Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Much Cooler Online

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I have, like, no life. I go to work, I come home, I read, I curse myself for being shy, . . . yeah that's pretty much it. On the plus side, once in a while I come upon some pretty cool websites. You're welcome. :-)

1 ~ Have you tried pandora yet?! Okay, so I've known about this one for a while, but I finally gave it a try last week. Holy awesome, I am HOOKED!! I mean, where else am I ever going to find a Broadway-Celtic-classical-country-Hawaiian-pop-rock(varying degrees of hard and soft)-soundtracks-Weird Al-whatever world music I can find radio station? So. Amazing. I am in love! The one and only thing I don't like is that it's not completely random - the station control-y thing-y gets on a genre kick and plays a few songs from one genre, then it switches up and plays a handful from another, then switches up again. I would much prefer a more random feel. Oh well.

2 ~ There is no announcement-type reason for it, but I'm a huge junkie for baby name websites. I can spend ages going through meanings and derivatives and related names and popularity charts. Absolutely love it. And it will always make me giggle to think that the name my mother made up hit its highest popularity peak in 1984. :-)

3 ~ Ohmyheck, I just might figure out how this cooking thing works after all!! Luke found this one last week, and we are both sooooooo excited!!!!!! So. Freaking. Cool. Basically what you do is you tell the site what you have in the kitchen and it does a massive search of practically every recipe site out there and tells you what you can make without going shopping. I about died when I finished adding ingredients and saw how many things we could make! Totally going to be using this one a TON. Yay!!!! (and btw - this = delicious!!!!!!)

4 ~ Word Nerd Alert!! This one's kind of along the lines of the baby name stuff. But so very, very awesome. And so very, very fun. This one should be required entertainment for all school-age kids. Just watch the vocabularies expand! :-)

5 ~ Soooo going to trip people out with this one. 'Nuff said.

6 ~ Must. Do. This. Preferably soon. Curse you student loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes fist at sky*

P. ost S. cript
So I've posted a couple of videos like this one before . . . but I absolutely adore human tetris. It's reason enough to move to Japan if you ask me!! :-)

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