Monday, December 27, 2010

That Was Fun

So. Christmas. It came, it saw, it snowed the next freaking day. Seriously? Can I just say that "I'm Dreaming of a White Day After Christmas" really doesn't have the same ring to it? Lame! And believe you me if the weather gets all wintry and snowy now, at the point in time when I merely tolerate snow . . . heads are gonna roll. I don't know whose, and I don't know how, but heads are gonna roll. Maybe I'll make some snowmen . . . and a snow guillotine.

Anyway. Christmas was awesome. A few thoughts ~

~ At the risk of waxing a little mushy again, I have to start with how awesome Luke is. I'm a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb, mostly because it's the only decent cartoon on these days. So naturally it was always on in the tank break room, and we all learned some of the best songs quickly. (And yes, I may or may not have several P&F songs recorded as ring tones for my phone.) So when we were checking out the new Toys R Us in the mall a couple of months ago and discovered a Perry the Platypus that transforms into AGENT P!!!!!!! . . . well, I kinda geeked out. And said I wanted it for Christmas. I was only half serious, but if my parents can get a stuffed Ewok as a present, I figure there's nothing wrong with me having a stuffed platypus. (side note: I will never stop being depressed that said Ewok disappeared when we moved to Utah. I was SO claiming that in the will!)

So. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Christmas morning, there's Perry waiting for me. And it was awesome. I'm so glad I found a guy who doesn't mind when I act like a kid sometimes. Because seriously, where's the fun in life if you can't enjoy a cartoon made for five-year-olds sometimes?

~ We (well, Luke) also solved an almost two year long recurring disagreement of, honestly, epically silly proportions. 'Kay, so I hate how butter from the fridge won't spread. But Luke can't stand the idea of leaving butter out so it's soft, even in a dish. So then I remember that once upon a time I was eating dinner at a friend's house and they had a butter bell. Seems like the perfect solution, no? Except Luke doesn't like the idea of the butter being in the water. But he goes looking for one anyway, and ends up at Kitchen Kneads. I have to admit, if I ever started visiting that store I would end up buying tons of awesome gadgets . . . and then never using them. But they'd look so cool!! Anyway, while he's looking he gets a recommendation from the lady he asked for help from - a butter boat. Brilliant! I kind of love it. Seriously, I ate toast yesterday JUST because there was soft butter. It's awesome.

~ Luke had to work Christmas. It sucked. We are both SO over the whole "working on holidays" thing. And seriously, you close the place one year but not the year after? LAME!!

~ We all went in together to get Mom and Dad Rock Band for Christmas. I'd never played before Saturday, but it was fun. Simultaneously easier and harder than I'd expected it to be. But TONS of fun. Absolutely have to get our own copy eventually. Along with the original Rock Band we also got the country track pack and the Beatles version. It is now my life's ambition to get a video of my dad singing "I Am the Walrus" ad put it online . . . those of you who know my dad will, I'm sure, understand why. :-)

~ After Jason talked to Rian he made the comment that he still didn't really have an idea of how he was doing. I have to concur. The kid doesn't say much, and at this point I'm thinking he never will. (That shouldn't be so surprising . . . he is my father's son, after all!) However, his list of Christmas presents set to the was memorable. Mostly because he forgot 11 and 12. :-) But the "6 pounds of fudge" coupled with "4 more pounds of fudge" was highly amusing. Especially since mom insists she didn't send him 10 pounds of fudge. However, we'll never know since said fudge is long gone. Of course.

~ On that note, it was made more obvious than ever before how much my mother over does it when it comes to holiday food. Every Christmas she makes enough to feed the proverbial small, starving army, and spends the days leading up to Christmas worrying that she hadn't made enough to feed 4-8 regularly fed people. With Rian not here to inhale everything on sight, I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of food ends up getting tossed because it doesn't get eaten before it goes bad. I'm not complaining by any means, but when it takes a degree in engineering to figure out how to fit all the leftovers in the fridge and LITERALLY every available surface in the kitchen is covered with munchies (half a dozen kinds of fudge, veggie trays, crackers and cheese balls - yes, plural! - punch, cookies, and a million other things . . . suffice it to say I do not understand why my mom worries EVERY year that there's not enough food. Also - good thing we have a wii fit!

~ I can feel the blister forming on my left thumb already . . . this is going to be painful. But the bunnies are going to get their pile to the moon if it kills me! So. Freaking. Awesome. Can't wait until we have the other to Raving Rabbids games too! :-)

~ Remember that project I mentioned I was so glad to finish? This is it. I made it for Luke's mom for Christmas. SOOOOO glad she liked it. I've got to find more reasons to cross-stitch. No one out there wants a pretty cross-stitched table cloth, do they? Dresser scarf? Set of napkins? :-)

So Christmas was pretty great this year. No real complaints . . . well, just the one. (stupid Convergys!) And now there's only 363 days until Christmas! :-)

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Have I posted this one before? Oh well, it's still awesome. :-)

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