Sunday, June 26, 2011


Day 23 ~ Something you crave a lot

Easy. I have an utterly insatiable sweet tooth. If it is sweet, if it is calorie-laden, if it is even slightly unhealthy - I have pretty much no willpower. Well, I sort of do now . . . more than I used to anyway.

I think it stems from the way sweets were never allowed when I was a kid, even when they were in the house. Seriously, most of our Halloween candy was thrown away. As was a good chunk of all the baked goods my mom would spend so much time making at Christmas. It was kind of weird . . . all these trays displaying delicious Christmas abundance - but heaven forbid you ask to have a cookie or a piece of fudge because the answer was nearly always no. And then the cookies got stale and the fudge got hard and you didn't really want to eat it anyway but you still asked because a couple of times a week the answer was yes.

I'm sure my parents had good intentions and were intending us to learn that treats were something to be enjoyed in small moderation or whatever . . . but . . . yeah. Totally backfired. The more they said no, the more I wanted the cookie.

So my first couple of years of college I kind of went nuts for the junk food. Five pound bags of skittles that wouldn't last a week, pints of Ben&Jerry's finished off in a single sitting . . . how I did not gain a million pounds is beyond me! I was like an Amish kid on Rumspringa - for the first time I could have whatever I wanted, there was no one to ask permission and no one to take it away when they caught me with it. So I milked the situation for all it was worth. I never actually made myself literally sick from all the candy . . . but I would get to the point where I would swear I could never even look at a jelly bean again. Only to buy another bag a month later. Again, why do I not weigh a million pounds right now? I. Do. Not. Know.

But the good news is I more or less got that out of my system. And now, while I have to be pretty darn stuffed to say no to dessert, I also do not eat my weight in M&Ms in four days. That's good, right?

Oh - and I hope you brought enough chocolate to the blog-o-sphere to share with everybody. Or at least just with me. ;-)

P. ost S. cript
More cute animals, because really, is there any such thing as enough- HOLY CRAP SO THAT'S WHAT SOUND A PANDA MAKES!!!!

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  1. Oh, I am right there with you and the sweet tooth thing.... I am still reminiscing how yummy your pumpkin cookies were at the BBQ! :) My whole family is full of "sweet tooths" We love our dessert and always save room for it... if not eating it first to make sure we get it:)