Sunday, October 28, 2012

Once Upon a Science?

Previously: Charming was hot, Regina was conflicted, and I decided I refuse to believe Lancelot is actually dead.  Cora's totally lying and she's got him hidden somewhere.

~ What is up with this rivalry or whatever between Aurora and Snow?  I hope we see an explanation for that eventually.

~ Cora ripped out/powderized all those hearts?  I think that means we just chug the whole drink now and get a new one.

~ Ummmmm . . . hello Hook.

~ That was an awesome punch.

~ I'm not sure it was technically deserved though.  But there are not many things Charming can't get away with in my book.

~ So Regina's going through withdrawal?  I like . . .

~ If FTL isn't Whale's land, then what is Whale doing in Storybrook?

~ She brought who she wanted?  Intriguing . . .

~ What is a unicorn doing that close Rumplilocks?  No way is he a young maiden.

~ Attempt at powderizing a heart = take a sip?

~ Dead but frozen?  Like Uncle Walt beneath the castle?  Lol.

~ CALL HIM GRANDPA HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Again, what are they mining?

~ It appears we have a missing body . . . I'm thinking maybe Daniel is Whale's brother?

~ Wait, what?  Jefferson?  Why are you here?

~ I would take a much bigger pile of gold, personally.  Seeing as Rumplilocks can just spin more anytime.

~ I'm not surprised Regina forgot she was the queen.  I kind of had myself.

~Wreck-It Ralph seriously looks really cute.

~ Dude, what is Hook's deal?  Quite the fake fall from grace he's playing at.

~ I see Emma's learned about FTL appropriate weapons.

~ "Off we shall go to see the wizard"?  I thought Jefferson was from Wonderland, not Oz.

~ Frankenstein.  Called it!  Of course, it was pretty obvious after last week's promo.

~ Wonderland - I like.  Neverland - I like.  Oz - I'm okay with.  Frankenstein . . . I really don't know that I like it.  I mean, Frankenstein is based in our world where all the others are . . . you know, in their own land.

~ Is this before or after she killed the king?  Because I fail to see a point in bringing Danial back if she's still married to the king.  Unless, I suppose, they allow divorce in FTL.

~ Who's heart got used?  And what do you want to bet Regina has to kill Monster-Daniel? (Maniel?  Donster?)

~ CHARLIE BROWN IS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Why is Jefferson tagging along to get the heart?

~ Holy motherlode of hearts Batman.

~ I think we need to take a drink for sheer powderizing potential.

~ "You have hearts here?!"  Charming line of the week.  Not as good as the others, but he just as THE best reactions to everything.

~ Did Regina just call him David?  She called him Charming last time.

~ Should have seen that coming.  Henry's going to get to try out those sword skills sooner than he thought.

~ These Chanel No. Pitt commercials are just getting weirder.

~ Another Hook-ish shout-out to Captain Sparrow.  I love it.

~ An enchanted compass?  That's taking a little too much from Pirates, no?

~ Loved the argument between Charming and Regina.  Talk about brilliant casting.

~ What land is Frankenstein supposed to be from anyway?

~ Soooooooooo . . . Regina's been collecting hearts all this time in hopes that one of them will be strong enough to bring Daniel back?

~ The one that got used appears to have been a little too strong.

~ Yeah, saw that whole "let me go" thing coming, didn't we?

~ What did he say?  Love again?

~ So this whole show happened because she couldn't let go of Daniel in the first place and now she just vanishes him like that?  Not sure how I feel about that . . .

~ Grilled onions?  McDonald's, you have found my weakness!

~ Wait.  Beanstalk?  What?

~ Does Regina have any non-mayoral clothes?  I'd love to see her in something more casual.

~ Rule 4 - DRINK!

~ I love how Jiminy Cricket is totally embracing his Storybrook identity.

~ Waaaaaaaaaait . . . holy double cross Batman!

~ Did NOT see that coming.

~ Who's heart did Rumplilocks just give him?!?!

~ Rule 3 - DRINK! (close enough)

~ Okay, that "charge an arm and a leg" line was seriously genius.

~ I love how they haven't called Frankenstein by his actual name this whole time and now Rumplilocks calls him Victor . . . since it's not necessarily common knowledge that that really is his first name.  Nicely done.

~ And of course we had to use the "it's alive" line.

~ That's it?

~ The fact that Hurley is the giant makes me happier than it probably should.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . anyone else a little underwhelmed this week?  I feel like they tried to hard to make an awesome Halloween episode and in the process lost sight of what made for an awesome Once Upon a Time episode in general.  And I can't help but wonder if the writers knew from the beginning that Whale was Frankenstein or if they decided to go with that in order to do a Halloween episode.  And I'm not really sure which version I like less.  Hopefully things get back on track next week with the Emma back story.

P. ost  S. cript
Never gets old . . . except on the days where Charlie Brown is the GPOY to end all GPOYs.


  1. Out of the whole blog, the only thing I got was

    ~Wreck-It Ralph seriously looks really cute.

    Can't wait to see that movie. We should get a big group from Backlot together and all go see it ... oh wait, that can't really happen anymore :(

    1. Aren't you, like, contractually obligated to watch this show? ;-) Just check out the Commissary, I'm sure they've got costumes on display.

      (seriously, check it out. and take pictures. and post them on facebook.)

  2. I just discovered you run through a once upon a time last week. Since I watch it delayed I thought I wood watch it with my own lacy commentary. :) I think that will be my new thing while watching. Something happens and I look down just read your reaction.

    Ya I agree the whole episode being lame as opposed top its normal awesomeness.

    The whole her keeping Danials body would have so affected what she had been doing the last 29 years.

    Plus, who keeps a corps that long. I'm sure art some point she would ditched the body knowing there was no hope ever.

    1. Is that a Cindy I see?!? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Also: I can go with her keeping the corpse for ages and ages, especially as long as it was under the preservation spell. But I'm intrigued as to why she would keep it in Storybrook. Obviously Whale couldn't try to reanimate him as long as he only knew he was Whale and not Frankenstein, and she didn't want or plan on the curse being broken, so I'm not quite sure what the point was of keeping it after that.