Sunday, October 16, 2011

Any Attention is Good Attention

I'm generally pretty content with myself and my (limited) abilities. I may not be able to do a lot of things, but the things I can do I enjoy, and I like to think I do them pretty well (feel free to not disillusion me). College was a wonderful time for me because I spent most of my time with others in my majors, so we all did the same things and at about the same level of proficiency. And I may be a horrible person for saying this, but heaven knows there were a couple of people in the English department who were a lot worse than me and it rather helped my self esteem to know it. Florida was an absolutely fabulous place because there was no competition when it came to talents that had nothing to do with work. If there was something you could do that was awesome, but no expectation of more.

Being back in Utah is finally starting to get to me. I'd forgotten a little what it was like. I'd forgotten the "oh, you play the cello? Well, I play the piano, flute, harp, and sing!" The "oh, you did drama and color guard in high school? Well, I did volleyball, track, choir, cheerleading, and student council. And I knitted socks for the homeless in my spare time. 100 pairs a year."

It was probably silly of me, but I thought I wouldn't have to deal with this sort of thing this time around seeing as I'm, you know, not single. I mean, wasn't it all an obnoxious competition to snag the guy who sang, danced, spoke fluent Portuguese and Latin, couldn't cook but loved good food, and adored watching you juggle four babies? I'm not anyone's competition anymore, dangit!

But . . . no. Now it's all about "oh I'm so tired from shuttling my gazillion kids around and I still have to make pasta from scratch for their dinner and sew their clothes from cloth I wove myself and do their homework for them (true story) and make the poster board and glitter myself for their project - oh my, you don't have kids? What do you do all day?!"

(side note: okay, I know that's not a strictly Utah thing but in this case it feels like an extension of the old version if the competition.)

Okay, I will admit I get bored sometimes and don't always have enough stuff to fill the day, especially during the summer. Combine that with my occasional employment inadequacies and my absolute inability with most crafts and sometimes I feel really useless around here.

So for a while this summer as I was working on my most genius idea ever I took pictures every day. Just to mark my progress and prove that I did do something at least a little bit useful and productive that day and all this summer. Looking them over later was kind of fun, so I made some videos for your enjoyment . . . and, of course, for you to gush over and tell me how awesome I am, lol. (j/k!)

Hey, need to entertain a bored child for a minute? (preferably a pretty young one) See if they can guess what the picture is before it's done! :-)

So that's me being productive. Actually, I've done three more since these that I haven't taken pictures of . . . because great merciful crap, I'm going to have to forget about the whole stock piling thing for a while! I don't know what's in the water right now, but it's making severe dehydration look appealing if you know what I mean. And for crying out loud, couldn't ONE of you please have a girl?! I try to stick pretty gender neutral with these things, but I can't imagine anyone appreciating the lady bug and frog prince set as a gift for their baby boy. Right now I'm working furiously to have enough done for the upcoming baby showers that are suddenly coming up really swiftly.

Back to work I go. :-)

P. ost S. cript
I do a lot of Netflix streaming on the weekends while I stitch. So I watch a lot of old TV shows . . . since that's, like, all they have on Netflix instant. Lately (in addition to Twilight Zone) it's been some Rocky and Bullwinkle. And that show is seriously a lot funnier than I remember . . . and I remember it as pretty funny! Frankly my jaw is still on the floor from "Tune in next time for Fuels Rush In or Star Spangled Boner!" I mean - how did they get away with that? And this storyline? Holy fortune telling, Batgirl!


  1. I am SUPER impressed with the stitching. I would end up with knots and animal blobs :) One of ours MIGHT be a girl (Adam thinks so), if that helps :)

  2. 1 - You should see what the first ones I did back when I was ten looked like!

    2 - It is so RIDICULOUSLY easier than it looks! You just follow the stamped lines and the chart that tells you which x is which color. Perfect way to look crafty when you're not!! :-)