Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Day 13 ~ Your 5 favorite books and why

Ummmmm . . . seriously? I'm only allowed FIVE favorite books? Yeah, not happening. Especially since they change on pretty much a daily basis. How about 5 favorite genres? (in no particular order)

1) Classical literature. They call them classics for a reason. And that reason is because they're (mostly) awesome. Granted there are some that I feel obligated to read (and sometimes even pretend to like) because I fee like I wouldn't deserve my degree otherwise . . . but Jane Austen? Dickens? Hugo? Twain? Yes, please!

2) Sci-fi/fantasy. I'm kind of picky about what I'll read from this category (and I do not like science fiction . . . which is decidedly different from sci-fi) and some of it can be really lame, but when it's done well and to my taste? Hello, Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! The good stuff rocks!

3) Historical fiction. I've been on a major Medieval England kick for . . . well, a few years now. But seriously, pretty much anything that has a note at the end separating fact from fiction - I'm in. Part of it is the educational aspect of it - if it's part of an interesting story I'll remember it MUCH longer than if it's part of a textbook or lecture. And it's just plain interesting.

4) Thrillers. This would be the "Da Vinci Code + copycats" category. Some are really terrible, but some are really awesome (and it's not very hard to find better written stuff then Dan Brown . . . although his plots are good). Tons of fun - I just keep forgetting not read them late at night!

5) Dystopian novels. Often a sub-category of sci-fi, I can't get enough. Read The Hunger Games and Uglies. Those 2 serieses (seri?) will completely explain why. If you still don't get why I like this stuff, you're not going to ever.

P. ost S. cript
Taking a moment to make everyone feel their age - Raiders of the Lost Ark? 30 years ago this past weekend. At least it's not this old. :-)


  1. Yeah...5 books would be tough.

  2. Uglies and Hunger good...mmm...feeling the need to reread...