Thursday, August 27, 2009

Picture This, If You Will

K, so you know I've been occupying myself with silly blogs and stuff because I have no life. Good times. Anyway, I found this one a couple of weeks ago, and it's my new current favorite. It's also destroying what little is left of my faith in humanity, but it's making laugh whilst doing it, so it's okay. :-)

Anyway, last week when we went to see Ponyo we decided to really splurge and eat at Pizza Hut on the way home. We didn't eat all the pizza, so we got a to-go box, and on the side it said "Reheat. Re-eat." And then something about the amazingness of having leftover Pizza Hut and make sure you take it out of the box before you light it on fire and such . . . you know the type. Anyway, I'm looking at that, and this awesome conversation starts playing in my head. Well, one sided conversation, because I really couldn't imagine what anyone would come up with the respond. But imagine me making this phone call to Pizza Hut the next day:

Random Minimum Wager: Thank you for calling Pizza Hut, can I help you?

Me: Yeah, I ate there yesterday, and we took our leftover pizza home, and now I'm having some trouble eating it.

RMW: Ummmmm . . . what seems to be the trouble?

Me: Well, I'm confused by the heating instructions on the box you gave us. It says "reheat, re-eat." I don't understand.

RMW: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . I'm not sure I'm following you, ma'am.

Me: I don't understand why it's telling me to re-eat the pizza. I can't re-eat the leftover pizza - I haven't eaten it yet. So does that mean you want me to regurgitate the pizza I ate last night, heat it up, and eat it again? Because that's really just plain disgusting, and also seems really pointless since there's already uneaten leftover pizza.

And I totally would have done it, if I thought I could have gotten through the entire conversation without cracking up and thus making it evident that the whole thing was a joke. Luke laughed when I told him, but I'm really not sure if he was laughing at the idea or at me for coming up with it. He also called it "an intelligent dumb call" and again . . . compliment, or really weird mockery?

Am I the only person who thinks that call would have been fun/funny? And am I the only one who thinks someone should start a letter-writing campaign or something to Pizza Hut to get them to change their boxes? I'm mean, think of all the dumb people who's confusion we'd be saving!! That makes it a good deed . . . right? :-)

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  1. I so want to make the phone call with you.

  2. As soon as I read the part of 're-heat, re-eat' I IMMEDIATELY HAD THE SAME CONVERSATION GOING THROUGH MY HEAD!!!!! That's just disturbing.......The re-eat part, not having the same conversation part.

  3. Well, you know what they say about great minds . . . :-D