Thursday, May 21, 2009

100 Things About Me

I'm totally ripping this from my aunts' blogs. But I just acknowledged it, so it's not plagiarism. It's an homage. :-)

1. I am the biggest bookworm I know.

2. My record is reading three (entire) books in one day. They were short books.

3. I have never dyed my hair.

4. I have, however, used a sort of commercial "lemon rinse" to highlight it a little blonder in the summer.

5. I never wore makeup (except for a little mascara) until I went to Florida. I only started because the foundation I wear has sunscreen in it.

6. I have since become one of those girls who won't leave the house without makeup on. Some days I really hate that, other days not so much.

7. I sunburn really easily and I absolutely cannot tan. Hence, #5.

8. I did tan once in my life, when I went to Hawaii. I burned my neck and shoulders by wearing my hair up on a day we ended up spending most of the day outside. A couple of days later I burned my whole back really badly snorkeling because the sunscreen I wore didn't work. The part that was already burned blistered really badly, and I spent a week lying on my stomach wearing nothing but the biggest oversized t-shirt I had when I got back. After the peeling was finally done I had a nice, dark, swimsuit-shaped tan. You could still see the tan line over a year later, if you knew what you were looking at.

9.I have only ever found two sunscreens that actually work on my skin. Both, sadly, were discovered after #8.

10. I collect keychains. I probably have 50+, mostly from Claire's.

11.I know it's junior high-ish, but I still absolutely adore Claire's.

12.Again, I know it's so thirteen of me, but I'm a junkie for Lip Smackers. And I miss the old, independent flavors. Anymore they're all exotic Starburst and Skittle flavors, which are great, but give me cotton candy and pink lemonade any day.

13. I have successfully written (and by written I mean finished!) a novel, and am currently in the process of revising it in order to make it readable. Of course, by "current" I mean I have worked on it within the last 18 months, and I intend to start working on it again within the next 12.

14. Every year I vow to give up procrastination for Lent. Next year.

15. #14 is half joke, half serious.

16. Being not only the oldest child, but the oldest cousin on both sides of my family, I always felt a lot of pressure from always being the first to do things (baptism, driving, graduating, etc). So it was quite a relief to have both cousins and a sister get married before I did.

17. I am determined to figure out how to make money blogging. Surely I'm as interesting as all these other random "nobodies" who manage it.

18. I like to cook, but I kind of suck at it. I've been experimenting a little the last year or so, and I think I'm getting better.

19. I'm a really good baker.

20. I want to learn how to use spices for more than just seasoning hamburgers and homemade spaghetti sauce.

21. If I could afford to be a professional student, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

22. I want Samantha Brown's (from the Travel Channel) job.

23. I don't mind (and sometimes enjoy) silence if there are other people in the vicinity, but I hate it when I'm alone. It makes me lonely.

24. I wish Logan had a community symphony so I could play in it.

25. When I fist started playing the cello, I also wanted to learn the flute, clarinet, trombone, and harp. The harp is the only one I'm still determined to learn someday.

26. I was also determined to someday be bigger than Yo-yo Ma. How's that for childhood ambition?

27. I was in academically advanced programs at school from second to eighth grade, and I did well in them. When we moved to Utah the next two years of school were almost completely reviews of things I'd already learned, and I could sense that I was losing whatever "advanced-ness" I had. By the time I was a junior in high school, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been let back into the program if we'd moved back to Idaho.

28. #27 still bothers me, and I REALLY don't want my kids to go to school in Utah.

29. I love the movie "Sons of Provo" and the soundtrack cracks me up every time I listen to it. (one of the songs just started on itunes)

30. Math was really easy for me until seventh grade. From then on a C was pretty much equivalent to an A for me.

31. Toward the end of college I considered moving to New York to try to get a job at the UN a a translator. One of the biggest reasons I did was because French is such a common language, so I was also looking into universities that offered a wide array of language programs.

32. If I hadn't gone to Florida I was tentatively planning on either moving to New York or Seattle after graduating.

33. I still want to learn more languages, and am immensely jealous that Shay knows Latin.

34. I am a total Star Wars nut. Have been since I was six.

35. I read (and own) Star Wars novels.

36. I am a lifetime member of the (fictional) "The Book is ALWAYS Better than the Movie" Club.

37. I organize my CDs according to the order in which I got them, my books by subject and height, and my DVDs not at all.

38. I've always loved taking pictures, and lately I've really been getting in to taking "good" pictures. I'm thinking of taking a photography class.

39. I will always giggle at the irony of Wall-E being a Disney movie, and at fat people wearing "Buy'N'Large" t-shirts.

40. I will always love Disney, but I don't think I could ever work there again. Not for a good long time, at least.

41. I love roller coasters.

42. Chocoholic doesn't even begin to describe me.

43. If I'm allergic to anything, it's not something I've ever discovered. That worries me a little on the rare occasions when I actually think about it.

44. The only concert I've ever been to was the Beach Boys at Epcot November of '07. Unless you count symphony concerts. Or concerts I performed in.

45. Except for Disney parades, I have not seen a parade since the last time I marched in one eight years ago.

46. I still shudder when I think of the hideous color guard uniforms we wore my first two years.

47. Color guard is probably what I miss the most about high school.

48. I've been at this for an hour, and I'm only halfway. This is harder than I thought!!

49. When I was little I thought my uncle was my cousin who happened to live at grandma's house since he was so close to my age. I think I was about six or seven before I figured out the reality, and that everybody's name wasn't "Aunt" or "Uncle."

50. My senior year of college my ward taught a family history Sunday School class. I really enjoyed it, and kind of got into family history for a while, until I went to Florida and was so far away from everybody. I want to get back into it.

