL.

~ I kind of want Red's cape.

~ At least Charming refers to Snow as Henry's grandma.

~ Seriously, someone get Aurora a necklace.

~ Okay, that works too.

~ dun dun DUN.

In other news, there's no new episode next week.  I could cry.

P. ost  S. cript
So I stumbled across this with the other video.  Kinda made my year, not gonna lie. :-)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not Ashamed

Nano update: so far so good, as of yesterday I was even a little ahead of where I needed to be.  But today there's a bit of writer's block going, and I'm pretty sure it's partially rant induced, so I'm getting it out.  (you know my motto - blogging is cheaper than therapy.  plus I'm not sure this quite qualifies as needing therapy.)  At the moment I haven't even decided if this post will ever even see the light of day . . .


I didn't vote yesterday.  I didn't vote early.  I didn't vote at all.

It's not because I don't care.  It's not that I didn't know who to vote for.  It's not even because I didn't want to.  (okay, it kind of is that last one.  a little.)

It's because there is absolutely nothing in the world more pointless than voting in Utah.


I know I'm far from the first person to rant about the electoral college and it's uselessness and the way it nullifies more than half the votes cast . . . but it really drives me nuts to think that such an archaic, deliberately biased system is still in place.

I mean, think about it.  In a rational world, a world where American politicians elected to offices higher than, oh, mayor-ish were capable of thinking of anything other than themselves it would work like this (metaphorically speaking): everyone would get a card.  Red or blue.  Or green or orange or pink because in this world those other cards would actually be relevant.  You pick the color you want and you send it to Washington DC and it's put in a stack with all the other cards of that color.  And in the end whoever has the tallest stack of cards wins.  152 red cards?  Awesome.  153 blue cards?  You lose, red.  Every vote counts, every single solitary card makes a difference because it contributes to the whole stack.

But instead we have this -

Every state gets a bucket of water.  Every person gets to put one drop of food coloring in the water, red or blue.  In the end, some buckets are deep crimson or sapphire.  Some buckets are decidedly fuchsia or plum shaded.  But there are only two trucks to load the buckets in, so a fuchsia bucket get put in the same truck as a crimson one, and a plum buckets goes with the sapphires.  49 blue drops and 51 red drops?  Is the exact equivalent as 100 red drops.

Seriously, how does anyone actually believe their individual vote matters?

I mean, sure, in some states you are going to have a very purple shade, and in that case your one drop might just make the difference between fuchsia and plum . . . but then there's Utah, and all the other states like it.  The states that get 99 red (or blue) drops.  And I'm supposed to believe that my one red drop will make the bucket any more crimson?  Or that my one blue drop will give it even the slightest hint of purple-ish-ness?  No.  It doesn't.  Even a toddler could see that.  So what's the point?

(this is the point where people with jump in with "but the local races!!!!!!!!" which in some places might strike me as a valid argument.  but here . . . I don't see my vote making any difference in those races either)

It's twenty-freaking-twelve.  How is this possible?  Four years ago I was blown away by all the presidential commercials I was seeing on tv.  I'd never seen one before.  I was twenty-four years old and I honestly hadn't even known they existed before that year.  I don't remember what I thought, you hear all the talk about having to give candidates equal airtime and regulations and whatever, and I guess I just figured commercials weren't allowed for presidential candidates because they got all the air time on the news and such.

And then this year.  Not in Florida anymore, something seemed off for the longest time and I couldn't place it until a couple of months ago.  The commercials were gone.  Not a single presidential commercial to be seen.  Anywhere.  Meanwhile, today is the first day in who knows how many months that people in Ohio have seen a commercial that wasn't political.  And I'm supposed to think this is okay?  I don't think so. 

And then there was watching the results come in last night.  Which I'd never done before, but Luke wanted to so we made pizza-and-a-movie night into pizza-and-the-news night.  Going in I did have a bit of a clue what was going on, in fact I'd heard on the radio yesterday morning that Ohio, Virginia, and Florida were the keys and if Romney didn't get at least one of them he didn't have a prayer.  So we're watching, and none of those three have come in and then all the sudden Ohio comes in and somehow it's all over and done with and I'm like "wait a second, he could still get one of the others" but no, apparently they didn't actually matter either.  I mean, they hadn't even finished counting . . . even in those states that just twelve hours ago had been so critical.  The votes in those states could literally not have been counted and it wouldn't have changed a thing - and they're supposed to be the ones who count the most!  (and let's just ignore the hypocrisy in the fact that a statement like that could even exist in a country that supposedly believes "all men are created equal.")

Of course, there's also the part where the polls weren't even closed in Alaska and Hawaii when the whole thing was declared officially over.  So, you know, go on home guys.  It's not like we need you or anything, you know?  We're not waiting until it's 5:00 in the morning in New York to find out who wins!

Someday, heaven willing, we want to live in a state where it's a matter of a fuchsia bucket versus a plum bucket, rather than crimson versus sapphire.  Then?  I will vote, and gladly.  Until then . . . I see no point.

P. ost  S. cript
I decided to go ahead and hit that orange button . . . so here's a palate cleanser before you all tell me what a terrible person I am.  (fun fact: I have actually met a slightly disturbing number of people with these very names!)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Once Upon a Hurley

Previously: Regina said she brought who she wanted and I'm intrigued by that.  She wanted Cinderella but not Lancelot?  She wanted Hansel and Gretal but not Mulan?  How did that work?

