Friday, May 20, 2011

The Yucks Stop Soon

What is it about the first couple of warm sunny days that makes everyone completely forget about sunscreen? Even me, the girl who burns after, like, five seconds in the sun.

So there's been a kickball tournament going on at school for the last couple of months. Winning team played the teachers. That was today. And I got to play on the teacher's team, yay!! It was tons of fun, and I'm so glad it actually happened . . . it was overcast when I left for work an hour before the game, and it down poured briefly a couple of hours afterward, but it was nice and bright and sunny while we were playing. Very interesting. Anyway - some highlights:

~ I did NOT make a fool of myself - YAY!!! As I told a few of the other teachers, I haven't played kickball since I was a kid myself, and to say I sucked then is a bit of an understatement . . . I am sooooooo not athletic! But I even hit the ball when I kicked it today - and yes, I was worried.

~ Having the entire school chant my name when it was my turn to kick. :-) And then when we switched from . . . I don't know, what it's called . . . offense? Defending? Outfielding? Whatever - we weren't kicking the ball. Anyway. When the teacher team came in to kick all the kids who weren't playing were lined up along the side of the . . . stadium . . . field . . . whatever the thing is called (not a sports person in the least, can you tell?) wanting high fives from all the teachers. And I do mean everybody. If I missed someone I knew they'd call after me and I had to backtrack. I actually had to use both hands to make sure I got everybody. I felt like a freaking rock star. It was kind of super awesome.

~ So there were two kid teams and two teacher teams. While the other team is playing I'm watching with the third graders, hands on my hips. Suddenly I feel something being laced through my arm - I look down and one of the girls is using my wrist as a hook for her jacket. She looks up at me, grins, and says "hold that for me, will ya?" and walks away.

A few minutes later she comes back, to check on her coat rack I suppose, and says "thanks, sweet cheeks!" I'm still not entirely sure what I think of the whole thing . . . I was a bit speechless at the time.

Note: this is the same girl who tried using a pick up line on my birthday card. I guess kids really are picking up things younger these days!

~ Eric? Loves the song "Friday." Loves the fact that Katie and I can't stand it. Sweet, cute, and adorable as he is, if school wasn't ending in a week I think one of us might end up wringing his neck, lol.

And now some amusements not kickball related:

~ I'm not sure if little Jehosaphat remembered what a kick I got out of his grandpa comment last week or if he just liked the joke himself, but he used it again yesterday. For spelling groups we had a mini-spelling bee. I let them spell it out loud and I write what they say on a white board, then they get to look at it and change anything if they want. Every time he was satisfied with his spelling he stuck his nose in the air (trying to be snooty, I think) and say "Grampa spells it like that!" The whole time he referred to himself as "Grampa" and it got to the point that Jacob started calling him that too . . . I think because I was cracking up every time Jehosaphat said it. I don't know what it is, but those two seem to adore making me laugh. Which, of course, makes me laugh even more. I guess we're all satisfied.

~ Fourth grade this morning. There's one girl (we'll call her Taylor) who has taken to chatting to me while I correct homework or whatever before the bell rings. She's a sweet kid, and we've started teasing each other a bit in fun. Today she made a comment something to the effect of "I'm just going nuts today!"

Disclaimer: I should not have said this. I realized it as soon as I said it. But it's my default response when I'm talking to adults, so it just came out almost before I even realized I was going to say it.

"How is that different from any other day?"

The funny part (and the good news for my job status!) is that she just went on with the next thing she wanted to say . . . but then about six words in stopped, and turned to look at me with a rather shocked expression, mouth in a great big O.

Maybe you had to be there, but I about died. Good thing she was cool with it. I got the expected "I can't believe you said that!" but she was laughing herself a minute later. Sometimes I forget that fourth graders are . . . well, fourth graders. There's just something about the way you can converse with them, as opposed to just "talking to" younger kids. You know?

~ So yesterday was the last day of school for kindergarten. That was a little sad - those kids are just so sweet and loving and good-hearted. I'm definitely going to miss them. Case in point: when it came time for me to leave I got mobbed again. I kid you not, I was surrounded by six-year-olds three deep. Couldn't have moved if my life depended on it. So I did the only logical thing - told them they could each have their very own hug if they would just let me go (for crying out loud!) and take turns.

I've never seen that class get in line so quickly. :-) It was kind of bittersweet - there were a few whom I could tell were really broken up about school ending. Little kids and their routines, eh? Andrew in particular looked to be trying really hard to be a big kid and not cry. It really broke my heart not to be able to promise him and some others that I'd see them next year, but all I could do is go with a vague "maybe." (side note: any prayers, good vibes, voo doo rituals, magick circles or whatever you happen to prefer to send my way supporting me being able to come back next year is greatly appreciated!) Donatello actually came back for another hug three or four times. I felt a little guilty since he was supposed to just go sit back down . . . but what do you say to that? "I'm sorry, you can't have another hug?" Yeah, no. Maybe I'm just too soft hearted, but there is no way I'm turning away a kindergartner who wants a hug. Not happening.

I suppose the good news is that I'll have a nice (and thankfully mild) sunburn to remember everybody by for a little while after school's out. :-)

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  1. Ha...great day, huh? You missed a student (J) calling Greg, "Greg"...and not on purpose, just in regular conversation. Then TICKLING HIM! J just reached up and tried to tickle Greg. Super awkward. Greg of course jumped away, horrified! J and I had a lil' chat! ;)