Sunday, September 20, 2009


No big rant or even topic today, just some random stuff that happened this week.

~ So one of the front wheels of Luke's car is practically about to fall off, so Luke's started walking to work since it's only about 15 minutes away and I pick him up since he gets off at midnight. So Monday while I'm walking back to the apartment I'm walking under the porch or walkway of whatever that's lets the people on the second floor get to their door and I feel something fall on the side of my head. I figure it's . . . actually, I had no idea what it was, but I kind of shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair and I couldn't feel anything, so I figured whatever it was just kept falling right on down. If only. So I get into our apartment and I'm taking my shoes off and I feel/hear something fall and there on the floor, having just fallen out of my hair, is this GINORMOUS SPIDER!!!!!! Seriously, it was, like, twice the size of a quarter. Have I ever mentioned I'm rather arachnophobic? And that the intensity of said arachnophobia is directly proportional to a) the size of the spider, b) if it's moving, and c) how fast it moves? Because . . . yeah. It was big. And moving. Slowly, but it moved. *insert scream here* Except for I'm not really a screamer. Mostly because - especially when I'm startled by the sudden appearance of spiders - mine is a rather paralyzing fear. I seriously couldn't move or speak for a minute or two. And of course Luke was in the bathroom, and I couldn't let that thing get away, so I had to go get the little dust buster vaccuum we got to suck up box elder bugs ad suck the thing up. And of course, because my luck is like that, we had neither used it nor put it on the charger for a while, so there wasn't very much suck left in it. (side note - if a vacuum really sucks, is that a good thing?) So I'm holding the vacuum up in the air watching as the spider sloooooooooowly gets dragged into it (it's clear . . . Luke likes to watch the little bugs he's just sucked up wader around inside it) and listening to the sucking sound slowly die and hoping it'll last long enough to get the spider inside. You know how in monster movies when someone's getting sucked into some weird flower monster's mouth and they hold onto the floor trying to slow the sucking down? It looked kind of like that. the good news is, there was just enough suck left to get the spider in. Neither of us had ever seen a spider that looked like that before. Luke was bored a couple days later at work so he googled it, and apparently it was a cat-faced spider. And super luckily they don't bite unless you really goad them into it. This thing was in my hair!!! Holy traumatizing. Seriously, I keep imagining I feel something falling onto me . . . I hate spiders.

~ Thursday Luke was off. We went to Preston. I know, it sounds really lame, but Luke's a huge Napoleon Dynamite geek and he's been dying to go ever since he found out how close it was. I was rolling my eyes the whole time. Drew and I were talking later, and like we said, people around here may love Napoleon, but nobody here goes to Preston. Because Tremonton and Richmond and Smithfield are all exactly like Preston. But it was fun . . . even though I did feel a little silly going into King's and DI and taking pictures. But it was pretty cool to be driving down the street and suddenly seeing Pedro's house. Even though we were looking for it, it was still a little bit of a surprise to see it - it looked so familiar, and yet I've never in my life been to Preston before, unless you count driving through it a million times when I was younger. I'd never been off Main Street, so I don't count those times. We did take a lot of pictures, I need to get them up on facebook.

~ I have a job . . . sort of. Aunt Loretta hooked me up and now I'm a reading aide sub for North Park And Millville Elementaries. I have no idea how often I'll be working, but it's better than nothing. On that note, however, if you hear of something full-time or even part-time with more consistent hours, I'm totally still up for that.

~ So I'm the ward chorister for sacrament meeting. Well, one of them . . . we switch off every week. I was the RS chorister in Florida, so when I was called it didn't seem like a big deal. But I don't pick the songs this time around. All four songs today had four verses. And we sang all four of all four. I made the mistake (I kid!) of telling my visiting teacher about my old calling (because it's hers here), and let's just say I'm really glad she didn't need me to fill in for her today as she has before, because by the end of sacrament my arm was DEAD! I should probably start doing push ups or something. Maybe one-handed push ups.

~ Okay, last one. Luke has, like, no experience with little kids. I don't think he's ever even held a baby. That would be such a weird concept to me if I hadn't met about a dozen other people like that before I met Luke. Anyway, today in Sunday School there was a baby in front of us, just a few months old. And the baby had the hiccups. (side note - aren't baby hiccups one of the cutest things in the world?!) Luke starts chuckling a little, so I ask him what's so funny, and he leans over to me and whispers "That baby is malfunctioning." I almost cracked up, which would have been awkward since we were in the middle of the lesson. But seriously, how funny is that?! Luke is always saying silly things like that. It's like I'm in a never-ending episode of "Kids Say the Darndest Things" . . . except Luke's, like, 26. Well, almost. Things will certainly be interesting when/if we have kids. (Aunt Loretta - isn't that almost better than a Tannerism even?!)

Aaaaaanyway . . . yeah. That's all. Good times.

P. ost S. cript
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I only watch the audition episodes of American Idol.


  1. Sooooooo funny!!!! You now have to start doing Luke-isms. I was laughing so hard!

  2. That video was too stinkin' funny!

  3. Eeek!!! I don't much like spiders either. : )