Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is the Part I've Been Dreading

So it turns out when you're one of the grown-ups and they split the ward and have to replace all the people that are gone . . . you're, like, one of the ones they use to replace those people.

In other news, I am now the Primary Secretary.  And it's pretty much the most "important" calling I've had since Laurel class president.

(disclaimer the first: yeah, yeah, all callings are important and all that jazz.  You know what I mean.)

I . . . am kinda slightly intimidated.  I mean, I know it's just the kids and whatever.  But eleven-year-olds are a bit harder to satisfy than toddlers.  And quite frankly I would have been rather content staying in nursery for quite some time.  Snack time, play time, and lessons about sharing instead of thinly veiled political arguments.  Admit it, I had you all at snack time.  :-)

On the other hand, I don't have to go back to Relief Society . . . and I have to admit I don't particularly care for this ward's.  After four and half months of introducing myself every. single. week. going into nursery was quite the relief.  And it was every week - someone would come and say "oh, are you new? Is this your first week?"  and I'd be all "well, we're new but it's our third month here," and they'd be all surprised and stuff and it was the same people introducing themselves every week and I wouldn't have minded if they had been saying things like "I know I've seen you here before but I don't remember your name" but there was seriously no recognition at all.  At all.  I'd be introducing myself to the same person for the third time in six weeks and absolutely no shred of acknowledgment that Id ever been seen before whatsoever.  No ringing bells at the sound of my name.  No "aha!" moment when I mention that, yes, I did stand up and introduce myself to everyone - clear back in April.  Nothing.

I mean, it's not like I was expecting everyone to remember my entire life story - but am I really that forgettable?

Don't answer that.

Anyway . . . yeah.  Secretary.  I?  Am not secretarial.  No idea what I'm doing.  And the primary program is next week.  And I'm going to have to do, like lessons, right?  Like, sharing time?  With everybody?  And it's just me up there?  Yeah I see NOOOOOOOOO way that could possibly go cataclysmically wrong. < end sarcasm >

On the plus side, it's not like it's a particularly visible calling if you know what I mean.  Except, you know, the part where the primary program is this Sunday.  And I'll probably end up sitting up there with all these kids I've never spoken too and don't know any names and all the parents will be expecting me to keep them in line and know when to pull which one up for their part and I don't have a clue which one's Jonny and which one's Sally so I'll look utterly incompetent and they'll all be hounding the bishop to release that terrible secretary . . . who hasn't even spent a single minute in primary yet.

(actually . . . maybe that's not an all bad scenario, lol?)

One more thing - my Teen Girl Squad bag isn't too sacrilegious to use as a church bag, is it?  Because it would be a whole lot easier to just let my library bag do double duty than to try and find another one I like.  Stick figures aren't sacrilegious, are they?

(disclaimer the second: I'm not complaining, just super nervous and intimidated.)

P. ost  S. cript
Never fails - when you need something to laugh at you re-post this one.  And remember how I actually know the girl in the blue dress.  Like, personally.  We're facebook friends and everything. :-)  (she's blonde in real life . . . bet you never would have guessed, huh?)


  1. You'll do great!

  2. Congratulations!! Primary is fun... even if the program is coming up. At least you didn't get put in and have them say, "by the way, the program is in less than a month and it still hasn't been written and it's now your job!" Good luck!

    1. Speaking from experience with that one?

    2. I can neither confirm nor deny that. :)

  3. You can totally use your Teen Squad Bag. The kids'll think it's cool (whether they recognize it's Strongbad or not) and the adults will too.

    I put pins/badges/buttons on my church bag and I'm surprised at the lack of comments I get, especially since most of them have opinions and words and stuff on them.

    As for the Primary Program, I don't think you'll get the wrong kid for the wrong part. And if you're really nervous about it, just ask the old Primary Secretary to do it for you.

    That's what they did in my last ward: The Primary Presidency got released and re-called, like, two weeks before the Primary Program, but the old Presidency stuck around to put on their masterpeice and hard work, and the new girls just stepped in after the "Hooray, we're done" party. It felt like a natural transition, because the
    "hooray, we're done" party was also a "Goodbye, you're awesome" party.

    1. Actually, I rediscovered a Mario bag I'd forgotten we had, which works out perfectly because now I don't have to switch things back and forth to let one bag do double duty. And the reason I even got called is because the old secretary moved . . . so not so much with the having her do it thing. But they didn't need me up there because the teachers had it all covered, so it all worked out. :-) Still no idea what I'm doing but I'm beginning to think I'll get the hang of it.