Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Is So Me

Haven't figured this one out yet, but I think I'm going to go with "that's just sad."

Remember having reasons to getting dressed up? I'm not talking fancy ball gowns or dressy dressed up . . . just cute-ified. "All dolled up" as opposed to "fancied up." I remember making an effort to look cute in college - you never know who you might pass on campus and all that jazz. Working at Disney the costumes are specifically tailored to make everyone look ugly (which is probably why they don't care about labeling them with the correct size . . . which I'm still a little bitter about . . . ) but whenever we'd go to the parks as guests or head out to spend the night the clubs at PI it was always fun to get all dressed up. It was also nice to feel like an actual human being, instead of an advanced audio-animatronic figure, but that's a little beside the point.

So it's been a little depressing to never have any real reason to get all cute-ified these days. We don't go anywhere other than the mall . . . couldn't afford to go anywhere "fancy" anyway. And I tend to doll up a little for book club just because that's as good as it gets lately. (and that is not, of course, meant to be disparaging about book club!)

Anyway. I just plain felt like looking a little extra cute today. Which meant some wonderfully jangly hoops, my Hannah Montana necklace (so called because it's the one I bought partly because it was perfect for the costume. random: every time I wear it the kindergarten teacher greets me with "Peace!" and a reference to hippies and such because one of the charms is a peace symbol. I love it, partly because I think she may have been a hippie back in the day. And I find that kind of awesome.) and a ribbon tied around my ponytail in a great big bow '50s cheerleader style. I felt pretty awesome leaving the house this morning . . . so I'm sure you can imagine my horror at finding, as I tightened that ponytail a little more than an hour into my day, that the ribbon was gone!

I have no idea what happened. I retraced my steps, and texted Luke (slightly frantically, I will admit) to see if maybe I'd gotten lucky and it had fallen out before I'd even left. Yeah . . . no. It's gone. And I'm a little bit brokenhearted about it. This was no ordinary ribbon. It actually came as a belt with the sweater I wore today, so instead of satin or whatever it's a poly/rayon knit the same pinkest-of-pink-roses pink that's just a happy color and perfect to wear right around now when you're so completely sick of winter but you're inside and wearing pink so you can pretend to yourself for a little while that it's actually spring outside - until, you know, you look out a window or something and are confronted with the harsh reality of stupid Puxatawny Phil being a big fat PHONY! Grrr. Anyway. My awesome ribbon is gone, and it probably fell out somewhere in the halls and got picked up and in a few days I will see some adorable little girl wearing it in her hair and I will have to resist the temptation to yank it out whilst yelling "hey, that's MINE!" because, at least in theory, I am supposed to be the adult in this situation.

Man, being the adult SUCKS.

Worst part? This is totally the story of my life. I have an amazing (and by amazing I mean pathetic) track record for losing accessories. I hadn't lost any for a couple of years so I thought I'd FINALLY grown out of it or something, but . . . yeah, no. Apparently.

Seriously. I've lost easily a dozen rings or more. I lost my first "real" CTR ring (and by real I mean not the ones they give you at church when you're 7 and then they turn your finger green) when it dropped down the seat belt housing thingie in our van. (the gray one . . . we're talking way old school . . . ) It's probably still there. I lost three more in high school - mom finally quit getting me replacements for my birthday. I've lost probably half a dozen bracelets. And whoever came up with the brilliant idea for selling fish hook post earrings without backs - figuring, naturally that the post itself is long enough to make losing one unlikely . . . well, clearly they did not have me in mind. Because I've lost those too. And always, ALWAYS just one of a pair. Really, why couldn't they just both fall out and save me the misery of having the not lost one glaring . . . or maybe gloating . . . up at me every time I open my jewelry box. I suppose I should have just given them to Shayla, she wears mismatched earrings all the time. (well, she did . . . don't know if she still does.) And don't even get me started on hair accessories. Clearly I should have learned by now that that category is a lost cause.

I just don't get what's wrong. What is it about me that makes me incapable of holding on to accessories? I am going to lose my wedding ring one of these days. I see no way around it, it's just going to happen. I should probably take a leaf from Aunt Tawnya's book and get a bunch of cute, cheap rings to wear instead and switch them out all the time . . . except I love mine! I was absolutely terrified I was going to lose Luke's grandma's ring during those couple of months I wore it. To the point that I got into the habit of checking that it was still there about every fifteen minutes - and even more often if I was working at tank or LMA. It was actually a relief to get my ring because if I had lost that one I would still be devastated and guilt-ridden now, three years later. But now I admire it in my jewelry box and hope that any daughters we have manage to avoid this apparent accessorizing curse of mine.

P. ost S. cript
Today's video is purely a cheer-me-up. I know I've posted it before, but it always makes me laugh. And for those of you who haven't seen it before - we totally know Belle.


  1. "You know there's something there that wasn't there before." Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

  2. oh, man, I ALWAYS lose things, especially earrings :( saddest day... I hope you find your ribbon not attached to a little girl.

  3. I was totally expecting to see the video where Mrs. Potts falls over and can't get up.

  4. Can't watch the video because I am at work and it is blocked, so I'll do that at home.

    I bought a HUGE package of earring backs just so I don't lose the fish hook ones, because selling them without backs is stupid (or maybe a brilliant marketing ploy) Take the old mismatched earrings apart and use them to make another piece of jewelry.

    And next time you wear a ribbon, tie it above the pony tail holder and not around it then bobby pin it underneath.

  5. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha....that was funny.