Sunday, October 14, 2012

Once Upon an Arthurian

Previously: we created a drinking game.

Rule 1: If any of the Charmings says "I will find (someone)" take a drink.
Rule 2: If there's an "I'm my own grandpa" moment, take a drink.
Rule 3: There's probably going to be a lot more rules coming soon.

Me, I'm on a blueberry kick.  This week it's water with a couple of shots of blueberry lemonade water flavoring syrup.  (have you people tried Mio?  it's pretty good stuff)

~ Is "America's Funniest Home Videos" seriously still on?  Like, this is a new episode I'm catching the end of, not a repeat?  I mean, this show jumped the shark when I was, like, ten.  And 89% of the videos were recorded when I was ten too, and you can totally tell because they have that 90s camcorder date stamp in the corner.  Seriously - who sends their stupid stuff to this show instead of just putting in on youtube like the rest of us normal people.  Also - the set where it was actually, like, a house was better.  But Bob Saget was never especially funny.

~ Previously: drink!

~ So Charming's "I'd say (the army is) pretty close" line? I totally thought exactly that three seconds before he said it.

~ Love Snow's outfit here.

~ Wait, so is Lancelot a bad guy?  There's a plot twist.

~ I love the "present day" caption.  Like we can't tell from Snow's short hair and pink sweater.

~ Now that's a smooth line, Cora.

~ Sharing Henry with Regina is complicated?  You're talking to Regina's mother, this goes way beyond complicated.

~ I prefer Operation Viper personally.

~ CALL HIM GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Rule 3: drink when they say "magic comes with a price."

~ In case you couldn't tell: drink!

~ So apparently Lancelot doesn't stay a bad guy.

~ Aurora . . . I'm intrigued!

~ Well now I want to try a chimera steak.

~ Cora lost her powers?  I'll believe it when I see it.

~ Did he call her La Mulan?  I thought it was Fa Mulan.

~ I wouldn't drink anything King George gave me . . .

~ That cursed drink thing would be suspenseful . . . if, you know, Emma and Henry didn't exist.

~ Well now I'm singing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" . . .

~ I like the idea of a Mulan/Emma rivalry.  Between the "killed a dragon last week" comment and the "pretty sure I've dated a few ogres" comment I imagine it shall be lots of fun.

~ I'd want to see where I was from if I was Emma.

~ Totally thought Snow was talking the Narnia wardrobe for a couple of seconds. 

~ I really hope Emma gets some solo time with Daddy Charming at some point.  There's so much you can do with these relationship, especially one-on-one.  She and HEnry will just have to switch places at some point.

~ Why doesn't Jefferson have his daughter back?  He knew where she was, why didn't he go straight to her?

~ I love the way this show doesn't skirt around all these psychological issues.  It's so real . . . especially for a fairy tale show.

~ Well that was a twisted little bit of sneakery, Henry.  Maybe you're more like Regina than you think.

~ Emma's totally about to get attacked by ogres, isn't she?

~ Love Snow's hair in these flashbacks.  I'm still sad she didn't get it back.

~ I heard it, Charming. 

~ Would these guys really be wearing chain mail if they work for the same guy as Lancelot . . . who wears full armor?

~ Saw that coming.  Bye Charming's mom!


~ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's why we don't use guns in FTL, kids.

~ I don't like how Snow is getting treated like the awesome heroine she is but everyone is treating Aurora like a baby.  They're both princesses, and I'm betting they're both just as freaking awesome in a fight.  Aurora just hasn't had the chance to prove it yet.  Give her a chance people!!!

~ Yes, I'm biased.  Aurora is my favorite.  But seriously, they're treating her like she's a baby or something and it just seems a tad over the top without evidence that it's warranted.  You don't assume a girl is helpless until proven otherwise.  You just don't.

~ So Snow's "back away from my daughter" line - totally reminded me of Molly Weasley's "not my daughter" line in Deathly Hallows.  Awesome.  (and I'm willing to bet Aurora could do that to with a little practice)

~ I'm glad they're using that magic water place again.  I wonder if she'll make it that far.

~ This has got to be such an awkward conversation for Snow.

~ You know, this means Snow's been cursed three times.  There's got to be a limit to how many times a person be cursed without having lasting consequences.  Like concussions or something.

~ "What kind of corset is this?"  HA!  Calling it now, best line of the night.  That'll be hard to beat.

~ Figures the lake dried up.  I guess it's a one-time-use thing?

~ So now we know Henry still has the book.

~ I see nothing good coming from this little trip to the vault.

~ And the snakes say I told ya so.


~ Lancelot was raised by a lake?  The lady of the lake?  I'm not up on my Arthurian legend enough for this.

~ Dude, saw that coming from a mile away again.  Bye Charming's mom!

~ Kinda surprised Snow's palace is still as intact as it is.

~ Knights can marry people?  I am really not up on my Arthurian legend.

~ Makes the wedding in the pilot a little redundant, no?

