Sunday, October 7, 2012

Once Upon a Smoothie

Fun back story for the week:  At my parents' house, the only reason one would ever own a blender is to feed bum lambs.  Seriously. (don't ask)  Bad news when you live there and want a milkshake, good news when you don't live there and they've given up on the bum-lambs-as-money-making-venture.  So we in inherited the clearly never-again-necessary blender a few years ago . . . and it promptly rusted itself beyond usability last summer as I tried to make some frozen hot chocolate.  Heart breaking, let me tell you.  Anyway, the blender has finally been replaced and I'm thoroughly enjoying it with a semi-health kick of tons of smoothies (and a few milkshakes).  So tonight my drink of choice for our little game is a lovely blueberry-banana smoothie courtesy of pinterest.  Yay!

~ Previously: I kind of expected Snow to get her hair back, not gonna lie.

~ Yay, a Grumpy-sode!

~ Why do they need to "prove themselves to the prince"?

~ Well that little mini-seizure can't be good.

~ Why does the town suddenly look like a war zone?

~ PINNOCHIO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ TEAM EMMOCHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Regina you have sooooooooooooo not forgotten where you got that hat.

~ Regina calls him Charming, Snow calls him David.  So interesting . . .

~ So the Whomping Willow apparently has a cousin.

~ It's almost frightening how good she is at playing evil Regina and not-evil-younger Regina.

~ I wonder what happened before if anyone tried to leave.  We never saw anyone actually succeed, you know.

~ He is so not going to have a plan in two hours.

~ Throwing candles in empty fireplaces is a well known way of magically lighting them. :-)

~ I kind of figured Jiminy would try to talk to her.

~ Aawwwwwww, Snow's in her Disney dress!  (sort of)

~ I think I like it better all blue like that.

~ Wait . . . last season Snow as an adult still thought Daniel left Regina . . . PLOT HOLE!

~ or . . . psych.  Blargh.

~ Betcha Rumplilocks gave her the book.  Her last name is Mills, after all.

~ "You need your mommy's help."  Ouch.

~ So FTL DOES still exist!!  I knew it!!

~ Turning green?  Wizard of Oz reference?

~ This Cinderella commercial has me wanting to see what's happening with CinderAshley&Co.  I know hers was a pretty minor storyline last season, but I really liked it.

~ Oh, come on.  Rumplilocks is not a hard name to say.

~ I really like Regina's dress here.  And her hair.

~ Just how much does Rumplilocks know?

~ TOGETHER?!?!?!?!?!  What does that mean?!?!?

~ The prince doesn't know him, but David remembers reading Alice in Wonderland.  That's gotta be trippy.

~ You know, Rumplilocks, a locked door might make that closed sign a little more effective. :-)

~ Charming has such a cute smile . . . *melt*

~ I wonder is Rumplilocks would lose his memory . . .

~ Well that escalated quickly.

~ Regina doesn't want to use magic and end up like her mother.  Now that's irony, right there.

~ Purple eyes . . . I think Regina just turned into an omnivore Twilight vampire . . . lol.

~ "Gramps."  Ha!  Somewhere out there the tv gods heard my pleas.  Too bad Charming didn't hear/react to it.  Now if he'll just call Regina grandma . . .

~ I love Ruby.


~ Charming/Hatter showdown = a lot of hot anger. :-)

~ If he's running away shouldn't he have at least shut his door?  Very odd that Regina didn't even go after him.

~ Ah, so the Whomping Not-Willow made the trip over too.

~ Just call her grandma already Henry.  That'll show her.

~ "I don't want to be you."  Now that's ominous considering the last flashback.

~ That is a sparkly dress, but those hip flouncy thingies are slightly ridiculous.

~ Pushing your mother into a mirror/portal which immediately breaks has got to be worse than seven years of bad luck.

~ I'm a little surprised that everyone wants to leave knowing they'll forget everyone.

~ Great speech, Charming!

~ "As we shall do again."  Shall is such a good word.  It's a shame you don't hear it much outside of fairy tale-ish/Shakespeare-ish stuff.

~ So I didn't mention it earlier, but the shot of the Blue Fairy (who apparently goes by Blue?  weird.) reminded me - Whale's crack about are the nuns still nuns or can they date now?  First, wouldn't everyone remember that the nuns are fairies and understand that they're still off limits? (at least I think they are.)  And could that maybe be a clue about who he is?  Except I can't really think of any playboy-type fairy tale characters.  I would guess the Wolf in a predator/serial dater/womanizer sort of way if Red hadn't already claimed that role.

~ I love Rumplilocks' FTL voice.

~ "Someday you'll do something for me."  I wonder what it is . . . or if she's even done it yet . . .

~ Either this is a trick or she's had quite the little epiphany with that flashback.

~ 98% sure I don't believe the line about wanting to redeem herself.

~ Your mother-in-law asks you to take care of her son, who is also your grandson.  Lulz.  I'm adding any trippy family moments like that to the drinking game.

~ Bra'tac found Pinnochio!!!  Well . . . only sort of it looks like.  But I love them both so, YAY!!!

~ Keeping the book . . . make that 98.78% sure the redeeming myself line was crap.


~ Well that's not good.

~ Is that Snow's castle in the distance?  Looks kind of like it, on the shore and all.

~ Well, hello step-great-great-grandma.  You haven't aged a bit.

~ WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on that note, I suppose we'll all spend the next week wondering how Cora got from the wherever the mirror portal sent her to this corner of . . . well, whatever realm Mulan and Aurora are in.  And why she's in the dungeon there.

P. ost  S. cript
The awesome side of princess culture.  Love it.


  1. I just thought that Cora was sent to Wonderland when Regina pushed her through the mirror, I mean, ya know, through the looking glass? I was really hoping she would be the Queen of Hearts. I mean, that would explain so much. SO. Much. But then she shows up in FTL at the last minute and... it's like... what even.

    Also, Charming is pretty sweet on the eyes.

    Also, also, Regina is amazing and I love her. I mean, the actress whose name I do not know.

    I tweeted this but I fully expect a wooden August wobbling around Storybrook haha!

    I hope my tweets didn't ruin anything!

    1. I didn't have any guesses as to where Cora went through the mirror, but I definitely didn't expect her to show up at the end.

      Charming is rapidly becoming my favorite character (for more reason than just looks, lol) but I think Lana Parilla (Regina) is my favorite actor. They're all essentially playing two characters, but she's practically playing three - Mayor Mills, Evil Queen Regina, and young good Regina!

      I'm kind of surprised we didn't see August at all. I'm not even sure where he was - was that August's hotel room and he was just off screen? Or was it somewhere else just with evidence that Pinocchio was around somewhere?

      And your tweets were sufficiently vague. :-)