Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Conversation

Say it with me kids: Ep. Ic. I want the second one on my wall. Right next to this one.

Anyway. This one took place a couple of days ago walking down the hall before just before school started. I ended up walking with a third grader who shall go by Eric.

Eric: Miss Leslie, what year were you born?

(side note: it's a good thing I've been answering to Leslie since practically before I knew my name was Lacey!)

Me: Guess. (one day I will finally learn better than to ask this question - but the ego boost when they say 16 really outweighs the blow when they say 45! Also - this would be the point where I worried briefly that this one would go the same way this conversation went last year.)

Eric: Nineteen . . . ninety . . . five?

Me: (laughing) No . . .

Eric: Ninety-two?

Me: (insert actual year which I'm not stupid enough to put online like this here)

Eric: (gets all excited and hopeful sounding) So you were alive when the first Star Wars movie came out?!

Me: Well, no, that was in 1977. A few years before I was born.

Eric: (all disappointed) Oh. But you saw them when you were a kid, right?!

Later in class we had to talk about how Episode 4 was the first one to come out. I knew I liked this kiddo for a reason. :-) Does it count if the person who thinks you could pass for 16 is a 9-year-old?

Seriously, I love my job.

P. ost S. cript
Just to complete your Star Wars overload. My fellow nerds (and you know who you are) will get a kick out of it just like I did.


  1. Guessing the kid....
    I have three Star Wars fans in my class... S? C? G?

  2. love love Star Wars! And yes, I saw the original one when it came out back in the day..

    You know I get called Leslie a lot too... and Stacey and Lisa? whatever.

  3. Katie - S.

    Lacy - I answer to Leslie, Lindsey, Casey, Tracey, and Stacey. I've gotten Tacey a couple of times because there used to be a girl with that name in my parents' ward. I have yet to get Lisa, though.

  4. Yes, I'm a star wars fan ... sometimes too much of one. And yes, you're younger than me, but never once have I thought you were born in the 90's.