Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Have A Bad Feeling About This

I like to think of myself as fairly technologically savvy. My family has had a home computer ever since I can remember, and from talking to other people I get the feeling that we were pretty early adopters as far as that goes. So I've always more or less known my way around with them. And as I've mentioned, Dad got a cell phone pretty early on, so even though I didn't get one until I was a junior in college it was hardly foreign to me when I started carrying it around all the time. The first time I played a Wii was shortly after they were first released because a friend of mine camped out overnight to get one. Dude, I even had a myspace page! Technically I suppose it's still there, but I haven't signed in for ages.

Anyway, I guess I'm trying to say don't think I'm some backwards techno-phobe who doesn't like adapting to new things. (but don't even get me started on facebook's obnoxious updates!) That said, there are some things I absolutely don't get the point of . . .

1) Smart phones. Why do you need to carry the internet around with you all the time? If you really can't go more than an hour without checking your email/facebook/blog/whatever you probably need more of a life in REAL life. Either that or a less demanding job. I'm sure I sound like a centenarian or something, but put down the freaking gadgets and interact with the real world for crying out loud. Also, I kind of like the whole "dedicated device" thing. I like my phone for communication, my camera for taking pictures, my computer for surfing the internet . . . that sort of thing. It seems that when you try to cram them all together something gets lost in quality along the way. At least, that must be the case if all the jokes about dropped iphone calls are based in even the slightest bit of fact.

2) Twitter. Absolutely don't get it. As far as I can tell, it's just facebook status updates, and that's it. So . . . why can't you just update your status? I'm sure following celebrities is fun and all, but don't you get the same stuff from skimming the occasional celebri-gossip article online, as - I admit - I do if a headline catches my eye. Someone please explain this to me. Preferably quickly


Oy. I can't believe I'm doing this. Or admitting it. Someone knock some sense into me or something.

Anyway, I found this article this morning, and it's really pretty interesting. So I ended up checking out a couple of the sites it mentioned, and holy crap there is some awesome stuff being given away out there! I could feel myself getting sucked in as I looked around a bit, and then I discover things like $25 gift cards where the deadline to enter is today and there are only four or five entries. So I'm like . . . "wait . . . what?!" because those are pretty good odds, you know? So I'm like, what the heck, it's free and stuff, so I'll give it a go. And then I discover that a lot of these giveaways involve liking them on facebook and following on twitter to enter. Blargh. I'm still holding out on the whole liking things on facebook, mostly because it annoys me, but I'd heard of getting freebies and stuff from twitter before. You can probably guess where this is going.

Yep, I'm on twitter. I'm not sure what I was thinking, and I'm pretty sure I will regret it - either because I never touch it after today, or I get so sucked in that it gets ridiculous. Go ahead and place your bets as to which one happens.

So, umm . . . I could kind of use a crash course into what I've just gotten myself into. I know how the whole @whoever thing works, and I know about hashtags, and how to follow people . . . but beyond that I'm kind of like my mom with any new phone or computer - it takes her months to figure everything out. Seriously, ask her. She says so herself all the time.

Anyway, LJo was taken . . . grrr . . . so I'm @veriladaine. Let me know who you are, and PLEASE help me out here.

I better win some pretty freaking good prizes this way.

P. ost S. cript
If you didn't know I would be posting some sort of Star Wars video the second you read the title . . . well, there are no words. Other than this video is awesome.


  1. I follow mostly publishing types (authors, book bloggers, agents, etc) which is, actually, kinda helpful. I can get you a list, should you want one.

  2. Ok, I have twitter and don't really get it either. I even printed the whole manual thingy because I thought I could promote my business, but have not had time to sit down and read and understand it. I know how to follow and how to update, but don't know hashtags, @ or how to do anything but update my status and so I don't do it very often because why iff I can just update facebook?
    Help me with that.

    And I agree with #1 and the whole dedicated device aspect!

  3. in the help section of the twitter site.