Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just one, actually. Saturday Luke and I spent the day being all touristy in Salt Lake. It was sooooooo awesome to get a change of scene for a little while, and we'd been eagerly planning the little trip for a couple of months now. And by eagerly planning I really mean excitedly anticipating, because we both fall decidedly more to the "have a general idea of a basic plan of what we might do and then see what happens from there" end of the spectrum as opposed to the "have an itinerary that's itemized down to five minute intervals or smaller" end. Also - even though I've been telling him otherwise for a year, Luke would not be convinced that there is nothing to do in downtown Salt Lake other than Temple Square and shop. And I can't really say I blame him . . . I mean, downtown Brisbane? Downtown Seattle? Plenty to do and see. Salt Lake though . . . just not so much.

So we popped into the Layton Hills Mall on the way to get my ring inspected, which was our excuse for the whole trip, and we got to SL by about ten. And it was really great because Luke's been to Temple Square twice, but the first time it was dark and all the buildings were closed, and the second time . . . well, it wasn't a day exactly conducive to being touristy, you know? :-) So we hit a tour of the Conference Center, which was pretty cool because it turns out we didn't really see much of it when my family wandered around by ourselves seven or eight years ago. And I'd never been to the roof either, which was pretty cool even though there weren't any plants blooming yet. And how's this for crazy - looking across the street, we only spotted five couples taking wedding photos! Of course, I suppose it's a little bit early yet for there to be dozens.

Then we walked around TS for a bit and then we had to walk to the Trax station because Luke was all excited to ride Trax, even though it was only for two stops. He geeks out like a little kid atthe weirdest things, which is highly amusing. :-) Anyway, we rode to Gateway super psyched for lunch because . . . *drum roll* . . . THERE'S A JASON'S DELI A GATEWAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! So awesome. I've been dying to eat there again ever since we ate there clear back in September. Yum!!!! Totally had the blackbery cheesecake this time around. And remember, unlimited free ice cream! :-) After lunch we hit Barnes and Noble, where I finally got to use the gift card I got for Christmas. Yay! Can't wait to get started on my awesome new book.

This would be the point in the trip that Luke decides he wants to see the "real" downtown Salt Lake, because he still doesn't believe me when I tell him that this is it. So we walk - and remember, except for a brief ride on trax, we've walked everywhere today - from Gateway to TS, and then we start walking south. Waaaaaaaaay south. All the way to 4th South, to be precise. Now, I will admit that City Hall is a very nice looking building, and even more impressive to walk around than to drive past, but at this point my legs were getting pretty tired. (I will also admit that I am a bit out of shape, but if you ask me that's pretty irrelavent to where this story is going. So there.) So we walk from 4th and 1st East over to Main, where we (thankfully!!) catch Trax one more time back up to TS. Where we get a tour from a couple of really cute sister missionaries. And we walk all over the place a little more, but we stop and sit a few times so I'm hanging in there, and we got to go inside the Assembly Hall, which was pretty cool since I'd never been inside before - woot!

So finally we're pretty much done with everything, and it's about 5:00, and we decide to start heading back home. And on the way Luke suggests popping over to the Lion House to maybe snag a dozen rolls or maybe cinnamon rolls and munch on a couple on the drive. (side note: we found out a month after the fact that they give you free cookies if you go in there on your wedding day. We were taking pictures right outside and didn't go in!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) This would be the point in time where we discover that you can buy a dozen Lion House rolls at Deseret Book, you can't just grab a dozen Lion House rolls at the Lion House itself. Grrrr. So we got a roll and a dessert apiece. And for those who care - LH rolls = live up to their reputation, especially when topped with honey butter, banana cream pie = aMAZing!, and chocolate cake = yummy, but the frosting is just a bit much. And of course, if you know anything about my sweet tooth you know just how much that's saying. :-)

Then we drive home, and it feels sooooooooooooooooo good to sit down, and I really appreciate the fact that Luke's driving so I can just curl up, and relax my legs a bit.

Then we get home. And get out of the car. And I about collapse. Because my feet are killing me.

I think I have, like, sensitive feet or something. Even when I was younger my feet would hurt after walking a lot. I remember hiking at girls' camp and at the end of the day my legs would be tired, but the next day it would just hurt to walk. To stand even. It got really bad my first few weeks at Disney - after about a month I was spending my days in my apartment hardly moving at all because y feet just ached constantly . . . not fun. And a really crappy way to spend your days off when you can get into Disney World for free too!!!! So I eventually started getting those insole things for my work shoes, even though it made me feel really old. And they helped a lot, even though I'd have to buy new ones every three or four months because they'd wear down. Argh. Blargh. Grr. It's been so nice not to have my feet hurt the last year and a half that I'd forgotten how nice it was.

The good news is, I have exactly one pair of flat dress shoes. Otherwise I might not have made it to church Sunday. The really good news is it's all spring-y outside so I could wear my awesome pair of flat dress shoes - my super awesome tye-dyed wedding shoes, yay!! Oh, how I adore those shoes. :-) I really need more outfits I can wear them with. The better news is my feet don't hurt anymore, which is awesome.

Feet not in pain = happy Lacey.

Getting a complete change of scene for a day = super happy Lacey!

We took a few dozen pictures, I'll have to post them on facebook soon. The bad news: now I'm craving a real vacation. :-/

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  1. Let me just say that I know what you mean about the feet and legs.

    And now let me say this, foot and leg heaven=Sketchers Shape ups. Oh. Yeah.

    I saved up my money and got a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of the cute Mary Janes (and they have some really ugly Mary Janes as well, but I knew I wouldn't wear them)

    I wore a different pair of shoes to work today because the Mary Janes didn't look cute with the dress I was wearing. I am so sorry I gave in to fashion because I gave a counselor presentation in every single class period so I was standing all day. pain, pain, pain, but yesterday when I wore the sketchers and did the same presentation all day? Was ready to run on the treadmill when I got home, and no pain.

    Seriously- save for a pair. Your legs and feet will thank you. (so will your back, your abs, your shoulders..)

  2. Awesome. I'll definitely have to invest in a pair if I ever have a job that has e standing all day again . . . which I probably will sooner or later . . .

  3. Or if you have anything in you life that has you using your feet. I refuse to grocery shop, go to a soccer game, clean the house.... without them.

  4. I got to sing in the Assembly Hall. The acoustics in there are amazing!