Saturday, December 5, 2009

This and That

~ Luke gave his first talk ever last Sunday. That was pretty awesome. He did great, although I could tell he (finally) got nervous when he actually got up because he got a little ramble-y and ended up taking almost ten minutes longer than he was supposed to. I'm definitely not complaining though - because of that we skipped the closing song, which meant that I didn't have to conduct another four-verse arm killer. Woot! And of course, as we all know, if I had been giving the talk it would have taken about fifteen minutes less than it was supposed to. And he was only given 7-10 minutes.

~ I am immensely proud of myself for cooking my very first Thanksgiving dinner last week, turkey and all. Okay . . . so it was actually just a 3-pound turkey . . . okay, a three pound turkey breast . . . and Luke helped . . . and we also only had stuffing and mashed potatoes to go with it . . . but I'm still immensely proud of myself. So there! :-P

~ IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I think that pretty much says it all for that one.

~ Luke and I have decided that since kittens are smaller, fluffier, cuter, and cheaper than babies we're just going to have cats instead of kids. (we came to that decision as a joke while watching kitten youtube videos, but feel free to tell my mother as if it were for real if you're bored and looking for entertainment!)

~ We spent Wednesday in our PJs all day on adding all of Luke's family in. That was fun. The PJs-all-day thing was a little weird though - I was never allowed to do that growing up, even when I was sick. Not something I would want to do often, but I think I liked it. Until we got to the part where we discovered that one set of Luke's grandparents has also been entered as both their own parents and grandparents . . . yeah, we're still confused about that one. Same dates and everything - ummmmm, what?

~ So you know how the Coppermill has the reputation of being, like, the fanciest restaurant in Logan? A friend of Luke's called them up last week and paid for a gift certificate as a late birthday present for Luke and we went last night. And we were not impressed. The decor was pretty, but the service sucked and the food was more or less average. On a scale of McDonald's in a Walmart to Victoria and Albert's we figured it's about a six. And that's only because our ciabatta pizza appetizer was so good. On the other hand, I ordered some juice . . . and she brought out a Minute Maid bottle you could buy at a gas station and a glass of ice. Holy tacky!
side note: We are soooooo eating a V&A's someday. Luke promised. That day will probably not come for a very long time, because $250 for dinner for two is, well, kind of a lot. But we are so eating there . . . someday.

~ Our Christmas tree is up. I wish it were bigger, but we wouldn't have room for it then. And it's so cute. And it has a present underneath already. I've already had waaaaaay too much taunting Luke as he tries to figure out what it is. I can't wait until mine is under there so I can shake it. :-)

~ Actually, that's pretty much it.

P. ost S. cript
I dare you not to go "aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (note: if you don't, you probably have neither soul nor heart.)


  1. You couldn't stay in PJs when you were sick? Your childhood makes me sad...

  2. We stay in our PJ's ALL DAY Christmas day & a lot of the times the day after too. (yes, we shower so we don't stink)

  3. Yeah, the reasoning was something like putting on fresh clothes will make you feel better, which it does . . . for about ten minutes. I'm not sure that's quite enough now that I've tried the PJs all day thing. :-)

    And on Christmas you have to wear the new clothes you got to make sure they all fit.