Friday, February 4, 2011

An Infomercial

Can't say you haven't been warned - I'm going to sound even more like an infomercial than last spring when I raved to Sarah about how awesome Goodreads' First Reads book giveaways are. (but seriously, can I just say - winning seven books in a year? Yes, please! Of course, to put it in perspective I've entered nearly 200)


So Ashli and I and having a party next Friday. A Premier Jewelry Party. And it's going to be awesome. And you're invited. Yep, you too. And you. You . . . well, I guess so. :-)

What is Premier Jewelry, you ask? Good question, because I'd never even heard of it until Shay had a party back in October. Basically, it appears that home sale businesses for women who feel guilty working outside of the home (or enjoy feeling superior than everyone else when they say they don't) has expanded beyond the tupperware-and-make-up variety. I suppose you can only have so many people who sell Mary Kay on one block, you know?

Anyway. Testimonial time - The stuff is seriously awesome. TONS of variety, absolutely TONS of stuff. Very stylish, a lot of it's very chunky . . . which I have to admit, is not really my style to wear, but I love looking at it. I'm a pendant person myself. And it's SO cool - they have these things called enhancers, where you get a pendant with a chain and the pendant itself is magnetic so you can totally take it off, and then you buy MORE enhancers and snap them on and you've got a million different necklaces but only one chain so they don't all get tangled. And holy crap, tangled necklace chains are the bane of my existence.

(side note: I have upwards of 40 necklaces, and although Luke bought me an absolutely GORGEOUS Chinese jewelry box for Christmas a couple of years ago, there's just not enough room for necklaces so they still get tangled sometimes. Grrr.)

Back to the enhancers - Shay got this super pretty necklace of big turquoise beads . . . again, not my style but I love it. Then she's got this enhancer which is a huge turquoise pendant, so it's like she's got two necklaces because they really are two very different looks. So cool!

Gotta say though, the thing that convinced me that I had to have a party is their pearl necklace . . . their NINETY INCH pearl necklace. Yeah, you read that right. How's that for crazy? I tried it on as a single strand and it nearly hit my knees. I'm not really a pearl person either, but as soon as I saw it I could feel the covetousness developing - if I get nothing else, I am getting that necklace. There are, like, 40+ different ways to wear it . . . I think it comes with an instruction manual! (random: I suppose it's possible I want it because my subconscious mind is still looking for a way to top my Halloween costume next year - I could totally be a flapper girl! Fun!! even more random: I still get the occasional comment about my awesome Halloween costume, mostly from the fourth graders. Usually along the lines of "Miss Lacey, remember how for Halloween you dressed up as Hannah Montana? That was so cool!" and I have to remind myself that a sarcastic "I'd totally forgotten about that! Thanks for reminding me!" may not go over as well with 9-and-10-year-olds as it would with people my own age.)

Lest you think this is all about the jewels-of-the-neck, they have earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, and watches too. And lots of them come in matching sets. The company also seems to be pretty big into being a "Christian based" company so they have a good selection of cross jewelry. And I may have to get one just so I can wear it around here and see how many people I can horrify. And because, you know, I think they can be pretty. (side note: we went to Maurice's last week during our weekly excursion to the mall, and they currently have some great cross necklaces. This party was seriously the only thing that stopped me from buying one . . . or four . . . )

Okay, done raving. Let me start buy admitting that the whole reason for doing this is because it's all about the free jewelry for me. You buy = I (and Ashli) get free stuff. That said I absolutely don't want anyone to think I'm trying to make a sales pitch here in order to get free stuff. I have never heard of such a generous home-sale business in my life. We get a chunk of money for not changing the date after we schedule. We get a chunk of money for people showing up. (so here's my sales pitch - COME!!) We get a chunk if people schedule their own parties at our party. And on top of that we get the typical percentage of whatever people buy. Say it with me folks: Awe. Some.

Sadly, they do not have a website (and how behind the times is that?!) otherwise I would be really psyched to do a bunch of cross-country selling. That said, I have catalogs, and if anyone is interested I can absolutely scan in pictures so you can at least sort of check things out.

This is probably the part where I tell my sob story about how I've had two Mary Kay parties and nobody showed up to either of them. I kid you not - well, Shay came to the second one. Yeah. Sooooo did not help with the whole people-just-pretend-to-like-me self esteem issues. Which is actually why I kind of made Ashli co-host with me . . . I knew that way there would actually be people there.

So. Anyway. Jewelry party. It's totally gonna rock. And you should totally come. Next Friday, February 11. If you want more details and we're not facebook friends leave me a way to contact you . . . because I'm kind of not about to put our address on a blog. If we are facebook friends . . . well, you've probably already been invited, but if you haven't let me assure you it's not because you're not invited, it's because when you have ten friends named Jessica it can be hard to remember which one's your cousin, which one's the college roommate, which one's the fellow CM, and blah, blah, blah. And I have a lot of friends who share first names. It gets confusing. And I seriously still do a double take every time I see Leza (my pregnant cousin-in-law) with her ultrasound profile picture because my mind always reads her name initially as Lexie (my 14-year-old cousin). Seriously people, what is up with this whole making Lacey think thing? Do you enjoy watching the smoke pour out of my ears or what? :-)

P. ost S. cript
This = not all that recent, actually. How's that for crazy? I mean, I remember 1994! Also: I remember when @ meant "about."


  1. Thing one: I know I already said I would come and I really want to, but Sue asked me to work that night, SO I will still try to come afterward, but if I can't, I will definitely want to see a catalog.

    Thing onepointfive: If no one came to your Mary Kay party, you reaaaally can't say that is because they don't like you. I say this will all respect to anyone reading that may sell it, use it, love it, but I don't think any of my friends would come to a MK party no matter how much I begged, but they would all come to a jewelry party.

    Thing two: That video clip is the best thing I have ever seen in my life.

  2. 1~ I'll bring the catalog Monday. We get free stuff for pre-sales too! :-)

    1.5~ True, logically speaking. But still a blow to the ego, you know?

    2~ RIGHT?!

  3. Okay, totally feeling guilty. You invited me to a Mary Kay party one day after Jim's class. Well, I think it was Jim class. And I didn't go because I barely knew you. (I know I'm horrible awful and mean). Now I feel so guilty, I want to cry. You are one of the most amazing people that I know (come on, English Major, French Minor, obsession with Lost and all things Disney, how can you NOT be AMAZING!). Maybe I will just have to drive the 6 or so hours up there to come to this party to redeem myself. Okay, maybe not. But scan in some of those pictures. Depending on prices, I may get some. I'm totally lacking in the jewelry department and I've been wanting that to change for some time.

    p.s. don't hate me.

  4. Granted, I think Ian and I might be the only males that read this, but could you add a disclaimer at the top that males can skip this blog entry without missing anything? Thanks!

  5. Sarah ~ Don't feel guilty. Like you said, we were still getting to know each other. And it's true - Mary Kay parties are a dime a dozen. I usually go when I'm invited, but I always feel guilty when I don't buy anything. I'll scan some pictures and add them to the facebook event so everyone who can't make it can check them out.

    Eric ~ I figured the "I'm to sound like an infomercial" combined with the "jewelry party" was warning enough. My bad.

  6. For all I know, you could have had 1 paragraph about the jewelry party, and 8 about something that I may want to actually read ... or make smartass comments about.

  7. I have a 100" pearl necklace. I would like to see some pitures---so not driving 20 hrs. Love Grandma

  8. I do the same thing with Leza's name!! but never said anything because I thought it was just me.

    And yes scan pics because even though I am closer than Grandma- I am not driving there but sitting through another night of Phantom