Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

~ So Team Lucey and Team Jayla decided back in August to get mom and dad Mario Kart for Christmas. Last month mom sent a Christmas list email to the g-rents and siblings listing, among a bunch of other Wii ganes, Mario Kart. Thought Lacey: I should probably send an email out letting everybody know that Mario Kart is covered . . . nah, there's a bunch of stuff on there - no need to worry.

~ Mom and Dad got $150 worth of Mario Kart yesterday. (MK is fifty bucks, you do the math.) Oops.

~ Shay had the brilliant idea to (since we were going in on the guft together anyway) to include a gag gift of some sort suggesting that both she and I are pregnant. (I'm not, but I make no claims about Shay . . . ) So on top of said Mario Kart were two bibs, one said "I love grandma," and the other said "I love daddy" . . . I looked all over town, and there were know "I love grandpa" bibs to be found. What's up with that? Anyway, "daddy" became "grandpa" by way of a post-it note and a sharpie, and Ashli was in on the joke and going to film the whole thing (since nether Team was going to be there to see it) and it was going to go on facebook and I was going to post it here and we were all going to get one great big laugh out of the whole thing. In the end, from what I hear, Dad wondered but Mom immediately dismissed the whole thing as a joke before getting the the "just kidding" note. I'm thoroughly disappointed. That said, if I/we keep this up every so often, there will eventually come a time when it's true . . . and my mother doesn't believe us until we're big as a house. And then we will finally get our laughs in. :-)

~ Luke gave me a shopping spree! No, seriously. We're going to take a day sometime in the near future and go clothes shopping. I'm totally psyched, because - wouldn't you know it - the obligatory disappearing items from last year's move were some of my clothes, and then of course I lost a few more in March. And I've never really had a large wardrobe to begin with, so this year has been a bit frustrating sartorially speaking. Sadly, the stupid new battery thing means that we won't be going shopping Tuesday . . . but definitely sometime in January. Yay!!!!

~ Eating too much food yesterday, mostly of the junk variety? Check.

~ Falling flat on my butt after sliding in the soft, smooth, and super slippery socks Ashli gave me yesterday? Check. And considering the tiny amount of floor space our kitchen provided me with to accomplish this, I'm thinking I deserve some sort of prize.

~ We are soooooooooo breaking in our new pampered chef chopper tomorrow for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was quite possibly the present both Luke and I were the most excited to see.

~ Mom somehow lost a pair of leggings she bought for Ashli for Christmas. I'm still giggling at that one.

~ Grandma & Grandpa Barnes gave us a chocolate fountain. I'm in heaven. :-)

~ Is there anything in the world more fun than shooting bunnies with plungers? I submit that there is not. We just might have to start going to Tremonton more often! (Unless, of course, anyone on this side of the hill has Rayman . . . )

~ Best part of Christmas? The fact that including mine and Luke's, there is a grand total of five cars in our teeny-tiny little parking lot. Finally, space to park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. ost S. cript
If I didn't know better I'd think this was a video of me when I was a baby. But I do know better . . . for one thing, Dad's snoring isn't nearly that quiet . . .