Monday, December 20, 2010

I Work for the Department of the Redundancy Department

. . . I have no clever commentary for this one. None.

I've had a few theoretical blog posts floating around in my head. As I was formulating them they all struck me as a little too familiar, and since they were all variations on a Christmas Theme, I decided to hop in to my flashback machine, and lo and behold I've hit them all before. Blargh. Talk about there being no such thing as original thought left in the world!

Suffice it to say I stand behind everything I said last year, with a couple of small addendums:

1) To those who are celebrating winning the "war" on Christmas - if you are referring to trees for sale being referred to as "Christmas trees" as opposed to "holiday trees" which was rather silly, great. I don't really see what the difference is, but I'm glad you're glad. If you are celebrating that your favorite store no longer carries menorahs, however . . . how I wish I could subject you to the vengeful wrath of Apophis.

Also - this is quite probably the UGLIEST thing I have ever scene. And there are no words for how disturbing I find it.

2) Only two Christmas cards this year, and I'm such a hypocrite for being a little disappointed by that. Especially since I've been mocking The Christmas Letter for years. This one, however is the most awesome (and accurate) one I've ever come across. (Also - a new toon?!?! Talk about a Decemberween MIRACLE!!! YAY!!!!)

Anyway, all y'all know pretty much everything we've been up to this year, and if you don't there's a really easy way to get caught up. But if that's too much work for you . . .


On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me

12 months of blogging

11 months and three weeks of no problems with my car (and counting!)

10 paychecks with my name on them :-)

9 local restaurants tried out (to varying degrees of satisfaction)

8 no longer the first number of my student loan balance

7 seasons of Stargate SG1 watched

6 books won online

5 months of no rent!

4 awesome Wii games

3 out of town guests

2 years being married (almost)

and a . . . partridge in a pear tree, I guess. I think my creativity has run dry for tonight. I thought about "and a little one on the way . . . NOT!" but I don't think my mother could have handled the crushing disappointment had she heard about it. Perhaps next year. Or the next . . .

Anyway, happy holidays, season's greeting, Merry Christmas, and all that jazz. And could someone please adjust the dosage of Mother Nature's bi-polar meds, because seriously, this snow-one-day-rain-the-next thing? Soooo not cool.

P. ost S. cript
So this is as un-Christmas-y as it gets . . . but also pretty much as funny as it gets . . .


  1. I find it rather disturbing that in the "CHRIST-mas tree" link. One of the pictures was a scantily clad woman with that "look" in her eyes.

  2. Heh. Bi-polar meds. Heh.

    Doesn't your mother read your blog?

  3. Sarah - I know, right? Whatever it takes to sell an ugly tree I guess . . .

    Aunt Sharon - not to my knowledge.

  4. But she knows you blog. And what a blog is, right?

  5. Ummmm . . . possibly. And I hope so.

  6. One need only look at upcoming movie releases to realize that there is absolutely no original thought left on this planet. Cowboys and Aliens?

    And I, for one, was rather pleased to have found a rather (smallish but still) decent selection of Menorahs (Menori?) at Publix and ... (gasp) Target. I even had the option of Electric vs Candle powered. (And yes, I still live in an area of Florida, which, unlike Boca, does NOT have a large (or any) Jewish population)

  7. What do you mean there's no Jewish population? There's you and Risa and Allan and Veronica! :-)

  8. Yes, there are the 4 of us, but generally large stores such as Publix and Target don't bother to stock stuff that only 4 people would possibly want.