Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Am . . .

. . . not. I'd just like to take a moment and express my appreciation for the fact that I have not been bombarded by questions. I've had two friends who got married around the same time we did who recently blogged about how sick they are of constantly being asked if they're pregnant. The only person to ask me is my dad. Of course he asks pretty much every time I see him . . . which is weird, because he certainly wasn't the parental unit involved in this recurring scenario:

Happy-ish family wandering the aisles at Walmart. Walking past the baby clothes, Mother stops to look at a fancy baby dress and says, "Oh this would look so cute on one of my grandbabies. But I don't have any grandbabies." Mother pouts and looks pointedly at Lacey. Who is 16. And who is also tempted to reply, "Well, if you want them that badly, I do know how to get them, theoretically. Would you like me to gain some practical knowledge?"

And now I'm married, and Shay's married, and it's like she doesn't care anymore. But Dad, on the other hand . . . wait a minute, what the crap?! Holy invasion of the body switchers, Batman! On the plus side, I happen to know for a fact (because I was on the phone with him at the time) that about an hour ago he was pulling my three(ish)-year-old twin cousins around on a shovel. And judging by their giggles, they were enjoying it. Hopefully Dad gets his fill of rugrats this month and Shayla and I will get off easy for a while. :-) At least I haven't heard anything like this yet.

Anyway, I'm not pregnant. In case you were interested. And that is all. Countdown to bets on how many people will post comments that will make it evident they didn't read after seeing the picture begins . . . now!

P. ost S. cript
Luke and I are hoping any and all daughters we have are like this cutie.


  1. Here's what I've learned about the questions many of the Mormon society ask:
    1-When are you going on a mission/getting married (depending on gender)

    this happens then:

    2-When are you getting married (if you are female and served a mission first OR never went on one this questions continues and all RMs).


    3-When are you having kids?


    4-You're child just turned 1, when are you having your next one?


    5-When's your son/daughter getting married/going on a mission?


    6-When are you going to have grandkids?

    and then the cycle finishes with:

    7-When are you going on a mission?

    It's inevitable Lacey, you can expect these questions throughout your life. Just accept it and move on and do the always wonderful Smile and Nod.

  2. So when is Trevor getting a sibling? ;-)

  3. 1. I'm FAIRLY certain your mom started that talk before she even had Rian...or maybe even you. You all may have just been a means to the grandkids for her...

    2. Think how fun we have it when people ask when we're having another one! I love it when I get to say "we aren't". Fun times!

  4. Oh. Sarah left out the 'fun' questions you get while you ARE pregnant.

    I was a week over with Andy and went to church. I was HUGE. One of the men in the ward came up to me in the foyer and said..."You haven't had that baby yet?". Being sick and huge and miserable and 5 days overdue I looked him in the eye and said, "Yep, but I missed it so much I shoved it back in!" loudly enough for everyone to hear me. His jaw hit the floor, eyes huge, face red and I turned and walked off.

    I never got asked questions like that in that ward ever again for some reason.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder why . . . :-P

    Aunt Tawnya - I'm seriously tempted to answer the first non-family person who asks when we're having kids with something like "oh, we've decided to go the child-free route. Eternal families are great and all, but we think we'll wait for eternity." Just to see the look on their face.

    And I swear, anyone who even looks like they might be thinking about touching my stomach while I'm pregnant will get the smack they should have gotten from their parents when they were younger!

  6. I got the first When are you having kids question 2 days after getting married.

    Loretta- I have given that same answer! Love the looks on their faces.

    And what about while you are pregnant and someone asks you if you know what you are having. I always answer that one with, "a baby. What did you have in mind?"

  7. I am proof that you CAN go through pregnancy w/out anyone touching you. A well placed side step and a "please don't" usually stops them short!

  8. We must be some different? something people here at your blog, Lacey. No one ever, ever, ever tried to touch my stomach when I was pregnant. And if they had...

  9. Sandra - I think it's a LOT more prevalent now, for some reason...

  10. Possibly, but I know all of my friends that were pregnant at the same time I was would complain about that. Maybe it is the neon sign I wear around my neck that says "Touch me and die"