Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Doing a Little Happy Dance

So we went to Layton yesterday. To pick up my ring. Which, somehow, someway that I have not and probably will never figure out, got knocked completely cock-eyed in its setting. See?

Okay, you can't really see it . . . maybe you can. I totally can, but I know what I'm looking at. As you may have notice, it is a heart cut diamond. And instead of being straight in the setting it's tilted ever so slightly to the counter-clockwise persuasion. When we took it in and they let us look through the microscope at it. It looked really cool (and ginormous and practically transparent, which was part of the coolness) - and also turned out to be way more cock-eyed than I'd originally thought, which kind of freaked me out because I honestly have no idea how long I was wearing it like that!

(if you're really trying to see it, look at the bottom. See how the point of the heart is next to the prong? It's supposed to be nestled inside the prong.)

Like I said, no idea how it happened. But I noticed it a few months ago and immediately stopped wearing it for fear of the stone falling completely out or something. And we rejoiced in the foresight that was getting the lifetime warranty that meant it would cost nothing to fix it, and decided to wait until inspection time in September to cut down on the number of trips we had to make, because, you know, gas money is still a thing.

So we dropped it off about a month ago and then we picked it up yesterday. Like I said. Kinda really hoping you didn't forget that already. :-)

There are NO words for how relieved I am to have this one back. As I've mentioned, I do have an "alternate" as it were, and I've been wearing that one for the last feels-like-forever. It is a beautiful little ring, and I absolutely love it.

Even if it really doesn't do anything for my fat fingers.

However, to make a long story short, I have lived the last few months just shy of sheer terror. Also as I've mentioned, I have a ridiculously pathetic talent for losing accessories, especially rings. And what is there to say when you lose a priceless antique heirloom? How do you even ask forgiveness for that? I mean, it's a ring, all you do is shove it on your finger and go about your day. Unless you're me. I've had visions of the thing coming to life, forcing itself off my finger, bouncing all over the kitchen and ultimately down the inexplicably running garbage disposal. (side note: it's kind of hard to do things that involved using the sink one handed.) Or looking down one day and discovering one of the diamonds just gone. So then I picked up the habit of carefully inspecting the ring every time I put it on or took it off even though we had the prongs reinforced or whatever when we got it . . . it was probably not very good for my eyes, but it was good for my sanity so what can you do?

Because seriously, that was not a rhetorical question. What could I possibly have said if I'd lost this ring? What kind of horrible, careless, irresponsible, untrustworthy person loses an heirloom that belonged to someone they never met given by another person they'd never met (at the time)? I would seriously feel like I needed to go into hiding or something just from the guilt. Which would last approximately twice the length of time and all eternity.

So . . . yeah. The word of the day today is relief. And also: five day weekend, woo hoo!

Also: while we're on the subject of fixing things . . .

Does anyone know of a cobbler in this town? I have no idea what happened here (I think I'm noticing a trend . . . ) but I really love these shoes and don't want to give them up. However, the only cobbler I know of is in IF and I only know they were in business as recently as when my dad wore cowboy boots exclusively. Some of you know how long ago we're talking about here. As for the rest of you . . . I'd rather not think about how long ago that was. So just hook me up with one around here, m'kay? :-) Effective DIY remedies would be great too, as long as they're Lacey-proof. (that's like fool-proof only times about a bazillion.)

P. ost S. cript
Okay, here's the deal: Shrek was kind of lame after the first one (and really lame after the second) but I am quite the Puss in Boots fan. (see also: Antonio Banderas . . . you'll just have to imagine hearing that in my slightly lame imitation of his accent) Also: this is pretty clever. Not Grover, Smell Like a Monster clever, but I giggled.

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  1. Yeah. There is one in the south end of the valley. He looks like Santa. I can't remember his name but I'll try to remember to email my friend for his details...