Moving on.

~ Emma's observation of the beanstalk is pretty spot on.

~ Is that the war the Rumplilocks ran out on?

~ Why do they need the compass now?  The wardrobe originally took Emma and Pinocchio here on its own.  So why do the ashes need the compass to find it?

~ Hello yellow bug that better not be anthropomorphic.

~ Hello hipster glasses Emma.

~ Nice move stealing a car Sheriff Swan.  I love that she's still in the same car in Storybrook.

~ I'd give him that sort of look to Emma.  What a jerk.

~ Does stealing a stolen car cancel out the fact that you stole it, lol?

~ I imagine that fight was rather disappointing to Hook.

~ I love how she used his hook as a coat hanger. :-)

~ Can I just take this moment to say Emma's hair is how Aurora's is supposed to look?  Because it is.

~ Hook is a lot more perceptive than I ever would have guessed.

~ I don't think I like the hipster glasses.

~ Holy crap, that's not pre-Henry!  I seriously did not see that coming.

~ Ummmm . . . are we about to see Henry be conceived?

~ So that's where the dream catcher came from.

~ So that's why she stayed in Florida so long.

~ We're learning so much about characters we already know already.  I love it.

~ Except . . . wait . . . wasn't Henry born in Phoenix?  Now I'm confused again.

~  All these time references . . . a shout out to daylight savings?  Weird.

~ Sleeping Beauty doesn't sleep anymore.  Very nice touch.

~ I always forget that Snow White had the whole sleeping thing as part of her storyline too.  BOth here and with the movies.

~ And now we know why the rum is gone. :-)

~ I wonder just how long ago the Milha storyline is at this point.

~ Man, Neal really is a jerk.

~ I know the hipster glasses are to make Emma look 18, but they're just not working for me.

~ Here's hoping we get a Mickey and the Beanstalk reference somewhere in here.

~ Hello Hurley.

~ Goodnight Hurley.

~ While I appreciate the fact that somehow the Christmas commercials held off until after Halloween (at least I didn't see any anyway), but I refuse to acknowledge the ones I'm seeing now.  For the next three weeks.

~ Just noticed Snow has a key necklace.  I wonder if it's a key to anything.

~ Honestly, the first thing I thought of with the Red Room was Jane Eyre . . .

~ Snow is just dying to be all mom-ular, isn't she?

~ I wonder what her nightmares were . . .

~ Well the end to Jack's real story is decidedly more depressing.  Even than his Into the Woods story.

~ I would take bets on whether or not Neal is going to show at the parking garage, but I think we all know he isn't.

~ Wait, what?

~ PINOCCHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S PINOCCHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Also - have you seen the theories that he made up the name August Booth on the spot when he introduced himself to Emma in Storybrook?  Yeah, TAKE THAT.  I always knew that was a stupid theory.

~ Let's all take this moment to celebrate the fact that next week there will be NO political ads during the commercials.  Seriously - YAY!  Pretty sure this election has been going on since my parents graduated from high school.  So.  Freaking.  Done.

~ Loved that mouthful of Pinocchio (the movie) references.

~ Also love the fact that he didn't just abandon Emma.  I love August.

~ Wait, what's in the box?!?!?  GAH!!!!!

~ Dangit, now I'm starting to feel sorry for Neal.  Blargh.

~ Okay, that's a terrible way to leave her to her destiny.  Not so sorry for him now.

~ Uh-oh . . . thumping.  Thumping bad . . .

~ Hello again Hurley.

~ We better at least get a "fee fi fo fum."

~ Hey, I've been to Vancouver! :-)

~ Wait, Neal took the bug?  How does Emma get it back?

~ So that's how she got to Phoenix . . . but still not sure how she gets to Tallahassee.

~ But that's how she gets the car back.  Answer one question, ask three more.  Isn't that how it always is?

~ Wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . I'll send you a postcard?  Neal was the guy at the beginning?  And August sent it?  So August is, like, alive?  Not wooden?  I NEED MORE AUGUST ANSWERS DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Well that was literally the oldest trick in the book.  Kinda lame, not gonna lie.

~ I like the idea of a more complex giant war though.

~ Awwwwwwwwwwww . . . poor lonely Hurley . . . :-(

~ Glad it doesn't look like Jack Sparrow's compass at least.

~ Head start?  What the crap is going on?

~ And now Hook misses the good fight, lol.

~ Oh good, I was starting to worry that we wouldn't see Charming this time around.

~ Oh yeah, Henry got sleeping cursed too . . .

~ The red room again . . . I'm thinking Snow probably had the same nightmare too.

~ YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO END THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Henry didn't call Charming grandpa yet!)

So apparently Ruby's going to go all wolf-ular next week.  Ruby, not Red.  Intriguing.  Also, that means more time in Storybrook, which means more (potential) Charming time.  Which means potential for the awesome Charming reactions which were sorely lacking this week.  I must say, this is quite the recovery over our little Halloween stumble last week.  Also - look like we should all take a moment of silence for the theory that Bae is Henry's father.  Surely he would have believed August's talk of magic immediately.  (still possible that he's Bae's son/grandson or something though . . .)

P. ost  S. cript
So it totally wouldn't have fit, but wouldn't it have been fun to see giant Hurley singing this giant's song? :-)