Sunday, November 11, 2012

Once Upon a Howl

Previously: Hurley held on to Hook for a little extra time.  And Red Riding Hood and the wolf were the same person.  Oh, and the dude in the car was evil King What's-His-But.

~ Just because it's happ hour doesn't mean

~ So they're mining for fairy dust.  Glad to finally find that out.

~ Oh Charming, how I missed you last week.

~ For a second I thought the dwarves all accidentally crossed the town boundary.


~ Ruby looks awfully glum . . .

~ Gus Gus is not nearly as fat as I would have expected.

~ Won't he turn in to a mouse if they get back?  This strikes me as a doomed relationship.  (and why would Regina want Gus Gus?)

~ I love Belle.  Just throwing that out there.


~ Speaking of cocoa, I tried some with cinammon last year because Henry and Emma like it.  I highly recommend it.

~ I already wish Charming had killed evil King W's-H-B.  Why didn't they?

~ Nice crack about the lasgna, Granny. :-)

~ How does Rumplilocks not have Red's cape?  He has literaly everything else anyone ever owned.  Literally.

~ If Red has her cape on but not the hood up, does her body stay human while her head turns wolf?

~ So this scene with Snow and Red is sweet and all, but a little corny.

~ And now I'm singing High School Musical . . . (still know most of that dance too . . . )

~ Holy Goa'uld eyes . . .

~ Well that's a bad sign.

~ That is quite the intense dream.

~ Whoa, is that Aurora over there?  Crazy.

~ Okay, Regina knows something.

~ Good thing Ruby gets her close back when she changes back.  You know, as opposed to Hulk-style.

~ Gotta admit, I"m not sure I would ever take the cape off if I was alone.  For precisely that reason.

~ Do we know this guy?  Should he be familiar?

~ Okay, this dude is shooting off some decidedly UNTRUSTWORTHY! vibes.

~ I'm not sure I like the idea of bunches of werewolves.  A little to Twilight-y.

~ Saw the mother bit coming.

~ Who does one call to tow a tow-truck?

~ No!  Not Gus Gus! :-(

~ Love this lecture on how curses work.  I love learning the rules of fantasy worlds.

~ So how's Aurora supposed to get a necklace?

~ Good catch Regina.  That one is so not "on me."

~ Awesome earrings, Ruby.

~ A jail cell?  Really Ruby?  You think that will hold you?

~ That's a pretty good general philosophy.  The wolf thing, I mean.

~ I would say this explains why Ruby can't find the cape . . . but wouldn't she remember getting rid of it?

~ Really hoping we see why they didn't kill evil King W's-H-B sometime soon.

~ I suppose putting a Twilight trailer with the episode about werewolves is fitting.

~ Interesting source for the blackouts, no?  Corny message about accepting yourself though.

~ I'm intrigued as to who all these mobs of people are.

~ Told ya the jail cell wasn't going to work.

~ Or not.

~ Ha!  Love the line about wolf hearing in hotels!  Granny's kind of hilarious!

~ What's up with all the red hangings all over the place?  If they're not afraid to embrace the wolf?

~ Belle is seriously awesome.  Love the bit about rehabilitation.

~ Does she remember anything about the flashback we've been seeing?  Because she's not exactly acting like it.

~ Wait, where did the cape come from?

~ Dude, evil King W's-H-B totally stole the cape.  Calling it now.

~ George!  That's his name!

~ Also: nailed it!

~ Are we about to watch a wolf cat-fight?

~ Apparently we are.  Well, a short one anyway.

~ The wolf appears to be pretty in control . . .

~ I'm totally going to have to look up the name Spencer to see if it has any kingly/George-ly connection.

~ How does a mob that big let the guy get away?  Seriously.  Did Regina just bring the people she had a grudge against and then pull a bunch of the stupidest people in FTL just for the heck of it?

~ Holy crap, he's burning the hat!!

~ Dude, do it.  Still wondering why you didn't kill him back in FTL.

~ I kind of want Red's cape.

~ At least Charming refers to Snow as Henry's grandma.

~ Seriously, someone get Aurora a necklace.

~ Okay, that works too.

~ dun dun DUN.

In other news, there's no new episode next week.  I could cry.

P. ost  S. cript
So I stumbled across this with the other video.  Kinda made my year, not gonna lie. :-)

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