Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Autumn . . .

There's a passage in one of the Anne of Green Gables books - I think it's the fourth one - where Anne is talking about the differences in silences. The sound of the silence of the meadow vs. the seashore vs. in town and such. She says you could take her somewhere blindfolded and she could tell where she was just be the type of silence she heard.

I noticed years ago that sunlight is the same way. The type of sunlight you get coming through your window at 3:00 pm in June is not the same as the sunlight you see at 3:00 pm in November. I like to think I'm the only person who's ever noticed that. :-) And I think if somehow I lost my memory and didn't know what the date was, I could still tell what season it was by looking at the light.

The sunlight has been very fall-ish this past week. It's been easy to notice since I've been doing the same thing I've done all summer in the afternoon - sitting in the living room reading or killing time on facebook. The temperatures haven't cooled down a lot yet, except in the mornings, but out the window the sunlight just looks cooler.

I'm so excited for the temperatures to start dropping . . . this will be my first real fall since 2005!!! Spring is my favorite season, but I love fall too. The leaves crunching . . . the cold-but-not-cold-enough-for-a-jacket-ness . . . knowing all the end of the year holidays are practically here . . . I love it all.

(side note: it's halfway through September already?! What the crap?!?!?!?!?! Where did this year go?!?!?!?!?!?!)

The light changes in Florida too, but it's not the same. It's never chilly in the fall, so everyone is still wearing shorts and flip-flops. The leaves fall, but they don't dry enough to crunch, and even if they did it rains all the time anyway so they wouldn't. The seasons in Florida go something like: 1) spring-ish, 2) unbearably hot and constantly raining, 3) bearably hot and slightly less rainy, 4) icy cold one day and scorching the next. Even the cold isn't real cold - you can tell that it would be chilly but pleasant if the humidity would just drop under 30%. Can you tell I've missed having seasons?

I can't wait to show Luke what a real fall is like. And on that note, where's the best corn maze around here? And by best I mean, of course, the cheapest one in the valley. :-)

P. ost S. cript
You've probably seen this one, it made the rounds a while ago. But it never fails to make me laugh.


  1. We went to Bear Bottom last year and this year we'll be trying the one at American West Heritage center (or whatever it's called...).

  2. Light, there is so much more light in NM than in Utah. And I hate the changing light that starts to happen in Mid August but love it in April because I feel the switch in my head that goes from normal to SADD or back again. I really dread the change in the fall.

    Though it hasn't been to bad the last couple of years since I changed my diet.

  3. I notice the difference in the sound of the breeze or wind. I tell the kids it's starting to sound like a fall wind.

    We go to the one that's not far from my house. It's kind of down by the ice arena area. I could show you how to get there when you bring the movies over.

  4. Dear Lacey,
    Thank you for posting that video. It reminded me of the frist time I saw it- that day we spent watching wedding bloopers in your apartment. : ) Good times.