51. I'm a sucker for chick flicks.

52. I absolutely adore shoes and shoe shopping. I think I got it from my Grandma.

53. I can watch "I Love the 80s" on VH1 for hours.

54. Luke and I did that one Sunday afternoon in Florida. It was really fun talking about what we remembered, and a really good way to learn more about each other.

55. Shortly before I left Florida I discovered the Food Network Cake Challenge. I really wish we got free cable here like I did there.

56. I'm definitely a cat person.

57. On that note, while I love animals, I also like being able to give them back when I'm done.

58. I was bitten by a teddy bear hampster at a pet store in . . . I think seventh grade.

59. I was kicked by a colt when I was fourteen. I had a horsehoe shaped bruise on my thigh for about six weeks.

60. Horses used to be my favorite animal. Now it's a tie between dolphins and koalas. Although after reading this, I'm not sure how I feel about dolphins any more. They're still so cute!!

61. I kept my first cell phone for five years, and I only replaced it because it was literally starting to fall apart.

62. While I admit I like having a camera on my new phone, I fail to see the necessity of having a smart phone. I have a camera, and I have the internet. Why would I want anything even remotely like an iphone?

63. The firt CD I owned was N'Sync's first album. I got it as partial payment for babysitting for my aunt one summer. Part of the reason she got it for me ws because we both had a feeling my mother wouldn't approve. It's scratched a bit, but I still have it.

64. Even though I recognize that the writing isn't stellar, and the plot is kind of corny, I still love Twilight.

65. Again, I know the writing realy isn't very good, but even so the first time I read a Dan Brown novel, I can't put it down.

66. I mean #65 literally. The first time I read The DaVinci Code, my roommate had to take the book away and hand me my backpack to get me to go to the class we had together. After we got back from class I went straight back to the book and didn't move for three hours until I'd finished.

67. I absolutely hate the Harry Potter movies, and haven't even watched one after the third.

68. I love and collect purses. I don't have nearly as many as I have shoes.

69. I absolutely adore necklaces. I probably have 30 or more.

70. I had a thing for pirates before the movies. The movies magnified that liking exponentially.

71. I'm still driving my first car. I'm not sure how much longer she'll last though.

72. I won't use an umbrella unless it's absolutely torrential rain. I think it comes from being born in Washington. Umbrellas are for tourists and wimps.

73. I love hearing people try to pronounce the town I was born in. (Puyallup, for those who don't know)

74. I'll give people a list of Washington place names and giggle as they try to pronounce them.

75. I would love to live in the Pacific Northwest.

76. I'd like to go back to school for a third (or fourth or fifth . . .) bachelor's in another language.

77. The next languages I want to learn are (in order): Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, and Tagalog.

78. I think the BYU honor code is just about the most hypocritical thing on the planet.

79. Thanks to Luke, I am really getting in to Japanese anime . . . it's much cooler than I ever imagined!!

80. I am obsessed with waterfalls. I could sit and watch one for hours.

81. I love rearranging furniture. I;ll usually do it about twice a year. It's such an easy way to "remodel!"

82. I was seriously depressed when Les Mis closed on Broadway before I got to see it.

83. I can sing multiple Broadway soundtracks more or less word for word. Not necessarily really well, but I know them. Les Mis was the first, Aida the latest.

84. I considered trying to transfer to the Disney Cruise Line instead of going full time at WDW.

85. Right at this moment I'm considering just stopping this list now because I can't think of anything else . . .

86. I've driven cross-country (well . . . Utah to the east coast . . .) three times. In the last three years.

87. I like the Disneyland versions of rides better than the Disney World versions, for the most part.

88. I love decorating for holidays, but at the same time a part of me argues that it's silly and pointless.

89. I absolutely refuse to listen to Christmas music anytime other than after Thanksgiving to about Dec. 28. It becomes a bit of an inner battle of wills not to do so around the end of October.

90. I don't really like making lists. Usually.

91. In high school, every time I convinced myself I wasn't a particularly competitive person, we would play scripture chase in seminary.

92. I'm a very competitive person.

93. I could waste hours and hours reading Slate.

94. I've had an email address since I was twelve.

95. I can't remember a time when we didn't have a computer and printer. I can, on the other hand, remember not having a VCR.

96. I haven't watched TV in about six weeks, something I would have thought impossible when I was younger.

97. I like collecting paint chips from stores and picking colors that go together, even if I'm not going to be painting anything.

98. I hate sports. I see no point in watching them on TV and paying the players incredible amounts of money. Any sort of sporting event leaves me bored to tears.

99. The one exception to #98 is the Olympics, which I love. I always have to watch the gymnastics and figure skating, and I watch as much of everything else as I can.

100. When I was little, I thought numbers stopped at 100.


  1. Wait. You were born in Washington? Really? Weren't you born in Springville? And I know I'm not going crazy because Aunt Sharon thought the same thing!

  2. #7. Let me know when it is published
    #24, Start One
    #76. Do it
    #77. What! No Spanish?
    #94. There wasn't even computers whenI was 12

  3. Wow, Aunt Tawnya, you just made my day!! I haven't laughed that hard in a while! Did Mom and dad even ever live in Springville? I know they lived in Provo for a while . . .

  4. Yeah. They technically lived in Springville, not Provo.

    I seriously have zero memory of your parents living in Puyallup. In my defense, though, I was very very young.

  5. They didn't live in Springville, just far down in Provo, in the area of the Provo Towne Mall. Love Grandma

  6. True. I don't know when they moved there, but I was born in Puyallup, and we lived there until I was about two. Ashli was born in IF, but I'm not sure where I had my second birthday. I was a little young to remember the exact timeline myself. :-) A little help Grandma?