~ Dude, Cora is good.

~ Wait, Lanecelot's dead?  That was short lived.  (and so much for that controversy about a black Lancelot.  did you hear about that?  seriously, the stupidest thing I've ever heard.  learn some history for crying out loud people!)

~ Wait . . . how was Cora in the cell with them and impersonating Lancelot telling the other guards to bring them to him at the same time?  Plot hole?

~ Ummmm . . . Cora?  He's your great-great-grandson.  Get it right already. (drink!)

~ There goes the wardrobe.  That can't be good.

~ Awwwwww, Charming is so sweet.

~ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand more awkward baby talk.

~ Okay, best favorite line - "We're going to have a child!" "WHAT?"  Charming seriously has the best reactions.

~ But, ummm, how did the curse get broken?

~ Crafty!  Too bad Lancelot is dead, I really like him.

~ Girl power!!  I like this idea of these four taking charge of things. :-)

~ Again with the realism in a fairy tale show - LOVED that moment between Snow and Emma!!!

~ Okay, Cora, what's that?

~ Awwwwww, reunion!  Sweet!!!

~ Awwwwww, grandpa gets swords!  Cute!!!

~ WHO IS THAT IN THE CAR AND HOW DARE YOU END ON THAT SHOT OF A MYSTERIOUS STRANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Next week: finally some Hook action.  And here's a thought to ponder before what is apparently a Rumplilocks-isode:  what happened to Granny's inn?  The one Emma checked into in the pilot and we never saw again?  And how come in the pilot everyone was terrified of Rumplilocks because he owned the town and they all had to pay crazy high rents and stuff but that plot line totally got dropped except for the episode with the nuns and the candle selling and the Grumpy backstory?

P. ost  S. cript

I know more about Arthurian legend than this . . . but not much.  (also: Arthurian is another fun word to say.  We should all work it into conversation more.)


  1. I kind of feel like I should just copy and paste all of my tweets as a comment but I wont lol. So, I am assuming you've seen those tweets and will not repeat myself. However, I would like to discuss Cora.

    Last week, I really thought she may have been the Queen of Hearts. Okay, okay. I know I may be a little obsessed with the Wonderland story line but c'mon.
    1) Regina pushes Cora through a mirror
    2) She makes a comment just before going through that mirror about how she would be if she were Queen
    3) Queen of Hearts is said to Hate Regina. Seems fitting that her mother has hard feelings given the whole pushing-her-into-another-world thing

    Can you think of any others? Or reasons why she wouldn't be?

    Let's talk about why she couldn't be the Queen of Hearts- Because she's been in the untouched corner of FTL and now (we learned tonight) she has been impersonating Lancelot.

    I really want to get back to Wonderland, Lacey.

    Moving on!

    I loved Emma's line, "I killed a dragon last week, so..."

    I also love that the four women are the heroes of this situation. Journeying through dangerous lands, saving people and whatnot. So cool.

    I also really enjoy the emotional connection between Snow and Emma tonight.

    I want to agree with you about Aurora. But she annoys me. And she obviously annoys Mulan (it's kind of funny) but why does Mulan feel the need to protect her? Phillip?

    (I totally heard La Mulan, too. I thought it was Fa. Hrm?)

    I missed that mystery man in the car you mentioned. I was doing too many things when I should have been paying attention, apparently.

    I'm super excited for Hook next week!

    (Did you see Belle barreling down in some train track cart)

    1. I thought Cora as the QoH was a good possibility too, but I'm pretty sure it's been shot down now. I don't remember anyone else who hates Regina who could fit the bill . . . so I"m thinking either it's someone we haven't met yet or someone who doesn't actually hate her but Regina thinks she does? Still no idea who that would be though. Hopefully now that Jefferson has Grace back we'll see some Wonderland.

      I hope we see things mix up a few times, but I love that right now there's a boys story (Charming and Henry) and a girls story (Snow & Co.).

      Aurora is kind of obnoxious but if she's been treated like such a baby her whole life I can understand where it's coming from. Somebody just give her a chance already!! I'm thinking it is Philip that's got Mulan looking after her. Of course, since the "Lancelot" who sent those two off for food was actually Cora and we didn't see them after that there is the distinct chance that they're dead. I don't really think that's very likely though.

      The shot was literally the very last thing, really short. Charming and Henry playing with swords, pan over to really pissed off dude sitting in a car watching them and looking positively murderous. (see Krista's comment . . . crazy!)

      Was the Belle thing in the preview? I *think* I saw it but didn't realize it was Belle . . .

  2. The mysterious stranger is the king that wants charming to suffer.

    1. King George?!?! Really?! Are you sure?!?! I'd figured they killed him or something before the curse . . . but if he's in Storybrooke . . . dude . . . !!!!!!!!!

      Certainly explains why he'd be so furious that Charming has a grandkid though.

  3. Yes, he looks different, and the only reason I reconized him was because of his character in lost!