Friday, October 7, 2011

I Don't Do Suspense

Somehow I get the feeling this isn't going to happen this year . . .


And by suspense I mean secrets from me.

So. Last year. At school. They did this cute little secret Santa thing where all the staff's (dude . . . I'm staff!) names were written on cute little paper ornaments on this cute little paper Christmas tree in the copy room and one person would pull a name off the tree and buy a little gift for that person and leave it in their mailbox (dude . . . I have a work mailbox! So mature and grown-up-ish!) and when you get a gift it's your turn to pull a name off the tree and get them something. Apparently it went really well because we're doing a Halloween version this year. As I discovered Tuesday when there appeared in my box an awesome pair of black socks that say "VAMPIRES SUCK" with a couple of tooth holes and a little bit of blood dripping down like my ankle just got bitten or something.

(let us all have a moment of silence for the passing of the awesome socks store. If I were willing to wear all black socks, I would be in deep foot mourning.)

These socks are AWESOME. And I have NO FREAKING IDEA where they came from. I looked on the board trying to guess who might have given them to me. And . . . everyone on the rather short list of people at the school who it seems to me MIGHT pick me is still there. So I picked one of them and they had a very easy to pick but slightly heavy to carry gift waiting for them Wednesday morning. (You're welcome. ;-) )

This is where the suspense part comes in. It is driving me ABSOLUTELY NUTS wondering who got me these socks. I mean, seriously how did they know I'm a sock junkie? How the crap did they know how I've been ranting about pansy vampires lately?! Are there people I know reading my blog and I don't know about it ?!?! And seriously how did they find it?!?!

So Luke's immediate reaction to my "holy crap, I'm being spied on!" bit Tuesday afternoon was that whoever it was obviously asked Aunt Sharon for suggestions. Or that maybe it was just random chance and coincidence . . . which, you know, makes sense . . . but where's the fun in that?

So now I'm just waiting for these socks to start randomly moving around by themselves and perhaps eventually strangle me vaguely a la Talky Tina. Because that's obviously how they got into my box at work. It's going to be quite the way to go.

P. ost S. cript
So we're wasting time on youtube because that's how we roll around here, and I click on this video expecting to see some silly cute cat video because everybody knows that both Luke and I are totally suckers for those. But no . . . instead we discover a pretty epically awesome website (seriously, check out some of the other stuff too!). And pretty much all of this stuff is now on my wish list.


  1. YES! I just KNEW that was you! Bless your soul.

  2. Nope...didn't ask me. I'm assuming it was Greg or Jamie and they asked Katie.

  3. Nope. They would be among the names I would have guessed and were still on the board. Who put it together? I'm thinking my name might not have even gone up and whoever started it picked me. Of course that doesn't help any with figuring out who it was . . .

    Katie - I figured it would either be obvious or impossible to guess. :-)

  4. Just except it. Why try to guess ?

  5. That's just my brand of crazy. :-)

  6. I'm just like you, I HAVE to know!!! I HAVE TO KNOW!! Ha ha ha, I love that you said you would wear all black socks in mourning IF you were willing to wear all black socks :) How fun!! Someone really wanted to get something you'd like.

  7. I'm such a hypocrite about it though . . . I love having a secret, but heaven forbid anyone keep one from me!! And black socks and I had quite a relationship at one time . . . and then we parted ways. And I've never been happier, lol. If you find yourself with a bit of time and REALLY nothing to do I posted a brief history of my life through socks about a year ago. :-)

  8. I HATE secrets.... I'm the same way. I think about it until I can either dig the information out of someone or pretend I'm a detective and try to figure it out :) It's like a puzzle for me.