Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ahhh, Second Graders

Happy Star Wars Day . . . yesterday.

~ On a poster talking about why so many Germans immigrated to America:

"They wont to leave because they were harassment."

~ (I wore my Maori fishhook necklace today.)

(David): Where did you get that Miss Lacey?
me: It's from New Zealand.
(David): You've been lots more places than us!
me: I'm a lot older than you too. I've had more time to go places.
(Ezekiel): I've been to Salt Lake!! To the zoo!!
me: Me too!
(Ezekiel): How come I didn't see you there?
me: I think we went on different days . . .
(Ezekiel): (paying no attention to what I just said) I know! You must have been in the giraffe section.

Note: I haven't been to the Hogle Zoo since before these kids were born.

~ So Jehosaphat comes back from speech and decides to give me a little plastic lady bug he earned there. A few minutes later (Jacob) comes in and gives me two smarties from the package he just earned.

me: Awww, thank you (Jacob)!!!
Jehosaphat: I gave her this!!! (shows him the ladybug)

I hope they don't start, like, fighting over me or something. :-)

P. ost S. cript
I feel so bad for laughing, but seriously. Hilarious.


  1. I love how none of the rest of the guys in the band even realized he had fallen

  2. No, didn't you notice? The keyboard dude totally pretends to take over singing.

  3. the keyboard dude was pretending to sing the whole time. What's possibly worse is that the singer dude has a safety strap on his microphone, so he can't drop it.

  4. I love how picked names from the Bible...only you Lacey, would do that...only you.

  5. (Hint: the kids already have biblical names, just not those ones. I pick something easy for me to remember but without an obvious link to the real name unless you know who it is.)