Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Top Ten. Again. Already.

So it's, like, the end of November again.  When did that happen?  Anyway.  Here ya go.  Ten random thankful things.

1. Nepotism.  Which will be on the list until I have a job that wasn't acquired through it.

2. The fact that as Primary Secretary I never have to teach.

3. A year of interesting meals instead of lots of mac&cheese.  Yay Pinterest!

4. Cheap artificial Christmas trees.  Because ours broke last year.  :-(  I'd rather have a real one . . . but then again, we have nowhere to put one that big.  Yet.

5. The fact that the whole nanowrimo thing has not driven me insane.

6. And the part where it's looking like I'll actually pull it off.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. And the part where I never have to teach Primary even if one of the other presidency people will be gone.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Recipes for homemade Starbucks caramel apple cider in the crock pot.  Assuming it tastes as good once I actually try it.  Because if it does I will be making it, like, everyday this winter.

9. Have I mentioned that I NEVER have to teach in Primary??  Because just the thought of it still makes me do a happy dance.  (especially since I'm still a little lost as to what I am supposed to do . . . )

10. Team Jayla taking one for the team and having a baby.  With any luck they just bought us at least two years of peace.  Or at least less harassment.  Woot. :-)

Addendum/bonus #11: being able to write blog posts days in advance and save them in case you're not feeling quite so thankful on the actual holiday.  Worst timing for having a cold/hacking up a lung ever . . . on at least a dozen levels.

P. ost  S. cript
You know, Thanksgiving is sadly lacking TV specials.  But you've gotta give props to Garfield's for acknowledging the reality that anymore it's less about the "Thanksgiving" and more about the "Turkey Day."  (see point 2:30)  And it's just cute.  Make sure you watch the second half.


  1. Re #2, 7 and 9 - So does the Secondary Secretary have to teach? And what's so bad about teaching? I thought you wanted to be a teacher?

    Re #4 - You may not believe it, but I'd bet you DO have space for a real christmas tree ... just look at for inspiration.

    Re #8 - I'd rather find a recipe for frappacinos that actually tastes somewhat remotely close to the real thing.

    Re #10 - Doubtful.

    1. Firstly - did you miss the part where I only work at a school because it is the only place that would hire me in this town? That's where the nepotism thing comes in. (also - Primary is what the kids' Sunday School is called. I am the secretary for the Primary, not the "primary secretary.")

      Secondly - We probably do, but that would require moving furniture and that's more effort than I'm willing to go to for this apartment.

      Thirdly - Yeah, it kinda sucked. Grr.

      Fourthly - I can dream.