Friday, December 17, 2010

Well. I Feel Awkward.

I would.

So today was the last day of school before Christmas break. And let's just chalk the day up with another few dozen reasons why I have an awesome job. First there was the hysterically amusing hour-long Christmas sing-along assembly this morning - special guests, Santa and the Grinch. Then there's the fact that, like Halloween, I didn't really do much actual work today, but I still got paid to be there. Woot! But of course, everybody knows the best part about Christmas is the presents. :-)

(*insert corny sentimental something or other to show that I do understand the "true meaning of Christmas."* Seriously though, if you haven't figured out by now when to take me seriously and when not to . . . yeah . . . just . . . yeah . . . )

I was aware of the fact that sometime between the time I was in elementary school and now it became not only acceptable, but also expected and possibly required for kids to give their teachers something for Christmas. (btw, can someone explain to me when/how this happened?) And I figured I might get a token cookie or three from a couple of the kids, but I really wasn't expecting much. After all, I'm just an aide, you know? Aren't I, like, invisible or something?

(side note: I'm sure you can all see where this is going, but I'm going to draw it out anyway. Because I can.)

So imagine my surprise when I walk into my first class (the 4th grade one) and literally before I've gotten more than about 5 steps into the room one of the girls hands me a little box containing a tube of lotion with a cute little handwritten "to Miss Lacey" card. Say it with me kids - aaaawwwwwwwwwww!! Possibly the best/most surprising thing was I also got mobbed with hugs along with the "merry Christmas" wishes coming from kids who were already bouncing of the walls. I mean, isn't fourth grade about the time when kids start to lose the huggy-ness? I thought? But it was really sweet to get hugs from a couple of the "toughest" guys in the class. :-)

Fast forward to third grade, where kids were handing out cookies like they were . . . well, cookies. :-) Then there was a box of raisinets from one kid, and I was really surprised to have another boy hand me a "full size" gift bag - and by full size I mean roughly the average sized gift bag one would typically expect to see under a tree. Inside? A full package of oreos and a pair of flip flops. Talk about going all out, eh? I'm kind of curious as to how much input this little guy had in to what went into my bag, because he's one whom I'm pretty sure has had a crush on me since I was in his class last year. He's a really sweet kid, and one of the reasons that I'm always teasing Luke about having competition. :-) The flip flops are really cute and have a peacock design on them - I feel kind of bad about giving them to Shayla, but I'm just not a flip flop person. There was also a small gift from the teacher waiting for me on "my" table when I came in. This would be the point where I started feeling a little awkward because yesterday the kindergarten teacher I work with gave me some dish detergent with a little card that said "wishing you peace happiness and JOY" and it was all pun-y and cutesy and greatly appreciated because that means it's that much longer before I have to buy more. But I really, honestly was not expecting anything . . . so I didn't get anything for anyone. And now I feel really silly, and a little guilty. Anyway. About this time I'm thinking "at least the fourth grade teacher didn't give me anything." Yeah, famous last words. Of all the teachers I figured he'd be the least likely because, well, he's a dude. He's also the third grade teacher's brother-in-law, and knows I'm in her classroom during their math time. And since there was the whole assembly-and-things-are-kinda-crazy thing going on while I was in his classroom, when I'm in third grade he slips in really quickly leaving ANOTHER full size bag on the table. This one turned out to have a loaf of bread from one of the super yummy local bakeries and a very kind "thanks for helping so much" note that I really wasn't expecting. It's so nice to feel appreciated . . . like I'm actually helping . . . you know?

Anyway - second grade - a cute little candy dish with chocolate covered nuts and pretzels. First grade (where I've been subbing for the last two months after the old aide adopted a baby, and today was my last day) - a clearly handmade, absolutely darling little card purse (as opposed to a coin purse) and a Jamba Juice gift card. Have I mentioned I adore Jamba Juice? And that even though I don't yet know how much it's for, it could be for fifty freaking cents and it would pretty much be the best present anyone got me this Christmas? And that this one came with another very sweet thank you note? And was presented as the class sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" to me? After which I got uber-mobbed by hugs, at the end of a day full of hug-mobbings?

Yeah. I feel like a horrible slacker. I mean, I'm not a teacher, I'm not supposed to get this much attention, right? I suppose I should have seen it coming after getting half a dozen valentines back in February when I'd only been there for about three weeks. Feeling SO. Dang. Guilty. Blargh. I'm totally giving everyone little shillelagh rolls. Maybe if I make them tonight they'll taste as good as grandma's by this time next year . . . or maybe I'll just have to have grandma make them for me. ;-)

P. ost S. cript
What the what?! True story - once upon a time Lacey took a bowling class in college. Her average went from a 33 to a 110 over the course of the semester. 110 is still pretty craptastic, but considering the fact that it's more than 3 times better than 33 . . . Lacey was quite proud of herself at the end of the semester. Also: I'm totally a pro at Wii bowling. And I would LOVE to be able to pull something like this off. But I would just end up looking ridiculous.


  1. I would be glad to make you some. Next year we will keep this in mind. You will have to remind me in Oct. Love Grandma

  2. My kids have always given their teachers Christmas presents.....and they were in elementary the same time as you. Maybe it was just Idaho who didn't?

  3. Maybe it was just us and I just never noticed the other kids giving gifts . . .

  4. I don't know what you're talking about. I gave my teachers gifts.

    And, coming from a teacher, just know that even though you're an aid and not the full time teacher, the kids consider you one of their teachers, too.