Friday, December 18, 2009

Not Happening

We got a big stack of Christmas cards in the mail yesterday. Well . . . not so big. Only four. I guess it seemed like a big stack since they all came on the same day. I love getting Christmas cards - they make me feel so popular! It's like getting valentines after elementary school. I never got very many and I was always so jealous of the girls walking around with a stack of those cheap little cards . . . and inevitably a couple of carnations and maybe a cookie or two courtesy of various club fundraisers timed to take advantage of Valentine's Day. Man, that was depressing!

Anyway - Christmas cards. I suppose I should feel guilty for not sending any when people send them to us. But it seems kind of pointless these days. I mean really, when even three out of your four grandparents have facebook and you can either write "Merry Christmas" on their wall or just send mass greetings out through a status update what's the point of sending a card? The cards themselves and the postage cost money, and don't even get me started on the horrors of potential paper cuts. ;-) And then there's the whole "not very green" thing, which I'm not going to touch with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole. Besides, who wants a boring old paper card when you can send e-cards decked out with dancing snowmen dressed like Santa complete with glittery "snow" falling and crappy . . . I mean, state-of-the-art, futuristic wav file Christmas carols playing. Does your paper card play music?! Oh, wait - some of them do these days. (side note: if you ever find yourself hunting for a card of any sort from me, just get one with these guys. A. Dore!) But your paper card snowmen don't really dance!! Take that!!

On a similar note - the Christmas letter. Again, love reading them . . . but don't get sending them anymore. I mean, the people I would send them to are already my facebook friends, and presumably occasionally poking around here. So they know more details about my/our life in the past year than I would even think to include if I did write a letter. So . . . yeah. Not happening. Should I feel guilty? Although, even if the answer is yes, that guilt is counter-balanced by the knowledge that my mother got my major wrong in (I'm pretty sure) all four letters while I was in college. That kind of makes me wonder . . . would people care - or even notice - if I sent out a letter full of completely fiction events? "We spent our lovely six week honeymoon Ireland and rented a castle, and oh, by the way, don't be surprised when you don't get a letter next year as we'll be in Uganda volunteering with the Peace Corps. Make sure you pick up my new book coming out in a couple of months - I'll even sign it for you!!!"

I wonder how long it would take people to catch on . . . you know . . . that could be fun!!! Shhh!!!! Don't blow the whistle on me on facebook!!! :-P

So anyway . . . yeah. For those of you who've been wondering what we've been up to this year, well - this pretty much covers it. And check it out - I've gone paperless!! Just like my cell phone bill!! :-)

P. ost S. cript
Most awesome thing ever? Quite possibly.


  1. I quit cards several years ago. And letters just make me laugh. Last year I did a post on my blog and emailed the address. Don't feel guilty. Less & less people are sending them...

  2. I LOVE your allusion to "The Grinch." It made my day!

  3. I wondered how many people would catch it. :-)