Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Help Here?

So raspberry cookies were rather an epic flop. Which is really disappointing since I used almost half a bottle in an attempt to compensate for the cooking off of flavor. But while the dough tasted aMAZing and the whole apartment smelled absolutely divine for a few days the cookies . . . totally bland. Tasted vaguely sugar cookie-ish. Smelled good though. And you could kind of taste the raspberry if you took a big sniff right before you took a bite - I'm sure we looked really weird whilst munching on them. So disappointing, especially because I was looking forward to trying this version with those chopped orange gummies. Seriously, how awesome does that sound?! Sad day!

I'm really confused. I mean, I know all about how the extracts bake off a bit . . . I've always at least doubled the vanilla in a recipe. But why are they baking off so thoroughly? I mean, what's the point of putting it in when there won't be the slightest taste of it in the finished product? Am I doing something wrong?

Luke thinks it's because it's imitation flavoring, which does make sense, but I've never seen pure versions of most of the flavorings in the baking aisle. Grrrrrr!!!!! Anyway, my next cookie experiment will be mint - pure mint - with Heath bits. YUM!!! My mouth waters just thinking about it.

(Also, I have a root beer cake in the oven right now . . . can't wait to see how that turns out!)

One other baking question while I'm appealing to the experts: every time I use this cookie recipe the cookies come out all flat and spread out like I forgot the flour or something. They taste normal, but they look like I completely messed up somewhere along the line. At first I thought it was because I was doubling the recipe (always do . . . otherwise not many cookies actually get baked!) and something got lost in the doubling and I needed to more than double the flour or something. So with the ras-flop cookies I did a single recipe and measured everything meticulously. And . . . nothing different. Could there be something wrong with the recipe? Luke thinks it's the oven, which admitedly is not really high quality, but everything else comes out fine - meatloaf, cakes, casseroles, pizza - even other kinds of cookies. So, so confused. Help!

And for those not related to me, a shameless plug - I have an awesome aunt. (Actually, I have multiple awesome aunts.) And she is an awesome cook. (Can't speak for the others, but I would assume so.) And she has an awesome cooking blog. Check it out! Bunches of yummy sounding recipes . . . I've only tried a few thus far, but they were great - and if I can follow them without screwing up, you know they're pretty fool-proof. Good times. You're welcome. ;-)

P. ost S. cript
Oh yes you can! I much prefer using a straw. :-)


  1. A thought about flavoring: pure is the way to go. And, no, you can't usually get them in the baking aisle. Go to Love to Cook at Kitchen Kneads, in front of Sam's Club, next to Payless. You will pay a little bit but it really is so worth it. I love the vanilla paste. I use that all the time.
    A thought about flat cookies: I've also had this problem, and these are my thoughts=use real butter instead of margarine or lessen the amount all together. Also, COLD cookie dough cooks so much better. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes (depending on how warm your kitchen is at the time) and make sure your oven is completely preheated. Also, it could be a high altitude thing so add just a little bit more flour. Make the consistency of playdough. Keep that in mind for the butter thing as well. Happy cookie cooking!

  2. I second the altitude thing. With most boxed things, I have much better luck here if I follow the high altitude instructions.

  3. Thanks guys!! I'm already using real butter, but I'll definitely have to try the cold dough thing. I've only been inside Kitchen Kneads enough to know it has tons of stuff I want to buy but would probably never use. :-) I'll have to check it out though!

    Aunt Sharon - boxed stuff works fine for me with the normal directions . . . am I just incompetent when it comes to this recipe or what? :-P