Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once Upon a Pirate

Previously: I made a rule page so we can all keep track.

Also: Charming still rocks.

And we're off!

~ I want that necklace.  Wonder where he got it.  Or rather, who he got it from . . .

~ Again, Rumplilocks, lock the door already.


~ Shoulda seen that coming.

~ Did not see the spinning coming . . .

~ Milha has a gambling problem?  Intriguing.

~ She just might turn out to be crueler than Cora - that was harsh!

~ That's it Belle, make him talk!!  Banish those Twilight-y vibes!!

~ Have we seen how Rumplilocks got his limp?  Because if we haven't I want to.

~ Bet it's a code that's more like guidelines than actual rules.  (would such blatant references to other Disney things be too much drinking if we added that to the rules?)

~ Okay, the Brad Pitt Chanal No. 5 commercial is seriously . . . just . . . odd.

~ That . . . is not a dwarf swinging that axe.  I . . . am not complaining. :-D

~ Hottest grandpa I've ever seen.

~ The actor playing Belle's father is disconcertingly familiar but I can't place him for the life of me.

~ I was about to say Mr. Red Hat was Smee because of the red hat . . . but then he starts all talking about magic beans and stuff so maybe Jack of Beanstalk fame?

~ Or maybe he's Peter Pan?  With the spinning time backward and making him a boy again thing?

~ "Kept woman" sounds so far off from how she meant it/where she actually was.  And yet it is not inaccurate.  Giggles.

~ Again, where is Granny's inn?  Where Belle could totally stay?

~ Like the Belle liking books thing.  It's such an obvious thing to include, but it's only a characteristic of the Disney Belle.  Drink or no?

~ That escalated quickly.

~ Hook calls Rumplilocks a crocodile . . . Rumplilocks is about to cut off Hook's hand maybe?

~ Well now they have to show how Milha died.

~ I love that Charming is wearing the badge on his hip like Emma did.

~ Okay, that shot of Charming looking at the picture of Snow and Emma totally counts as an "I-will-find-them."  DRINK!

~ Fun fact: first, is such a fun time-suck of a website.  Second, I was reading an article of theirs recently about things that movies always get wrong and one of them was about sword fighting.  Apparently if you smacked blades together like that as much as they do in movies and tv the blades would totally just snap and if you watch accurate battle/duel reenactments they use the swords for pretty much everything but hitting the other guy's sword.

~ Called it on the hand!

~ Hello Milha.  Awk-ward . . .

~ Belle has an Australian accent . . . her father has some sort of other accent . . . and technically they're French . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

~ Well that was rather callous, Dad.

~ Have we seen the "turning the butcher into a pig" story?  Because if we haven't I hope we do.

~ "Are you asking dating advice?"  Charming reaction of the week. 

~ Loving Ruby's pants.

~ Forget callous Dad, that's just conniving.  And really inappropriate.  Would you do it to your son?  Seriously.  Not okay.

~ Taking a moment during the FisherPrice Disney castle thing commercial - have you seen the new redesign they've done to the princesses?  I kind of REALLY hate them.  And apparently they're updating the face costumes at the parks to match the redesigns.  Blech.  So mad I never got my Cinderella and Ariel pictures now.

~ Are they trying to mine their way out or what?  Why is everyone mining?

~ I've been wondering about the whole Milha-leaving-Bae thing too, Rumplilocks.

~ We may need to add a powder-izing hearts rule to the game.

~ And a legend is born . . .

~ Okay, either this scene is a mini-shoutout to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (which kinda goes with the heart powderizing, lol), or a preview for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster, amirite?  Clever, considering the coaster isn't even supposed to open for, like, two more years.

~ I want a magic magnet, lol.


~ There!  The front desk!  So the inn does still exist, we're just not seeing it.

~ It's a nice library, but I can't say it compares to the one in the movie. :-)

~ Way to be honest, Rumplilocks.

~ So now it's confirned that Bae is here somewhere.  Not that it was that iffy.  But he's apparently been here a long time . . . I wonder how old he is?  Or if he's even still alive?

~ DRINK! (rule 3)

~ It's got to be so weird for Belle - all the memories of FTL, but no experience in our world.  Learning how to use syrup, never had a hamburger . . . trippy.

~ Hook double-crossed . . . shocking, no?

~ So Smee it is.  Yay for instincts!  (gotta admit, for about half a second I expected him to say William Turner, lol)

~ Now there's a Pirates 3 shoutout if ever I saw one.

~ So if Smee is here, is Hook wandering around somewhere too?


~ You know, now that he mentioned it, we didn't see Regina at all this episode.  Weird.

~ Really, they're going the Frankenstein route?  I mean, I know it's Halloween and that's who tons of people were guessing Whale was, but I just never liked it.  And obviously if it's Dr. Frankenstein bringing Daniel back we all know that that is not going to go well.

In conclusion, am I the only person who felt like Hook was totally channeling Jack Sparrow and yet coming up with a completely different character?  I loved it.

P. ost  S. cript
Really, would it be anything else?

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