Monday, May 2, 2011

I Am That Girl

~ The one who, upon teaching second graders how to spell "believe" simultaneously laughs and cringes when the seven-year-olds cry "Like Justin Bieber!"

~ The one who would rather not admit she knows how to spell Bieber . . . wouldn't recognize one of her songs if she heard it though.

~ The one who momentarily held favorite cousin status with a cousin who doesn't remember her name.

~ The one who, in a room of 100 people making bread from scratch, would absolutely get the one and only package of bad yeast . . . thankfully, also the one who sees it coming and can laugh at it immediately.

~ The one who loves it when the entire kindergarten class jumps out of their seats for a big group hug . . . but also can't understand why it's happened twice in a week - is she dying and they're the only ones who know?

~ The one who is really glad to have a strong immune system since her husband has had one nasty cold after another for the last three and a half months.

~ The one feeling frustratedly popular right now with multiple teachers wanting her to take part in the end-of-year testing for their class . . . thereby desiring her to be in three or more places at once. This week shall be interesting.

~ The one who is looking forward to the end of the year . . . but after one week of so very little to do will be ready for it to start again. Which begs the question - will there be more blogs, or less blogs? Place your bets now!

~ The one feeling a little ill from the smell of smoke from the downstairs neighbors . . . and a little confused because they seriously chain-suck those death sticks and this is the first time it's been smell-able from inside the apartment . . . and really hoping the finally warm weather has nothing to do with that . . .

~ The one who sometimes talks about herself in third person just because she can. And has on occasion considered using the royal plural just to see what kind of reactions it would get.

~ The one who should probably get a life or something. Is she right or what?

P. ost S. cript
The one who shows how much a of a nerd she is by admitting to finding this absolutely hysterical. Also: there is no better way to highlight the utter inanity of these lyrics.


  1. Self centered-ly assuming that my daughter is the cousin you refer there a story?

  2. Haha . . . Sammy actually. Although I think Sage may not be aware that I have a name. It's always "my cousin" this and "my cousin" that . . . or maybe she just assumes everyone knows who she's talking about! :-)

  3. You lost favorite cousin status to...Katie? Or Maggie? And then you all became his favorite aunts. Except Amanda, who was right in front of him. And then were just 'ladies' and then downgraded to 'girls' this morning. know, consider the source! ;)