Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here in the Field with My Feet on the Ground and My Fate in the Air

So I was on a Broadway kick the other day and wound up listening to, among other things, Once on This Island, which I still love as much as I did when we put it on my junior year of high school.  (also among other things: discovered I still know the choreography for the entire opening number . . . going on thirteen years later.  did I mention I was on the tech crew, not in the cast?) (on another note someone really should put our version up on youtube.)

Anyway.  Did you catch the part where it's, like, the end of March?  Crazy.  And did you catch the part where we made it facebook official that we're moving back to Florida in May?  Yay!!!

Bringing everything together, I know I've said essentially the same thing for, like, all last year, but this song is totally how I'm feeling right now.  When we moved here we didn't intend to stay permanently (although we didn't know where we were going at the time) and we figured we'd be here for about five years, and it's turned out to be almost exactly that . . . but it feels like it's been so much longer than that at the same time.

Let's just say we're psyched. :-)  To move on, to get out of here, to get going with life . . . just everything.

It's a little weird to me to think we're moving back to Florida.  The last time I did that there was a lot I wasn't ready for.  Mentally, emotionally . . . spiritually . . . ecumenically . . . grammatically . . . seriously though.  I did not see a lot of things coming, and when we left I was so burned out on everything I couldn't even fathom a world where I would want to go back.  What a difference five years makes, eh?  Long story short, we leave in 58 days - and I'm the one who put the countdown on the calender.

Did I mention the part where we have an apartment and everything?  SO.  FREAKING. EXCITING!  It came available a little sooner than we'd hoped, and they can only hold it for so long, so we had to bump up our travel plans by a week.  So I'll be missing the last week of school and all the fun stuff that goes on that week, which is really depressing.  But what can you do, you know?  Besides, that means I'll be back to having a full time job one week earlier too.

And yeah- totally planning on going back to Disney.  So start planning your visit to us, like, now.  Like Ashli.  (seriously - she started asking me question about what kinds of discounts I could get her and her friends, like, three months ago.  and what time of year to come.  heads up - mid-January.  And I say this as someone who's worked at a school for four years . . . unless they're really struggling or something, get their homework, pull the kids out of school and go in mid January.  or early October.)  You know you want to. ;-)

So basically we'll be spending the next two months as a cross between this

and this

but it's kind of okay.

And perhaps once we get to the other side of the country life will get interesting again and I'll start feeling like I have things to blog about again.  So we all win!  (I think.)

P. ost S. cript
They're missing a lot of the best lines here but looking for the other Pirates clip totally had me remembering how I went to see At World's End the day I got back to Florida after the second time I drove out (did I mention this will be technically the fourth time I've moved cross-country?) because it came out while I was driving but I was dying to see it so I went that night anyway after, like, four straight days of driving and I really don't know how I stayed awake to watch it (especially since I went to, like, the very last showing of the night) but it was awesome.  Anyway.  The first three Pirates movies rocked.  And on of the first things we're doing is going on the ride.