Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just How Desperate Am I?

So I'm job searching online last night, and I went to craig'slist on a whim. And there's only about a million job openings for office assistants/secretaries/receptionists/whatever you want to call them. And the worst paying one is $13 an hour. Sweet, right? But you hear so many horror stories about people getting scammed or stalked or whatever when the use craig's list. So I'm wondering if I dare respond to any of them. There's practically no details at all - the basic gist of every single one of these ads is "office assistant needed for local business/dentist office/lawyer office/whatever. Duties include . . . blah, blah, blah. some of them have fairly legit sounding email addresses or phone numbers to respond to, but some of them only have the craig'slist-provided one. I'm wondering if I can trust these ads . . . especially since they sound so waaaaaay too good to be true. There's even one for an eye clinic - that's not Uncle Isaac, is it? And if it is, can I, like, just call dibs on the job here and now? :-P

I did respond to one last night. It's for a library assistant. It only got posted yesterday, and one of the preferred qualifications was that the person be passionate about reading. I couldn't resist. Plus it has one of the highest pay rates. The reply I got when I emailed the address they provided seems liget so far . . . sent me to another site to actually apply, and said they'd be looking over the applications this week and next . . . cross your fingers for me!! Seriously, a job at a library making more than twice what I made at Disney?! Heaven!!!!! I'm really hoping this one's for real.

Am I crazy for responding to a job posting on craig's list? Am I putting my life on the line or something? I really need a job, but I'm not sure I'm that desperate . . .

P. ost S. cript
My other dream job (well, one of them) would be to work for Hallmark and write these guys' cards. Everything I've ever seen with them on it absolutely cracks me up! I heart Hoop and Yoyo!!! :-)


  1. Not Uncle Isaac...I would be curious who it is though!

  2. Blast! I must be the only person in Cache County who can't use nepotism to get a job . . .

  3. Try applying at the school district to be a sub. The first 2 weeks of school you will not get work if it is like our district because the teacher's contracts say they can't have a sub those weeks. After that, you will work every single day that you want to.

  4. Go ahead with Craigs list. Just be careful when you have an appointment with someone. Is this Library assistant in Cache Valley? Try Sandra's suggestion. Take a job you don't like until you can get what you do like. Future employer's will look at your resume' and be more happy if you have shown a willingness to work a job not in your area of education while looking for what you want. Just saying

  5. Lacey! You blog? I love blogs!

    Have you tried It's one of the few job search engines that has managed to impress me. They send me e-mails when local jobs pop up and the site is really easy to navigate.

  6. Drew got a job through Craigs list starting Sept 1st for 3 weeks (just what she needs) and she has actually already been paid her first weeks wage.

    If you want to be a sub, we actually get a sub list for reading aides at my school (Colleen & I are in charge of it)& they get used a lot. We want to get it started week of the 24th (finding names etc). You will have to get a background check and fingerprinted up at USU. If you want to do it let me know & I'll get the info for you when we start.

    If you want to be a sub for teachers, go to Kelly services to sign up for Cache School District. I don't know if they hire for Logan District or not, you'd have to ask Aunt Sharon on that one.