Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

Yeah, you're so going to have Vanilla Ice in your head for the rest of the day, mua-ha-ha-ha!!! For the record, I like that song. It's so perfectly cheesy . . . so perfectly 90s . . . so perfectly mockable . . . it's just . . . perfect.

So last week it looked like fall. And this week it sure feels like fall!!!! And I gotta say, it's so handy to sleep with a furnace in your bed. When your toes get cold you can just roll over and warm them up! :-) But seriously, is the whole human furnace thing a guy thing or just a Luke thing? It's so nice . . .

I'm so excited for fall. Granted, I am a little worried about discovering just how acclimated I got to Florida . . . but I've survived the last couple of days!! And the chill in the morning has reminded me just how end-of-the-yearish it is now. And you know what that means . . . holiday time!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely can't wait to dig out my Halloween decorations next week, and it's taken every ounce of willpower I have not to start blasting the Christmas carols already. My favorite season is spring, but this really is the best time of year - everybody is celebrating something. It's so much fun!!

I can't wait until it's cold enough to make hot chocolate . . . I need to get some coffee creamer so we can have homemade Stephen's. :-) And I need to get a teapot. And some honey. Because I have totally fallen in love with herbal tea! You see, year before last when Dad was on the rat poison drugs he couldn't take any regular medicine, and he got a cold. Holy craptastic, right? So Mom bought a few different kinds of herbal tea, and dad didn't like some of them, and Ashli and Shay didn't want them, so Mom sent them to me with my Christmas packages. And they turned out to be pretty good. You gotta add a little honey though - otherwise they're pretty flavorless.

Then in New Zealand last summer Luke and I bought some kiwi fruit tea. It was really good. It smelled just like a kiwi . . . yummy!!! The crazy thing is though, by itself it tasted like warm water. Add some honey though, and all of the sudden we were eating a sun-warmed kiwi. Sooooooooooooo good!! I'm glad we were able to get it through customs though - Team Jayla had some wood-bound journals they'd bought as Christmas presents for Jason's family taken away when we went to Australia. I still don't get why they weren't allowed . . . I guess I just don't understand customs well enough. Which is understandable since I've only done that whole song and dance once. Well, three times technically. But it was all in one trip. Anyway. Kiwi tea = awesome.

You know what? I think I just might get my Halloween decorations out today or tomorrow. My mother will be scandalized - "absolutely no decorations out more than a month before the holiday!" - but I'm feeling festive.

P. ost S. cript
Crazy concept? Check. Silly song? Check. Slightly annoying? Possibly. But you won't be singing Vanilla Ice anymore. :-)


  1. 1. I call Isaac my little space heater...

    2. Last winter was BRUTAL on me after 4 years in SD. And it was pretty mild. Prepare for the worst, I say...

    3. We have an extra teapot you are welcomed to if you want it.

    4. I love the cranberry herbal tea. Mmmmmm. I think I may need to restock.

    5. The good thing about being an adult? You can take the silly mom rules (Hi Mom!) and chuck them and then make your own!

  2. Love Cranberry tea, lemon tea, chamomile tea.... I have a huge basket of herbal teas in my pantry. No one else likes it but me so I have it all to myself. (unless they are sick and I make them drink it because I try to not do meds except as a last resort)

    I have been eyeing the decorations for a week now, but keep falling back on the one month rule. Maybe I'll take Tawnya's advice and get them out anyway.

  3. I too have herbal tea in the pantry. And nobody else likes it so it's all mine.

    I was going to say the same thing as Aunt Tawnya. Your house. Your rules. And 'Mom' can't say anything.

    Wynn doesn't like Christmas music before Thanksgiving. So we've tried to respect that rule. (and only play it when he isn't here! hahahaha) But the last few years that he's been working at ATK, he has started listening to it as soon as it starts playing on the radio. So....we won!

  4. A~ I only spent two years in Florida, so I'm hoping this winter won't be too bad.

    B~ Have any of you tried celestial seasonings tension tamer tea? Absolutely aMAZing for a headache!!! Sleepytime is pretty effective too.

    C~ I am officially claiming the teapot! I'll come by sometime soon to grab it . . .

    D~ I'm not too stickler-y about decorations, but the not-playing-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving thing is kind of a matter of principle. I would feel like such a hypocrite every time I complained about stores putting out Christmas stuff, like, now if I played my Christmas music all year long. Which I totally want to do sometimes.

  5. As I was getting ready for work this morning, Ethan sat down to play the piano. The first few notes reminded me of a Christmas song and I have been in the mood most of the day for Christmas music.

    Love the Celestial Seasoning teas