Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Team Peeta!!!! . . . I mean Gale!!!! . . . er . . . ummmm . . . Team Haymitch?

Have you read The Hunger Games? You should. First, because it's awesome. Second, because if you haven't/don't I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

You know what the crazy thing is? I probably never have read them if the first one hadn't been a book club pick. It just wasn't one that caught my eye. But after about two chapters, I was completely hooked. Read the first one in three sittings. Found out there were three, and the third one isn't out until August. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I check out the library website and see that there's about 15 holds on the second one, so I figure that perfect - I'll get it around about May, and then it'll be a relatively short wait for the third one. But then -

The book comes in. Last week. Two months early. On the one hand, kinda awesome, 'cause I'm dying to read it. On the other hand . . . well, I read Catching Fire in two sittings. Finished it at almost 1:00 in the morning, and immediately kicked Luke off the computer to find out the exact date for Mockingjay. August 24 - GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have noticed that August 24 is currently 146 days away. To same I'm dying is putting it somewhat mildly.

I haven't been this excited for a new book since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Well, adn books 4-6. I got into Harry Potter after Azkaban was out. I pre-ordered 5&6, and went to a midnight party for 7 . . . that was pretty fun. And it's a really good thing they always came out on weekends . . . and an especially good thing I was off the day 7 came out, because I read straight through the night, stopping multilpe times as characters died to cry. :-( Seriously, I think I cried about half my weight off that night/morning. There better not be a bunch of deaths this time around!!

And this is why I hate reading a series before it's done. The next few months? Are going to be torture. Especially since I haven't decided between pre-ordering or midnight-partying. Good thing I've got time. (note: Amazon's got it for 8 bucks . . . just so's ya know if you're debating too!) What's going to happen? I mean, there's always the bits that are pretty easy to guess - the fate of the rebellion (I feel like I'm talking about Star Wars, lol), that one district that shall not be named will be a pretty big deal, people are gonna die, all that good stuff. But what happened to Cinna? Who else is involved? Are certain people ok? Prim? Peeta? Madge? GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared for frequent updates on how long it is until August 24. And not just from the new countdown. (You did notice that, right?)

P. ost S. cript
And this kids, is why you don't touch two power lines at once. But if you can get a branch up there, it is kinda awesome. Also, I highly recommend going full screen on this one.


  1. Ha! Mine is preordered. I made Isaac read and I just forced my mother in law to start reading them as well...

    And it's TOTALLY team Peeta. Duh.

  2. So I am going to start reading these books. While you wait you should read the fablehaven series. My husband and I have fallen in love with them, and the fifth one just came out. No so much of a love story ( there is a little), but they are great! The fifth and final one just came out so you don't have to wait to read the series :)

  3. At my school, the awesome librarian does a contest comprised of the books nominated for the Utah Beehive Awards. I always participate. Sometimes there are good books, but sometimes the books completely suck. Hunger Games was one of those books this year. And it was by far the best. If you can recall, months ago, I recommended Hunger Games on my Facebook status. I too, stayed up till 1 just to finish it because I couldn't put the blasted book down.

    And I double Krista's recommendation for Fablehaven. I just picked up the last one today at Costco. I can't wait to read that. But first I must finish Hidden Mickey (you might like that one).

  4. Hunger Games is next in my que of books to read. Then book 5 of Fablehaven.

    I, too, hate waiting for books in a series. I started The Wheel of Time books not knowing it was a series and then Robert Jordan died while writing the final book. waiting for Brandon Sanderson to finish the series was agonizing to say the least. And then when the final book comes out? He has split it into 3 more books and so I am STILL waiting!!!

  5. Those are the books "T". Are they about people or "part people" or "things as people" ? I don't like books or movies where everything is part animal or thing and human. Love Mom (Grandma)

  6. Spoiler opinion!!! My guess is that either Peeta or Gale will die, thereby making the choice kind of a moot point.

    Sarah - is Hidden Mickey a novel? 'Cause that sounds kinda awesome. Also - have you read Kingdom Keepers? That one's on my must list, but I've never seen it anywhere outside the parks.

    Grandma - Everybody's human here.

  7. I feel your pain. I hate waiting for the next book in a series to come out. Especially when people who haven't read it don't understand why it's so vitally important.

  8. Hidden Mickey is a novel co-written by someone who lives in St. George. I bought it and met them while at an expo thingy. Basically Walt left a diary leaving clues to find different things. The two main characters travel to all of Walt's old favorite places to gather these clues. It's pretty good. There are some MAJOR editing errors that are really bothering me. But the overall story line isn't too bad. Kind of like National Treasure, but with Disney. I haven't read Kingdom Keepers, but that too is on my list (why must I be such a reader!). I've never seen it at a store, but then I haven't looked. All I know is they have copies at my school library. Maybe I'll take them home over the summer. If you want to borrow Hidden Mickey, I can mail it to you when I'm done.