Monday, February 14, 2011

Vamlumtimes Is Serious Times

Some random thoughts for today:

~ I've always been pretty neutral when it come to Valentine's Day. No raging hatred, but no oh-my-gosh-give-me-flowers-and-chocolates-NOW! either.

~ Ellis does Valentine's right too. Everybody gets all dolled up and parties just enough to re-induce Halloween's sugar coma. Me, I'm totally kicking myself. I had big plans gorgeous red formal from high school (never worn) that still fits - actually, it might even fit me a bit better now! - my wedding tiara, the whole nine yards. I forgot. Doh! I've been kicking myself all day, along with comforting myself with the fact that I can save the outfit for next year without worrying about how to top this year's.

~ I got Valentines again!! Yay!! Not quite as massive a haul as last year, but it's so nice to feel loved. Also: five large homemade oreos from the kindergarten teacher MORE than makes up for the smaller overall haul! Also also: they make smoothie flavored jolly ranchers. I have just discovered another level of Nirvana. Also also also: scratch'n'sniff Valentine's card. Need I say more?

~ Listening to third graders having a Valentine's-vs-Valentime's discussion it was all I could do not to completely crack up. Because I totally had "tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines . . . Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines . . . TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINES . . . TINES!" in my head.

~ This one requires some back story:

K, so my three favorite animals are (in no particular order) dolphin, koalas, and kiwi birds. And a while back Luke and I decided that our kitchen is (someday) going to be decorated with a kiwi/koala/kangaroo theme and the bathroom is going to be dolphins. Actually, the bathroom thing was decided long before Luke was in the picture. Good thing he was cool with it. :-) Anyway, I was working on slowly acquiring the entire Walmart line of dolphin bathroom decor (very slowly, being the poor broke college student and then CM that I was) when suddenly said bathroom decor line disappeared. Which is highly disappointing, because that means we'll have to look harder and probably pay more to get it all. On the plus side, Walmart still sells dolphin shower curtains. But they can totally stop selling them now if they want to because that? Was/is my Valentine's present this year. Normally one would file "shower curtain" under the list of gifts as bad as (or possibly worse than) small appliances and movies you don't like but the giver does but in this case . . . I kind of melted. *insert gushing mushiness here*

Almost completely unrelated: Thanks to the Store o' Awesomeness I recently completed my animal sock collection. I've had dolphin and kiwi socks for years. Now I have koala socks too. YAY!!!!!

~ Keep the crock pot recipes coming! (and thanks for all the ones that have already come!) they kind of rock. Or should I say they "crock"?

Clearly, my sense of humor is already on its way to being as warped and weird as Grandpa's. Good thing I enjoy his, eh? :-)

P. ost S. cript
Another one I might have posted before. But the awesomeness never goes away.


  1. That top pic totally made me laugh...

  2. isn't a kiwi a fruit? (j/k)

    The top picture is awesome. And slightly scary. Ok. Very scary. I worry about the fate of humanity. On a regular basis.