Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Call Me Grandma

I can never look at this picture the same way again . . .

So I believe I've mentioned once or twice my passionate penchant for cross-stitchery. And since I so thoroughly enjoyed making my mother-in-law's Christmas gift I absolutely had to find an excuse to start something new. Conveniently enough I know about a bazillion people who are pregnant right now. So I'm working on some baby bibs. I'm thinking that's going to be my go-to baby shower gift from here on out, which means I have an excuse to be stitching for pretty much the rest of my life. Woot! Because while my high school friends might be getting the more-or-less-done-having-babies stage (*cough*Daline*cough*) my college friends - well, not so much. And sometimes it seems like Luke and I set this trend or something in Florida because TONS of people I know from Disney have gotten engaged/married since we have. Well, okay, not that many really, but it seems like a lot. I guess it's because every time I hear about an engagement lately it's from that circle of friends . . . of course, that's only because 90% of the rest of my friends are already married, so that group is kind of the only possibility. Anyway. Point being, even when all of my friends are done having kids I still have, like, dozens (okay . . . just over two dozen) of cousins who are all younger than me, meaning that this generation of my family will be having kids probably up to and after I'm dead.

You know what? Who cares why - I have an excuse to do more cross-stitching for EVER. YES!!! (side note - I totally meant it when I asked if anybody wanted anything. I will absolutely make it. Pick what you want, and as long as it's stamped it's as good as yours!)

Occasionally I feel like I should be a little more embarrassed about my sole crafty ability. I mean, as much as I tell myself that I look just like Elizabeth Bennett and fine young ladies of high station always have embroidery hoops and needlework to do in period fiction . . . yeah. It's such an old lady thing to do. Seriously - cross-stitching baby bibs intended as gifts? If the picture that brings to even one of your minds is not some granny working on something for her great-great-great-great-great-grandchild then I'll- actually, no. You're lying. ;-)

And it gets even worse (better?). I probably should not confess this, especially not on the internet, but guess how I spent my Friday night? Stitching . . . and watching Wheel of Fortune. And Jeopardy. I know, just put me in the nursing home and put me out of my misery, right? How much more stereotypically old person can it get?! Anyway, a few thoughts from Friday night:

~ Being a grown-up was supposed to be so glamorous and exciting. Blargh.

~ I also watched two episodes of Friends. I've never seen such highly targeted advertising as I have in those two hours. During Friends the same pregnancy test commercial played THREE times during EVERY set of commercials. It was infuriating. At one point I almost screamed "I'm not pregnant, leave me alone!!!" at the TV. Then I remembered that that would be stupid. During the game show hour it was all The Scooter Store and "Die-beetus" all the time. (again with the old people!) And TONS of redundant massage therapy/technical institute/"we offer (list of seventy jillion degrees here), call today!" commercials. Clearly I am the only person who is 1) under the age of 70, 2) a college graduate AND 3) euphemistically bun-less who EVER watches KJAZZ. Which is a really dumb name for a TV station, btw. If you ask me.

~ Pat Sajak vs. Alex Trebeck - fight to the death. Who wins? (this one actually came from watching the two shows week before last with Luke as he was recovering from whatever it was that he had. I say Trebeck, he says Sajak. We might need outside intervention to settle this one, lol.)

~ I really hope I look as good as Vanna White when I'm her age.

~ Speaking of which, I remember when Vanna wasn't just eye candy. And when Alex Trebeck had a mustache. I really do belong in a nursing home!

I would feel so much better if, along with the "old person" vibe, my hobby also had some . . . I don't know, street cred, I guess. Kind of like knitting. Knitting is for grandmas, but these days it's also hip and cool and retro and who knows what else. (file under: knitting your own lingerie, lol) My grandma taught me to knit once, way back in the day. It went about as well as my attempts at scrapbooking. Looking back, I think that fact that I was about ten at the time might have had something to do with that. I'd take it up again, but I am determined to make cross-stitching just as cool. Well, that and I'd probably still suck. As I understand it, there's counting involved. I don't think I could progress past a really long scarf.

Does blogging count as crafty? Or a talent? :-)

P. ost S. cript
Speaking of talent . . . bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This just all kinda made me laugh. Do you need a lap quilt for your rockin Friday nights (said very tongue in cheek since mine aren't much better...)

  2. Oh, I totally already have a lap quilt. Dad's grandma crocheted (I think) one for all her great-grandchildren a couple of years before she died. I'll have to pull it out this week! :-)

  3. Sajak vs. Trebek ... winner? Bob Barker. Have you SEEN what he did to Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore?

    Although, on a ever-so-slightly more serious note ... this is apparently the battle of "Gameshow hosts who are a major part of a Disney Attraction along with Bill Nye and Ellen Degeneres" vs "Gameshow hosts who have had their main prop* made at the Scene Shop at Disney's Hollywood Studios" ... I'll take Solar Energy for 100 please, and Alex Trebek for the win.

    *If you count the wheel as the main prop ... however if you count Vanna White as the main prop, well, she may have been manufactured but not in that particular shop.

  4. that shoots down my idea for Christmas------lap quilts, Grandma blankies.

  5. Hey! Wait! I'm old! I'll GLADLY take a lap quilts and mom blankie! (as will my son...he's obsessed with comfy blankets!)

  6. Me too!!!! You can never have enough blankets!!