Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once Upon No Real Surprises

Previously . . . we had a week of dramatic looking previews and they better deliver, and they better deliver right.

~ So are they trying to make Cora a sympathetic character too?  Because all I saw with that little interchange was that she was always a beast.

~ Is that Eva who tripped her?  Sounds like she has quite a transformation story for us to see eventually.

~ Why did they spell it Eva if it's pronounced Ava?

~ Yeah, even with that I'm not feeling sorry for Cora.

~ Sadly, that little "Indeed" is probably the closest we're going to get to seeing Bra'tac . . . this SEASON.  Grrrrrr. (ten points if that made sense)

~ Enchanted box.  Awesome.  I want to see more interacting with technology.

~ So they're setting it up to look like Rumplilocks dies . . . I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not him.

~ So the dagger is kind of the like the elder wand?

~ ABOUT TIME YOU ASKED THAT REGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ She's cracking . . .

~ How convenient that there was one mask left when she arrived at the FREAKING MASKED BALL.

~ Have any of the FTL kingdoms ever been stable economically?

~ Honestly the more they try to make Cora sympathetic the less sympathetic I find her.

~ Am I the only one who thinks they should have called that new show "Splash," "Diving with D-Listers" instead?

~ I rather like the name Cora, Rumple-STUPID-NAME!

~ Pretty sure that's the biggest contract he's pulled out so far.

~ Well that little introduction kinda turned that story on its head.

~ Is that like using salt to keep the demons out?

~ And how did we all know Rumplilocks had the candle?

~ Yeah, that will be the tricky part.

~ Effective argument, Rumplilocks.  Also: I'm glad one of them is embracing their grandparent status.  In a manner of speaking.

~ Wow.  Go Emma.

~ But if she just cast a protection spell over the whole place what was the invisible chalk for?

~ Eva is not exactly a child . . . considering you're kind of the same age, Cora . . .

~ This scene is just emphasizing how I'm kind of surprised Rumplilocks and Cora never got together.  Even just temporarily.

~ I like how they've twisted the tale so that the miller's daughter really did do the spinning.  One of the better spins they've done. (*rimshot*)

~ Charming must be so glad to have a sword in his hands again.

~ So much for the invisible demon salt.  (And Emma's spell, but she's a beginner so we'll cut her some slack)

~ I'm not a hat person, but I want Snow's hats.  Have I mentioned this before?

~ Because the chalk worked so well the last time.

~ Unless, I suppose, Emma really did miss a spot.

~ Why is Cora's heart in Regina's vault?  How did it get there?  Presumably Cora pulled it out before Regina had a place to store hearts, so how would it have ended up there? 

~ Okay, maybe Cora and Rumplilocks did get together.

~ They'd better not do it, but wouldn't it be interesting if Regina was Rumplilocks' daughter?

~ My mind is hurting just from thinking about thinking about how that would twist up the family tree.  More like a family mobius strip!

~ Wait, what?  No.  Do not go there.  I JUST FREAKING SAID NOT TO GO THERE!!!

~ Wait, how did Cora know her heart was in danger if Snow hadn't even gotten to the vault yet?

~ How does she even know that's Cora's heart?  We know Regina has, like, everyone's down there.

~ Did the blowing it out thing mean she chickened out?

~ Who is this dude playing the king?  So familiar and yet I can't place him for the life of me . . .

~ See, that line right there is proof that Cora was never sympathetic.  Even at her lowest.

~ Speaking of awkward . . . let's bring in Belle!

~ Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All the awards for sweet go to this scene.

~ Good thing we've already established Rumplilocks isn't dying because he just became one of my favorites.  (not that I wasn't a fan before)

~ Do you think Neal could kiss Rumplilocks and cure him?  I mean, it's not like we haven't seen it before.

~ I'm with Regina.  What?

~ Now that Snow mentions it . . . that kind of makes perfect sense.

~ I like Cora's fancy FTL clothes, but I think I prefer Regina's.

~ I'm having a hard time believing that Cora . . .

~ Okay, maybe I do believe it.

~ You know, rather than making Cora more sympathetic, this episode is actually making me feel sorrier for Rumplilocks.

~ Why is Charming still calling her Mary Margaret instead of Snow?  I believe I mentioned last week how I love that she calls him David now that's it's been verified that that's actually his birth name.

~ So Cora can vanish other people in addition to herself?  Good to know.

~ Wait, so if Cora went through with marrying Prince Henry why wasn't she a queen?  Why did she have to scheme to get Regina on a throne?

~ See?  See?  He just called her Princess Cora!

~ And it's really presumptuous to call an heir to the throne Regina.  Not to mention repetitive.  And redundant.  And superfluous.  And repetitive.  And . . . alright, I'll stop. :-)

~ Looks like Snow didn't chicken out fast enough.

~ Yeah, didn't understand any of Cora's dying words.

~ And suddenly it's like we're back to the first epidode.  Essentially.  I mean, we were at a point where everyone could have just put the past behind them since it had been established that Cora was the reason pretty much everything else happened . . . but now Regina has a new reason to want to get Snow.  Good times.

So that was a surprisingly calm episode considering just how much happened.  Can't wait til next week!

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I imagine this will come as news to a few relatives, lol.  ;-)


  1. Said a LOT of the same comments :) One thing that bugs me is why Regina is SO shocked and hurt that Snow killed her mom? Cora killed Snow's mom and Regina killed snow's dad (not to mention Regina killed her OWN dad)..... at what point do they say 'okay, truce. We've all done FAR too much killing' ? Didn't think Snow had the guts to go through with it though..... I thought Rumplis final 'fairwell' was TOTALLY staged though. He heard Snow was gone and utilized the situation....

    1. Right? Of course, she only had the guts for about twenty seconds . . . but that was long enough. I read a couple of Once Upon a Time blogs for fun and the crazy thing is that a lot of Regina fans are ADAMANTLY calling for Snow's head. Because she went after Regina once for five minutes, completely disregarding the part where Regina's been after Snow for easily fifty years or more now. Snow hasn't even really done any killing yet anyway, if you count the part where she regretted it and tried to stop Regina from putting Cora's heart back. But the good news is that now with Regina mad enough to be evil again it feels like the show can last a little longer. I wasn't so sure for a little while.

    2. Agreed. Have to keep the series going and nothin' like a murder to keep the fires fueled :) I wonder what direction their going with Rumpli and Henry..... And will Regina just give him up now (because he's made it pretty clear he won't trust/love her while she's evil). Emma and Mr. Dramatic baby-daddy just seem like an awkward set up for more drama too...