Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Day 19 ~ Write a sweet memory from your past.

You know how when people tell you to clear your mind and you're suddenly thinking of everything? Or they say "don't think about this" and then that's ALL you can think about?

Yeah. The only sweet thing I can think of right now, quite literally, is square ice cream. Give me a minute.

*crickets chirping*

*still chirping*

*crickets get bored and go home*

Okay, I know I have a lot of sweet memories, but it's like my entire life is a complete blank right now - which is more than a little unnerving, gotta say - so I'm going the literally sweet route. Because even though it kinda freaks me out, I cannot think of anything else.


Once upon a time there was a Lacey. And she went to college. And she had some pretty awesome friends. And she spent a lot of time hanging out at their apartments, which was great because she'd never really done that before.

And on a few occasions she would go to Celeste's place (Friend Celeste, not Roommate Celeste . . . somehow that ended up being how I differentiated, silly as it sounds) which was a major socialization hub for the English department. It was a little trippy, even though she knew the people there weren't there just because she was there, but she still felt sort of popular. It was a very odd feeling.

Once upon a time there were just a few girls there. And they felt like having some ice cream. So Friend Celeste grabbed her carton of vanilla ice cream and some spoons and Roommate Celeste grabbed Friend Celeste's jug of chocolate sauce and poured it generously on top. All the girls took a spoon and dug in. When the chocolate sauce topping was gone, one of them poured another one. The ice cream carton was about half full. (It was just a quart, not one of those ginormous five quart tubs.) The chocolate jug was pretty full. They finished the ice cream and a good chunk of the chocolate. And they had a few spoon wars when more than one of them went for the last bit of chocolate, which tended to be rather amusing.

It was quite possibly the sweetest carton of ice cream the Lacey ever ate. Because she ate it with friends.

The end.

P. ost S. cript
OMG HIS EARS!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC SQUEAL OF CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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